How I Met Your Mother Recap – The Stinson Missile Crisis

Season 7, Episode 4
The Stinson Missile Crisis 

So many many things to love about “The Stinson Missile Crisis.” Kal Penn as Robin’s therapist? Check! Belligerent Robin? Check! Ted and Marshall in a birthing class? Check! Three-person Halloween costumes? Check! The only crisis I am currently facing is how to narrow down my favorite moments and funniest lines.

Smile and Tell:

  • Kumar counsels Robin! I absolutely adore Kal Penn as Robin’s [court-appointed] therapist. I also loved that Robin tried to pass it off as a mature choice to seek counseling when in fact she assaulted a woman and keyed a judge’s car. Folks, what we are witnessing is the beginning phase of a major breakdown before a major awakening. I think Robin is going to have to hit bottom before she rises up from the ruins—and Cobie Smulders is just the actress to make this process hilarious and truthful. She perfectly pulled off humorous desperation with lines like, “Nobody asked you Patrice!!!!” when her co-worker thought Barney’s efforts to woo Nora were dreamy. And kudos to Kal Penn for his meta-critique that Robin (and HIMYM) likes to veer of track of the main story at hand.
  • Ducky Tie fallout begins. I love this show’s commitment to longstanding running jokes. Really, I don’t think there is any other show that does such an amazing job of not only bringing characters, references, terminology etc. back from across the seasons, now they are truly committing Barney to wear the Ducky Tie for an entire season. That’s dedication, folks. And respect to us as an audience. I also appreciated another look at more of Barney’s insane scheming to meet and sleep with girls, in this case a few of his “Bimbo Delivery Systems” that are so automated he has to enlist Robin’s help to cancel them. The best “BDS” was Barney pretending to by a gay hair stylist to earn female camaraderie, and then introduce them to his straight twin brother Barney. However, the episode spent much more time with gimmicks such as “Dr. Barney Stinson’s Breast Reduction Consultation” and class action suit against him led by “Arnie Linson” which were just OK for me.
  • Three friends and baby! I definitely miss Marshall and Ted quality time, since they are the ultimate couple of the show around which all other relationships were built. Of course their lives have changed over the years, and so has their relationship. But it is always great to have some solid bonding time between these two bros, and even more timely that Ted’s close relationship with Marshall and Lily would both impact and be impacted by Lily’s pregnancy. [Side note: I am actually currently working on a Halloween group costume for myself, my former roomie and her fiancé…yes, we are like Ted-Marshall-Lily but with two girls and one guy; HIMYM totally stole my own life stories, AGAIN!]. It made perfect sense that Ted would feel left out—and behind—from his friends. His excitement, including Team Baby t-shirts and taking a birthing class, led to some great moments before Ted finally realized he needed to leave a sock on their door.
  • Because there were so many funny lines from the night, I just wanted to give a shout out to a few:
    -“It’s fascinating how profoundly little I know about vaginas” (Marshall)
    -“Sounds like this Ted guy could benefit from therapy” (“Kumar” i.e. Robin’s therapist); “Oh he definitely could” (Robin)
    -Salt, Pepper & Cumin! Lady & the Tramp…and the Bowl of Spaghetti! All great group costumes for three people. But not as cool as my own three-way group costume of Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick last Halloween, or our upcoming mystery pop-culture costume this year!
    -“Am I reaaaaally?” (Robin not liking her “Bro” label).
    -“When do I get to be the woman?” (Ted, of course, during the massage part of the class).
    -“And that’s assuming she is a huge slut!” (Even IF Ted met the mother this very second, he would still be months away from the baby phase); “Don’t worry—that slut is out there!” (Marshall)

Show and Yell:

  • Barney’s cheesy gimmicks to woo Nora. OK, so I definitely laughed at these scenarios of flowers, candy and the grand finale of Barney serenading Nora at work, but mainly I was enjoying Robin’s awesome resentment and hostility toward these excessively mushy acts. What bothered me was that none of these acts seemed Barney-esque. I get it, I get it—he is supposed to be a ‘changed’ (or changing) man. But, cheesy romantic gimmicks seem so fake, it is hard to believe that this Barney is actually serious about Nora.
  • Lily not being interested in a by-the-books doctor and/or birthing class. Obviously it was very convenient that she and Marshall disagreed over some of these issues tonight, but I don’t buy a ‘laid back’ Lily…because Lily is the master manipulator and queen of control for this group. She has always acted like the mother hen, and now that she is finally getting her wish to be a real mother, it seems odd that she is not super intense about finding the perfect doctor and taking tons of classes. But again, for the purposes of tonight’s episode, it allowed for some ah-maz-ing couple moments between the original duo: Ted & Marshall.
  • Robin’s wardrobe this season. Seriously—what is going on with her clothing this season? We are four episodes in and the only good outfit she has gotten to wear was that formal black dress to the Architect’s Ball. Everything else—her weird floppy blouses—just seem odd. I used to love Robin’s clothes and now I can’t figure out what the deal is. Am I alone on this?

What do you think of season 7 of HIMYM so far? Is Barney in it for the long haul with Nora? What will Robin’s breaking point be? Looking forward to more Kal Penn, like me? And—where will Marshall be as Lily goes into labor?

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