Glee Recap – The Purple Piano Project

Glee Season 3, Episode 1
Premiere – The Purple Piano Project

I have been looking forward to the return of TV for weeks now, but to be quite honest, I was not as remotely as excited for Glee to return as most of the other shows I follow. That really says something about its uneven and often-times disappointing season two. I am going to give season three a real shot and hope it can reclaim some of the magic that it created in season one, but if this season premiere was any indication of what is to come, then I am not sure how long I can hold on. It’s not that “The Purple Piano Project” was bad (there have definitely been worse) and it’s not that there weren’t some great moments (Kurt and Rachel at the mixer) but mainly that it was blah and TIRED. I felt like I had already seen this exact episode, several times. And that is not a good thing when a show is only entering its third season.

I am trying a new format for my blog posts: “Smile and Tell” for the parts I especially enjoyed, and “Show and Yell” for the parts I particularly didn’t like.

Smile and Tell:

  • At least the show addressed up-front who is (supposed to be) graduating this year and who is still a junior. But if Kurt and Rachel end up in Lima after graduation, please just end the show. I have come to appreciate Glee’s use of Jacob Israel’s videos and blogs to tackle the real-life show rumors within the show.
  • Quinn as an official member of The Skanks. I like this new edgy Quinn and hope the show doesn’t make her switch back to pure Quinn too soon.
  • Coach Bieste eating her rotisserie chicken at lunch. It was great to see the Bieste again—she was an excellent addition to the cast last season and not utilized enough. I like that Will has a confidant at school other than Emma and someone who will tell him like it is.
  • Blaine’s rendition of “It’s Not Unusual” as his welcome to campus number. Fun stuff, and he really sells it. I will miss his Warbler uniform now that he has transferred to McKinley, though. In fact, if he had been wearing his blazer during that song, it almost would have been a Carlton Banks flashback.
  • “Me and My Hag” pamphlet. Yet another inappropriate and hilarious pamphlet found in the guidance counselor office that Emma has at her disposal. If only actual school pamphlets were this catchy and amusing.
  • Rachel and Kurt’s attendance at the musical theater college mixer was definitely the high point. The looks on their faces upon stumbling into this bizarro universe of other Rachels and Kurts (but even more intense and named after characters from Les Mis!) and then their heart-to-heart pep talk in the car was well done and continued their kindred-spirits friendship established in the finale.

Show and Yell:

  • The purple piano project itself was just odd and awkward. Have we really already gotten to the point that to work songs into this show we have to have randomly placed pianos around campus as signals to sing?
  • Cafeteria food fight? Glitter-bombing? No thanks.
  • Sue Sylvester’s evil diabolical plan to cut the funding for the arts if she is elected to office. Ugh, seriously? This show has officially ruined this character, which is sad because in season one Sue was the reason to watch. I cannot even stand her ridiculous and repetitive scheming anymore. Basically, all the adults on this show re-play the same exact script every week: Sue insults Will’s hair and/or his relationship with Emma; Will storms off angry; Sue is determined to crush Glee and/or the arts in general; Will needs to stop her; Sue says something and lashes out in a way that would get her fired in two seconds…and lather, rinse, repeat. This tired cycle is bringing down the entire show.

What did you think? Were you underwhelmed, like me? Or am I simply suffering from Glee fatigue?

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3 Responses to Glee Recap – The Purple Piano Project

  1. Karyn says:

    Well hello! It’s so nice to be reading your blogs again! I definitely agree with you that this show is going downhill fast and that the story lines are too repetitive. This episode was just blah for me… my favorite part was the performance at the college mixer, which I especially appreciated for all of the tap dancing. Travis actually walked out of the room half way through the episode claiming that he’d rather watch 90210 over Glee. Now that’s saying something…

  2. Shannon says:

    Love the cleverly titled pro/con feature! I was underwhelmed as well. I feel like I wouldn’t even miss Glee if it were to disappear now, which is SO far from how I felt at the start of season 2! Sad, but we can move on with Modern Family tonight!

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