Modern Family Recap – Hit and Run

Season 3, Episode 5
Hit and Run

I am the next substitute for Jeni this week while she is out of town (Katie). I love Modern Family, and often watch it with Jeni, so hopefully I can provide some similar witty commentary on tonight’s episode.

There were hits, and a lot of running in “Hit and Run” tonight, and I enjoyed how that theme ‘ran’ throughout the episode (haha). Claire decides to ‘run’ against the annoying Duane Bailey for town council, Mitch and Cam are involved in an actual ‘hit and run’ accident in which Cam decides to run on foot after the runaway car, Phil accidentally
‘hits’ Luke and gives him a black eye, and Mitch tackles the ‘runaway’ scammer who owed Haley $900.  I love how they always tie everything together, but let’s break down some of these separate storylines and the hilarity that ensues within each.

  • Running for Town Council – Duane Bailey vs. Claire Dunphy: Claire debates whether or not to take on this new role outside of the house, and Phil urges her on by so eloquently telling her, “If you wanna fly, I’m not gonna hold your feet to the ground. I wanna be the one to push you off the cliff”…and then he pushes her over. Phil always knows how to make just the right move…funny if you’re not Claire.  Then he admits that he is turned on by “powerful women” such as Michelle Obama, Oprah, Condoleezza Rice, Serena Williams, wait a minute….common trend?
  • The Hit & Run – Mitch and Cam: First, I loved how after Cam gave his whole spiel to the man behind them at the movie theater about taking his kids to a scary movie, they realized they were in the wrong theater…which again comes back to bite them later when poor little Lily finds out they went to see The Muppets without her! (I will say though, still not really feeling this new Lily actress…she’s cute, but she just kind of says her lines and runs off set.)  Anyway, then the hit & run happens on their way home from the movies, and Cam compares their situation to a romantic comedy’s “meet cute” (which made me think of The Holiday) before the other driver races away, and Cam follows, frantically shouting and waving his arms.  Mitch, always the worrier, later explains that this was dangerous because the other person could’ve been
    armed. Cam’s quick comeback made me laugh out loud, “He wasn’t armed, he had a Hillary bumper sticker!” So true!
  • Phil trying to take care of the kids: The husband/wife issues between Phil and Claire never cease to amuse me.  Poor Claire is trying to let go and take on this new adventure in her life, and poor Phil really is trying to take care of things at home but fails miserably.  He gives Luke a black eye and drugs Alex, and in the meantime Hayley is out $900 because she attempted to get fake ID’s for her and her friends. My how quickly things fall apart!  I loved how Luke tried to cover up the black eye story by telling his mom the typical “I ran into a door” excuse, but then gives it up that Dad hit him. Then when Claire asks Phil what happened to Alex, he just fesses up, “I drugged her…”
  • Frozen Assets: After Alex is no help, Hayley goes to Luke for money. We learn that Luke has been saving up a ton of money because of his parents’ lack of communication with each other (I wonder how often this happens in today’s families), and after hearing about “rich guys with frozen assets,” he of course takes it literally and freezes his money in a block of ice – love it! I also enjoyed how Luke frantically scrambled to get his own ice after Phil hit him – can’t let dad see the “frozen assets” in the freezer!  Since he’s “not very liquid right now,” he is physically unable to give Hayley any money. Luke also, of course, laughs about the word ‘ass’ets, and shares a moment with his dad later over the word. I really like how they’ve developed this father-son bond between Phil and Luke.  Gloria’s “assets” also helped out Jay with his closet proposal at work later, though hers were not frozen.

A few other favorite moments in this episode:

  • Mitch ends up being the one to run after and tackle the scammer to get Hayley her $900. He’s getting good at doing these “manly” tasks!
  • Gloria and Claire have a bit of a heart-to-heart and Gloria tries to help Claire see that she shouldn’t just give up on a goal because she’s afraid of failing. We don’t typically get to see Gloria and Claire interacting with each other, just the two of them, so this was a nice change and I’m glad they took the time to do it.

And finally, a few other favorite quotes from tonight:

  • Luke: “Where’s mom?”  Phil: “She belongs to the people now.”  Alex: “Where’s mom?”  Luke: “Some people took her.”
  • Manny: “I want to be home-schooled.”  Gloria: “Really Manny? Do you want me to learn you English?”
  • Gloria: “Remember the first time you saw the kids with the backpacks with wheels, and you thought they were too flashy?”  Manny: “You’re going to school, not boarding a flight to Denver!”
  • Manny: “It’s the Bieberization of America.”  Jay: “What do beavers have to do with anything?”  Gloria: “The beavers, they build the dams all over the country so there’s no floods, it’s the Beaverization of the Americas”  Manny: “I’m finding there’s less and less we can talk about.”
  • Luke: “Psh…police…aren’t they too busy winning the war on drugs?”
  • Phil: “Dr. Richard Hertz…think about it.”

Overall, another excellent Modern Family episode.

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5 Responses to Modern Family Recap – Hit and Run

  1. nisreen says:

    i bet this is going to be obvious and I’m going to be embarrassed, but I have to ask…what is the “dr.richard hertz” joke? I don’t get it..

    • kmogorman says:

      Ok, think about a nickname for Richard…then put that together with Hertz (or “Hurts”) and what do you get? 🙂

  2. Jeni says:

    Finally watched the episode and read the recap! Thanks for filling in Katie 🙂 You totally commented on the things I would have commented on, hmmmm we must think alike! As you said, I also liked seeing some quality Claire-Gloria time. And Luke killed me in this episode. Also, I think it is interesting that this new Claire storyline of running for town council is shaping up to be quite a significant continuing story…we haven’t seen much of that from this show, which usually resolves everything in the half hour. Awesome recap!!

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