Modern Family Recap – Door to Door

Season 3, Episode 4
Door to Door

“Door to Door” was pure gold from start to finish. I didn’t want it to STOP—the madness! I wish I could write out actual thoughts—because there were so many memorable moments—but quite frankly I am beyond exhausted and need to get sleep tonight. So I am just going to give a shout out to some hilarious moments and call it a night.

  • Claire giving in to the temptation to gossip with her daughters.
  • Phil power walking with ski poles.
  • “How good was the bread?” –best response EVER to hearing a plot synopsis of Les Mis (which, by the way, happens to be my favorite musical—I will be seeing it for the 10th time this weekend).
  • “I hope Jen has finally found love” (Cam getting off track while trying to decipher the note he wrote to himself on their copy of Vanity Fair).
  • Apparently waking up in “a French mood” leads to a very messy kitchen.
  • “This is our double rainbow!!” (Phil thinks he and Luke have stumbled onto YouTube gold)
  • Phil and Luke sans pants getting their pizza delivery.
  • “Stellllaaaaaaaa!” (Cam channeling A Streetcar Named Desire while searching for the dog…and finding instead his inner drama queen, plus a young girl named Blanche with Jay’s dog).
  • “I’ve always said that if my son thinks of me as one of his idiot friends, I have succeeded as a dad. “ –Phil (Congrats Phil—you are officially the best dad by those standards!)
  • The look on the old man’s face as Gloria explains her missing dog with her thick accent.
  • “Oh…then you must love a good value!” (Salesman Manny showing that he knows his customers, when the woman said she was Jewish!)
  • Phil taking Claire’s The Blind Side movie reference to whole new levels of awesome. Especially his confusion over which position actually is the “blind side:” “She is like our Quarterback” (Phil); “Offensive line” (Alex); “Sorry, African American kid” (Phil).
  • Manny pulling one over on Jay with the ultimate sales technique—ego stroking!
  • Someone get David Cross his ice cream cake!
  • Phil “blind siding” Claire with his and Luke’s incredible safety video, starring Clive Bixby and a kid who loves being a kid with his whole life ahead of him.
  • Phil and Luke’s outtakes make a great video—78 views and counting.

This show was most definitely the highlight of my hump day. Thank you Modern Family for making me laugh.

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