How I Met Your Mother Recap – Best Man and Naked Truth

How I Met Your Mother Season Seven Premiere
Episodes: “The Best Man” and “The Naked Truth”

My head—and my DVR—are about to explode from so much new TV on tonight. Seriously, I barely knew what channels to flip back-n-forth from or how my DVR would keep up. But you better believe my number one TV priority tonight was the season seven premiere of How I Met Your Mother. Coming off of a stellar season six that brought us hilarity and sadness, we were treated to not one but two new episodes, simply entitled “The Best Man” and “The Naked Truth.” I was so happy to have my HIMYM back, especially since I am not over it getting no love from the EMMYS.

I am going to tackle both of these episodes together, mainly because I am really tired, but also the first episode really did flow seamlessly into the second episode.  Also, I decided that my blog posts last season were getting to be rather long. So I am going to play around with the format a bit and try something new: ‘Smile and Tell’ for what I absolutely loved about a given episode, and ‘Show and Yell’ for parts that didn’t work for me as much.

In the spirit of Barney fretting about his “tie” on his future wedding day, let’s ‘tie’ this new approach on for size:

Smile and Tell:

  • Ted’s Auto-Tune! Hands down, this was beyond legendary. Poor Ted—not only has he suffered in the love and career departments in recent years, but these incidents have unfortunately coincided with many of his high school buddies’ special life moments. This has led to an abundance of sobbing and blubbering speeches over the years, that his friends took the liberty to post on YouTube and auto-tune. Bad for Ted, but excellent comedy for us!
  • Punchy’s Cleveland Browns-themed wedding: This long-awaited wedding was exactly right. These are Ted’s high school friends who have lived in their blah hometown mid-sized city their entire lives, and it made perfect and hilarious sense that everything from the color scheme to the cake would be football themed.
  • Drunk Marshall: I loved that Marshall got super drunk (heck, almost as drunk as Lily was at their own wedding!) because he was drinking for two. It was a fun way to keep Lily from not drinking before revealing her pregnancy and it was even better when drunk Marshall took the microphone to stand up for his best buddy Ted and defend him. I love how Marshall and Ted always have each other’s backs…and how Marshall accidentally outed the pregnant bride instead.
  • Barney and Robin’s epic dance moves: Quite simply, their dance was epic. But even more epic was their chemistry. As Robin explained, you’ve got to have the chemistry, but you also need the timing. The timing part seems to be failing Ro-Barn, as Barney finally hears from Nora. But that scene right after they danced and Robin was feeding Barney lines to say to Nora was beautifully done because, of course, they were Robin’s actual feelings. Robin really has become the emotional core of the group in recent seasons. Dare I say that as Lily has become more self-focused on her own relationship with Marshall and having a baby, it is Robin who has stepped up to plate to be the glue that holds the gang together and offers support when needed, like when Ted expresses his struggle to believe in destiny and love these days.
  • Barney performing a sit-in for Nora: I enjoyed Barney’s zest and dedication in proving to Nora that he deserves a shot. Having to confess the various lies he has told to get women into bed and then deciding to stay in the 24-hour diner until he gets a second date is definitely the early stages of an evolving Barney. This show has to play his transition just right, however, because the last time they tried to mature Barney by having him enter a relationship with Robin, the whole thing blew up in their faces (and ours).
  • Callbacks to character quirks: I always appreciate when the show really builds upon traits we know and love of our characters. The gang’s genuine excitement surrounding Ted making pro/cons and charts about his two dates is completely appropriate, not to mention Ted placing a lot of weight on a girl reaching for the check (which we knew from a previous blind date episode). And of course there is Marshall’s propensity for making videos, which could ruin the background check for his new job.
  • Victoria returns!! It was a very exciting development for Ted to be at the Architect’s Ball (with Robin as his awesome platonic date on the lookout for Lenny Kravitz…just the wrong Lenny Kravitz) and then have him spot no other than his lovely baker ex-girlfriend Victoria. As you may recall if you think all the way back to season one, the only reason these two broke up was because she moved to Germany for a culinary fellowship. I am very curious to see these two catch up after all these years.

Show and Yell:

  • Barney’s Test Market in Cleveland: I actually really loved the premise of Barney using a regional city like Cleveland as his test market for pick-up lines before trying them out in NYC. My only complaint was that I think this bit went on a little too long. Also, just in general—it is still odd to me than any of Ted’s friends were invited to Punchy’s wedding and, furthermore, that they would pay to travel to Cleveland for it.
  • Garrison Cootes: I am not yet sold on Marshall’s new boss—played by Martin Short. I think there is potential there, but the swamp gags didn’t do much for me.
  • Beercules (i.e. Marshall’s alter-ego): Again, I really liked this in premise, but in this case I don’t think they pushed the joke far enough. Basically, Beercules is drunk naked Marshall, on video. Apparently he has fallen into the Beercules trap many times over the years. First, I much prefer Marshall’s musical videos; second, how on earth did this show miss an opportunity to have an intervention for Beercules?!
  • The 24-hour diner: I put the diner under ‘Show and Yell’ mainly because I am not sure what to think and whether this is their new official hangout now that Lily is pregnant. If it is, I wish I had a chance to mourn MacLaren’s Bar—because that bar was truly a character on HIMYM.

How much did you enjoy having our HIMYM gang back? I am excited to see where the show goes from here—especially since Future Ted warned us we still have a ways to go. Um, Future Ted: you do realize that your year is 2030, which means your teenagers pretty much need to be born very very soon!

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