Glee Recap – Asian F

Season 3, Episode 3
Asian F

So, this is going to be a quick post tonight because not only am I exhausted, but I pretty much found this episode to be too overhyped for its own good. For the past week, every single article I saw about Glee raved—literally gushed—about how amazing this week’s episode was going to be. TV critics who saw it in advance wrote about how this episode proved that Glee could get back on track, and that this would be one of the top episodes of all-time? To me, these comments sealed its fate for the worse. With so much fanfare, it was going to be hard for this episode to live up to expectations. My verdict? While there were some really strong moments, there was also ‘more of the same’ that dragged it down. And overall, this episode still had that unevenness that really makes me wonder how much longer I will follow this show.

Smile and Tell:

  • Mike Chang brings it on! Everyone’s favorite Asian was definitely the star of this episode—a much-deserved closer look at this brushed-over character. His scenes, from him dancing only to the sounds of his internal conflict (father’s harshness vs. Tina’s love) to his audition performance of West Side Story’s “Stay Cool.” I also really liked that he had a touching moment with a super supportive mother who encourages him to follow his dreams. BUT, I don’t like how this was all smashed into one episode…it would have been a greater pay off if we were led to believe that Mike’s dad controlled things at home. Then we could have re-visited his struggles in a few episodes only to learn that is mom is awesome.
  • Brittany running for president, on behalf of the girls. I like that the show has set up a worthy competition between Kurt and Brittany for class president. Both are underdogs in their own ways, and both truly respect one another. This story line was already moving in interesting directions…until Rachel had to throw her hat in the ring too.
  • More on Emma’s back story: I liked getting a deeper look at what made Emma the person she is today. And seeing a little Emma wipe her glass like her mother. However, once again I think the episode took on too much and then tried way too hard to force-feed us a teary ending.

Show and Yell:

  • My chief complaint with this episode—which now seems like it will carry-over for the long haul—is the continued rivalry of Rachel versus Mercedes. This storyline is so over-done at this point. I feel like every other episode centers around Rachel and Mercedes squaring off for the solo or lead of something. It’s the same every time: both get all worked up and talk big game about why they are better than the other; then they both sing very well and find a mutual respect for each other’s talents. The only difference tonight was that Mercedes was not willing to come to a compromise on the role of Maria. What I really didn’t understand was why all the other characters gushed over Mercedes’ “newfound” confidence? Really? I am pretty sure that Mercedes has been one of the most confident characters on this show from the beginning—she has always stood up for herself, expressed her diva-like ways and gone out for leads with gusto. To me it seems that she suffers from a jealous rivalry, not a lack of confidence. And now she just seems to be acting like a poor sport by not splitting the Maria role and joining Shelby’s other show choir.
  • Speaking of annoying behavior: Rachel is just as bad and obnoxious with her behavior. Kurt is right—she is not going to have any friends left. It’s too bad that Rachel and Mercedes can’t seem to get along because the two of them probably understand each other more than anyone else.

Am I being ‘way harsh’ like Mike’s dad? Or are you more supportive of this episode’s efforts like Mike’s mom? Is this episode an Asian F or just a regular F?

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2 Responses to Glee Recap – Asian F

  1. Alla says:

    I really loved this episode and I haven’t loved a Glee episode in a while. The range of songs and musical numbers kept it interesting for me. Nothing was cheesy or too cliche. Loved the Mike story line. I think a lot of people can really relate to those sort of pressures from parents. LOVED the scene of Mike dancing in the silence and then boy did he bring it during his audition.

    My only issue with this episode was Britney’s musical number. While I loved the song and the over all performance I was so irritated that they felt the need to dress her up like a slut to sing about girl power. girls don’t need to dress like sluts to be powerful!!!!

    • Jeni says:

      Good point on the Britney number–totally agree. Yes, I definitely liked (and apprecited!) the entire Mike Chang story line, which is why that was the main focus of my “Smile and Tell” Likes for this episode. I think the whole Rachel-Mercedes thing really brought the episode down for me because of their same ‘ole rivalry has been featured so many times. I wish the entire episode was more devoted to Mike! I think they could have had even more interplay with his demands and struggles. Plus his musical and/or dance numbers are awesome. In general though, I think a large part of my personal disappointment had to do with reading SO much hype for this episode before it aired–including TV reviewers claiming this was the best episode Glee has ever done. By the time it aired last night, there was no way the episode could match that level of hype.

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