Modern Family Recap – Go Bullfrogs!

Season 3, Episode 6
Go Bullfrogs!

Three cheers—or barks—for Modern Family! There was a lot to love about this episode, but I think my personal favorite was the Phil-Hayley bond during a college visit to Phil’s alma mater. That doesn’t mean the other family members slacked off though. Between Jay’s new obsession with Gloria’s Colombian soap opera and Claire’s ‘outgoing’ personality during a night on the town, this family never lets me down.

On the college visit front, Phil took Hayley on an overnight visit to his alma mater and he certainly did not disappoint. I would expect nothing less than Phil in a hoodie and backpack, high-fiving dudes and joining in with the cheerleaders on the quad. Of course Hayley—being a teenager and being typical Hayley—rolled her eyes and seemed embarrassed. Imagine my surprise, then, when she sincerely chose her father over an invite to a party with some college kids. They were really enjoying the giant wings platter they ordered!  And then papa Phil returned the favor by letting his little girl ditch him. This was such a sweet moment between the two, made even sweeter when the two reconnected at the end to slide down the hill on dining hall trays together. It is rare these two get quality time together, but I say give us more Bulldog fun! A few favorite lines from this story:

  • “Don’t tell your mom!” (Phil reliving his college memories); “Maybe don’t tell me” (Hayley)
  • “Do we croak or do we bark?!” (Phil angry that Claire can never remember if his school’s mascot was the Bulldogs or Bullfrogs)
  • Phil using the GPS on his phone to track Hayley down
  • “Some friends and I took back the night 20 years ago” (Phil offering his clearance to the security officer)
  • “awww, even though you basically just called me fat” (Hayley to her dear ole’ dad)

On the home front, Claire is beyond thrilled to have an evening on her own—since Alex and Luke are at sleepovers. She wants nothing more than a night out on the town, and it better be amazing, like somewhere with secondhand smoke. She is counting on Cam and Mitch to show her a good time, and I enjoyed getting that glimpse of the younger, wild Claire we sometimes hear about. When Mitch and Cam prove to be pretty lame (a pot pie does sound pretty good) she drags them to their friend’s art show so she can hang with the gays. There she meets Julian, a hot trainer who they all assume is gay. Nope, he is just French (Gilles Marini to be exact!). Bad for Claire, but good for us—she has no idea he is actually straight and unknowingly throws herself at him the whole night. I loved the showdown that ensued when Claire had to stop by Luke’s sleepover, and she butts heads with the bitchy mom who was her high school nemesis. What better time for Claire to be in a skimpy dress and have Gilles Marini step out of the car!

  • “We all need to give back, Claire” (Cam regarding school donations at a restaurant); “How about give me back my night” (Claire)
  • “When did hats come back anyway?” (Cam); “That one’s come back 8 times!” (Mitch getting hit, again)
  • “I took fashion advice from you! OMG do I even look good in this dress?!” (Claire pissed off that she thought Julian was gay).

On a completely separate front, the Pritchett-Delgado household was full of drama, but the funniest kind of drama: a soap opera. Honestly, this may have been one of my all-time favorite episodes for Jay. Ed O’Neill perfectly played his reluctant obsession with the Colombian soap opera that Gloria watches, first acting like he was only watching it for her sake, then questioning its storylines and feigning disgust, and finally having phone calls with their housekeeper about what would happen next! Gloria, however, couldn’t be bothered with whether or not a woman can carry a gun under her poncho or what happened to Rinaldo! She was worried about Manny and what he was doing with a secret delivery upstairs. When she and Jay think that Manny is ‘discovering’ himself, they are relieved to learn he was trying to use a contraption to make himself taller. Awwww poor Manny. He is so good at acting like a wise grown-up that sometimes the family forgets he is just a kid with some growing pains. We got another great stepfather-stepson moment when Jay offered to help him work out.

  • “Like a purple lilac in April” (Manny’s crush is “blossoming”)
  • Fuego y Hielo (the Colombian soap that Jay is addicted to, which probably just means big hair)
  • “This is ridiculous. She obviously has a pistol hidden under that poncho” (Jay becoming a little too fascinated with the soap).
  • “He’s not getting ‘The Playboy’ ever!! He’s a leetle boy” (Gloria about her Manny)

What was your favorite moment from tonight’s episode? Will Hayley wind up being a Bulldog (or Bullfrog)? Where on earth did Claire’s red dress come from—it seemed to just appear in Julian’s hands! And what will Gloria’s cries sound like the day her soon actually does reach “the puberty”?

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3 Responses to Modern Family Recap – Go Bullfrogs!

  1. Alla says:

    I think my favorite moment of the night is when Gloria asks who Jay is discussing the soap opera with over the telephone and he so non nonchalantly says “the housekeeper.”

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