90210 Recap – Benefit of the Doubt

Season 4, Episode 6
Benefit of the Doubt 

Tonight’s 90210 episode, “Benefit of the Doubt,” was as much fun as a talent show on the beach! I don’t know how these writers do it, but they continue to impress me with how much they are able to cram into one hour of guilty television viewing: a paid-escort fairytale, shirtless male models, a near drug overdose, C-level celebs, and they even squeezed in a shameless product plug for T-Mobile! It was quite the productive night, so overwhelming in its absurdity that I can only echo Raj in what will go down as one of the best lines of all time: “It’s official—I’m definitely going to die.”

Before I jump into all the fun, let me first give a major shout out to my friend, Karyn, for her awesome recap last week! I was out of town and she wrote an amazing blog post in my place. You might say that she pulled an Adrianna—stepping up to perform when her friend simply couldn’t for various reasons (like a business trip in my case, or a bad drug reaction in Dixon’s case). Thanks Karyn!

  • 9021-NO Talent: Poor Raj, his chance of survival depends on a talent show organized by his talentless friends! He and Ivy are told that the chemo is not working, and the only option is a super experimental course of treatment that is very expensive (seriously, that is all the doctor was willing to tell them before forking over a booklet). His friends pitch in to throw a fundraiser talent show, but Raj is not impressed at first (for good reason) by a musical number that seems to “transport them back to the Depression.” Good thing Austin knows C-level country singer Kelli Pickler, oops I mean his cousin, and that Naomi is so intent on winning she pulls out all the stops for a magic act with Max. The only problem with her successful victory is that it makes her nerd disappear! You see, Naomi was convinced that Austin already had a new, hot, country-singing girlfriend and her jealousy took over. Max picked up on Naomi’s lustful stares toward Austin and realized she had feelings for him. He left her heartbroken, just in time for Naomi to learn that Kelli Pickler was never a real threat.
  • Pretty Woman…Walkin’ Down the Street: Annie’s escorting storyline has officially turned into the plot from Pretty Woman—a poor young woman meets a lonely businessman on the lookout for some female company. She loosens him up and gets him to feel again, and he takes her on dates that involve small aircraft transportation. Then the two take money off the table because they fall for each other. The only difference is that Julia Roberts’s Vivian had street smarts, whereas Annie is so dumb she actually locks her keys in her car while getting a ticket. It turns out Annie’s much older gentleman friend, Patrick, also has a heart of gold because he donates a ton of money to fund Raj’s cancer treatment. Annie and Patrick are totally into each other and feel such a bond from their 5 minutes of conversation, and now they can barely keep their hands—or lips—off each other. All I can say is….ewwwwwww. Maybe it’s because Annie looks and acts like a 14 year old, but this relationship really grosses me out. If only mama Wilson would check her voicemails from Paris! Seriously, WTF is her penniless mother doing in Paris all this time and how is she earning money there? Unless this mother-daughter duo has much more in common than we thought and Debbie has become an escort herself?
  • Tools everywhere! Speaking of earning money with your body, Liam’s bar still isn’t paying the bills, so he agrees to a little modeling job. Cue the shirtless men with tool belts pretending to work on car! Liam looks uncomfortable and takes offense when he is supposed to use a wrench to work on a carburetor! Oh Liam, did you think this was method acting? Just shut up and stand there and look hot. Liam has never really been comfortable with using his looks to make money, but then again I felt his pain when those little teen girls came giggling up to the bar to ask for his autograph on their chests and refused his offer for beer because it makes them bloated. But with the success of a major ad campaign, looks like Liam will need to get used to more attention.
  • Just say nooooooo! OK, Dixon, I’ve got a bone to pick with you. First, you start taking ADD drugs to get ‘in the zone’ and make your music. Didn’t you ever learn to ‘just say no’ to drugs? But I went along on your ride to crazy-town because I anticipated a great Jessie Spano-esque breakdown scene. But now, as a direct result of your careless actions, you have hurt us all by forcing Adrianna back into her singing career and assaulting our ears. It seems that Ade’s newfound wisdom has made her the Yoda of the group, as the boys come to her for advice. Dixon doesn’t like what she has to say to him, though, because she is the only one who sees him heading down a dangerous path (and she would actually know since we spent last season dealing with her downfall). When Dixon literally can’t perform at the talent show because he is a hot mess, Ade feels that the show must go on and she will not disappoint the adoring booing fans. Kudos to the one random dude who called out, “did you steal this song too?!” Ha, on this show, that is actually considered excellent continuity from previous events! Not only was I bummed that Ade caught the singing bug again, but was anyone else hoping that recurring guest star Brandy would come forward as the ‘politician who can sing’ to save the act?
  • This really stings! I still hate what they have done with Navid and Silver this season, acting all holier-than-thou and far older than their teenage years. Silver still refuses to come home—to HER home that Navid and his sister are living in. Basically, everyone other than Silver lives there (well, except owner Kelly and her son who have disappeared). Casa Kelly has definitely become the Walsh house of this spin-off, where by the end of the series not a single member of the Walsh family even lived in the house.  Anyways, Silver demands that Navid kick his uncle and his illegal business out of the production studios, but Navid is hesitant because of the potential backlash. He ultimately listens to common sense and goes straight to the police when his uncle threatens to hurt Silver if Navid doesn’t cooperate. Too bad Navid’s common sense doesn’t cover areas like “evidence,” which he doesn’t have. Therefore, at the police station, Navid takes the advice of a cop (who pretty much looks like she belongs in Annie’s old sorority house) and agrees to participate in a sting operation to get his uncle behind bars. I don’t see this going well for Navid. At all.

Of all the craziness in this episode, the real crazy is that I took two single-spaced pages of typed notes and didn’t even cover everything in this post. It amazes me (and scares me) how much I could write about this show if I only had more time…or some of Dixon’s ADD pills.

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7 Responses to 90210 Recap – Benefit of the Doubt

  1. Karyn says:

    Thanks for the shout out Jeni! And thank you, once again, for another stellar recap. 100% agree with you on Annie’s new relationship, or whatever it’s supposed to be…for sure getting the creepy vibe there. Too bad Teddy, who played such a large role in last week’s episode, has disappeared once again. I miss him. Also, not looking forward to Navid’s undercover operation, which will most definitely blow up in his face. These people are in some serious need of some Cindy Walsh advice!

  2. Nicole says:

    Ok I’m confused. I missed the episode where Liam’s little grass-shack bar on the beach turned into a fancy nightclub???? When did this happen and how is the entire staff (oh right, thats Liam and Ade) able to work there, being UNDERAGE?
    this show is ridiculous. Why do I love it so much!?

    • Jeni says:

      Haha I ask myself those questions everyday. As a huge fan of the dearly-departed LOST, is it crazy that I actually have more questions for the writers of 90210 than the mysteries of LOST? 🙂

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