How I Met Your Mother Recap – Field Trip

Season 7, Episode 5
Field Trip

HIMYM’s season 7 has been off to a very strong start coming off of an incredibly strong season 6. Tonight’s “Field Trip” episode felt weaker than some of the recent ones we have been getting, but that was bound to happen I suppose. However, if you are a massive Star Wars fan, you probably loved this episode as much as I loved Blitzgiving last year for all of its LOST references.

Smile and Tell:

  • Hoorah for Robin! I am not only happy that Robin has been getting some more story time this season, but that she is getting a good romantic story line now! And I really like her with Kal Penn’s Kevin (a.k.a. her therapist). Well, to be fair, Kevin abandons Robin as her therapist, thus deepening her abandonment fears (ha!) but only because he thinks she is cute so it would be unethical. Between this and the current movie 50/50’s romantic relationship between Adam and his therapist, I am starting to wonder if therapy will soon replace! Anyways, I like how Robin and Kevin first don’t “date” but instead sit next to each other morning after morning until finally even the waitresses applaud when they decide that an official date should be the order of the day. I also appreciated the role reversal when the budding couple decides that Robin needs to get as much vulnerability out of Kevin as he got out of her. I guess everyone has their issues with their parents. Here’s hoping this relationship can go the distance, or else Robin will have a heap of issues to discuss with her new therapist.
  • Field trip turned polling sample! I wasn’t really into the big field trip that Ted attempted to take his Intro to Architecture class on—I definitely think it is a very Ted thing to do—but what really turned this trip around for me was when Ted and Barney realized that the student composition (plus the random German family they picked up) was the perfect polling sample to settle some of their standing disputes. I love whenever this show delights in taking us into the inner-workings of these friendships. These seemingly random arguments—like is it Edward James Olmos or Jacob James Olmos—are hilarious little snapshots of personality and competitiveness.
  • Barney’s Ewok presentation!  Once again he used his tried-and-true 83% statistic regarding college students needing sex lessons. The presentation itself was hilariously lengthy, and he has also coined yet another theory: the Ewok Line. I also liked—and was disturbed by—Barney’s creepy knowledge of the students’ names and their mothers.

Show and Yell:

  • Garrison Cootes: I am still not feeling Marshall’s new gig. Obviously for Marshall as a person (yes, as if he was a real person) I am happy he now has a job at an environmental firm. But I was a little bored by the “Marshall not liking the passiveness of his new boss” plus Lily having nothing to do other than tell Marshall not to talk aggressively near their fetus. However, I AM intrigued by that ending where Marshall takes a firm stand to fight for the environment on behalf of his unborn child, and Future Ted claiming that Garrison and Marshall end up having a pretty great impact on the world. So, I think/hope great things are yet to come from Marshall’s job.

A Few Favorite Lines:

  • “If you asked 100 people who is the worst person you could date, they would all say your therapist…except for the ones who say Barney” (Ted’s spot-on warning to Robin)
  • “It’s an intro class–don’t try to Stand & Deliver” (the gang telling Ted not to over-do it with his field trips)
  • “It’s one thing to pretend to be a therapist and date your patient. But to do it for real…iiiiit’s creepy” (Barney regarding Robin’s new relationship)
  • “You still have one good year left!” (Barney pleasantly surprised that Nora is only 29 despite not adhering to his Ewok Line theory).

What did you think of “Field Trip?” I have to say that the one “inspired” student was on to something: Ted is able to spend a lot of time in a bar on a weekday, so his job might be pretty cool after all!

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1 Response to How I Met Your Mother Recap – Field Trip

  1. Beth says:

    Totally agree about the polling sample showing off the inner workings of Barney and Ted’s friendship. The chemistry between the characters on this show is great, and I’m really enjoying this season so far. I did agree with you, though, about this being a seemingly weaker episode, but not every single one can hit it out of the park. I was still pleased with it overall! To read more of my thoughts, check out

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