Glee Recap – Pot of Gold

Season 3, Episode 4
Pot of Gold

It’s official—I am in a Glee funk. And I am not referring to that episode a while back when Glee made “Funk” its theme for the week. No, my problem is that what began as a truly fresh, funny and original show has become stale and obnoxious…and it is barely into its third season! That’s not to say that I don’t still find lines here and there truly funny, or that the musical numbers aren’t enjoyable. Clearly it is a talented cast. But, by and large, the stories simply repeat and character growth erases itself with each episode.

I think I am going to have to take a break from Glee blogging for while, but I will still watch it and post something if an episode truly impresses me or if I have the time (I like to devote the majority of my Tuesday evening to blogging on 90210, which is oddly more enjoyable in a guilty way than Glee!). And who knows, maybe absence of blogging on Glee will make my heart grow fonder?

Here are just a few quick thoughts on tonight’s episode, “Pot of Gold:”

  • I think the main thing this episode had going for it was story continuity! I feel like this shouldn’t be something one would need to praise, but on Glee it is rare to have this many story arcs continue seamlessly. We had Kurt still mad at Rachel for jumping into the student president race, Mercedes still mad at everyone and in the new all-female show choir, Sue still running for elected office, and Quinn still acting crazy by trying to sabotage Shelby as a mother. Basically, it was good to see the show actually stick to a series of events and progress them somewhat. I do wonder though—what ever happened to bully Korofsky from last season? Did he supposedly graduate?
  • I liked the leprechaun gag at the beginning—when I thought it was just a random Brittany moment. But, then it started bothering me when I realized this one gag was serving as the entire plot device to introduce newcomer Rory Flanagan—Irish exchange student (and co-winner of the Glee Project).
  • On the flip side, I have not liked Sue’s campaign for elected office at all (not to mention her tired old pranks to “destroy Glee” as if it were a Wylie Coyote cartoon), BUT I appreciate the new development that has Burt Hummel running against her. A Burt vs. Sue standoff is something a little different than the standard Sue vs. Will’s Hair showdowns (even though Will is clearly supporting Burt).
  • Quinn’s evil and selfish tactics to try to frame Shelby as a bad mother to regain custody of her biological daughter are downright horrid to watch. Seriously, Quinn needs to shape up because I really cannot stand where this is headed. Puck, on the other hand, seems to be maturing. However, I am hoping they don’t go down the inappropriate student-teacher relationship path.
  • I am not thrilled with The Troubletones as an intra-school competing show choir. Don’t get me wrong—the ladies can produce some fun musical numbers! But I think it is a shame to split up the group; plus Mercedes’ attitude especially annoys me this season.

Are you still along for the Glee ride? Or are you feeling like not all that glitters is gold? I am leaning toward the later, sadly.

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6 Responses to Glee Recap – Pot of Gold

  1. Alla says:

    I wasn’t as annoyed with this episode as I am with so many other ones and I realized it’s because Rachel was barely in it. ha.

  2. Michael says:

    I don’t know why Mercedes’s “attitude” bothers you so much because she was actually entirely pleasant this episode. She was the only person who was remotely tolerable. If anyone should have bothered you, it should’ve been Santana storming around, attacking everyone, telling Rory to disappear and not letting Mercedes smile, wave and talk to her friends. She was the one with the “attitude.”

    • Jeni says:

      Oh I am right there with you on Santana’s attitude! And while we’re at it, Rachel too! As Alla commented, at least Rachel wasn’t in this episode a lot, but the few scenes she was in her self-absorbed behavior was going too far. I think Glee straddles that line of tolerability. In season 1, it felt like “Mercedes trying to be a diva” or “Rachel’s self-centered star power” or “Santana’s snarkiness” were in tolerable and very funny doses! Kind of the way Sue’s one-liners used to be a little mean, but now are absurdly cruel. I think this show really has gone off the edge in making these characters such exaggerations of their little personality quirks that it has lost its charm and humor.

  3. Karyn says:

    I think Quinn has surpassed Mercedes as my least favorite Glee character. I’m sure we were supposed to feel all sorry for her when she gave her big speech about how she has nothing, but it just made me hate her even more. Also, it seems like they have already gone down the path to the inappropriate student-teacher relationship with the kiss!

    • Jeni says:

      Wait–did Puck and Shelby kiss at the very very end of this episode? Because my DVR did cut off during that final montage of scenes. Or was there a kiss a while back on a previous episode that I just can’t remember because this show is becoming forgettable?

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