How I Met Your Mother Recap – Tick Tick Tick

Season 7, Episode 10
Tick Tick Tick

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, the tale of a fateful night! It wasn’t quite a 3-hour tour, but it was a pivotal boat ride for Barney, Robin and their significant others. Yup, tonight’s episode was the fallout from Barney and Robin’s hook-up last week. It was also another highly entertaining episode. I love HIMYM as much as Ted and Marshall love their ‘sandwiches.’

High Times
Ted, Marshall and Lily—the original threesome—get tickets for a concert and that means it is the perfect opportunity for some…sandwiches. Except that it also isn’t a perfect opportunity given that Lily is pregnant and she and Marshall are soon-to-be parents. That doesn’t stop Ted and Marshall from lighting up some ‘hard meats’ at the show before Lily arrives. Soon they embark on an epic (i.e. 2 minute) journey to find Lily some nachos. Ted and Marshall’s excellent adventure is hilarious in every sense of the word, but it also serves a deeper function. Yes the two encounter Creepy Guitar Guy (a cardboard cut-out) and continuously get in the Women’s bathroom line thinking it is the food line, but they also go through an entire friendship disagreement in the span of about 2 seconds. Once Lily finds them and informs them that they have only been gone a few minutes, they also realize that time is fleeting and their friendship is going to change with a new  baby.

It was great to get some quality Ted and Marshall buddy time, because they truly are the core relationship of the show. The entire group did begin with their roommate love affair, and now with a baby on the way for Marshall and Lily, the Ted-Marshall relationship will continue to change. But this episode also reminded us (and them) that some things—like smoking a ‘sandwich’—will always continue and will always be funny.

  • “She knows!!!” (Marshall)
  • “Shhh Lily doesn’t know I’m high” (Marshall…to Lily)
  • Ted dancing behind the police, and magically getting nachos from the Creepy Guitar Man (It’s a sign!) …which was actually a cut-out and nachos from a trash can.

Hard Times
Barney and Robin face their own epic journey in the wake of their hook-up in the last episode. We quickly learn that they slept together and had an amusingly confusing morning-after conversation about what it all means—it means something, it means nothing. To complicate matters more, Robin and Nora have an office party on a boat that the foursome is supposed to attend together. Robin, and especially Barney, can barely keep their cool on this love boat, and they even have awesome hallucinations of the band singing songs about cheaters and guilt. They both agree to get off the boat and then break the bad news to their significant others before then meeting up at MacLaren’s for a big reconciliation.

Of course big obstacles await the two in delivering their news. Barney and Nora return home to find Nora’s parents arrived early. And Robin must take Kevin to the ER to check for a concussion. Barney gets a speech from Nora’s dad about soul mates and that person being your best friend…and can only think of Robin. Meanwhile, an injured Kevin takes the opportunity to tell Robin he loves her. Barney breaks the news that he cheated to Nora, and even confesses that it meant something. But Robin asks Kevin the same question she asked Barney earlier: “I’m such a mess, why do you like me?” Barney had told her that he is just as messed up as her. Kevin tells her that she amazes him and one day he hopes she will see herself the way he sees her. Robin can’t go through with it. Barney’s heart literally breaks—and it is so painfully visible on his face as time literally freezes—when Robin walks into the bar with Kevin in tow. Ted even catches Barney removing rose petals and candles from Robin’s bedroom in a truly sad moment.

Despite this crushing ending, there were still plenty of laughs from the Barney-Robin storyline:

  • “Hey now, you weren’t at the top of your game” (Barney the morning after, but not referring to cheating being horrible)
  • “It’s a three-hour boat ride…what could happen?”
  • Everything about Sandy’s sleazy and self-centered boat cruise, from the fact that he hocks sponsors on the news to his welcome sign, “Magnanimously, Sandy”
  • “She knows!!” (Barney, echoing Marshall’s words in the other story line…but very different meanings)
  • Robin and Barney convinced that the band is singing a song about cheating directly to them.
  • Ted sitting at the wrong booth at MacLaren’s

All in all, this was a great episode that further entangled the romantic developments of our gang. Barney and Nora are over (for now); Kevin loves Robin; Robin stays with Kevin; Barney is heartbroken and alone. Both Nora and Kevin are good people and bring out great elements in Barney and Robin respectively. But there is that chemistry between Barney and Robin that just won’t quit…like a ticking clock it is only a matter of time.

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