90210 Recap – Up in Smoke

90210 Season 4 Premiere

And I’m back! I swear I planned to write some posts over the summer on random TV thoughts, but things were just so ridiculously busy and then bam—summer was over.  Here we are at a brand new TV season and what better way to restart the ole’ blog than with the 4th season premiere of 90210, called “Up in Smoke.” If you read my blog last season, you know that when I say that 90210 is a great show to kick things off, I am really referring to the fact that this show is so absurd and such an insult to its original namesake that I get to be at my snarky best when blogging.  Yet, I find myself tuning in because this show is so hilarious and certainly doesn’t take itself seriously. So—fun for me and hopefully fun for you to read!

The times they are a changin’!

Tonight’s season premiere really focused on the changes that a new school year brings for our (former) West Bev gang of graduates. Changes that include these kiddos preparing to start at our fav fictional college “CU”—of course paying tribute to the original Beverly Hills 90210’s California University. And just like the original, the gang somehow all magically ended up at the same college and mostly all living together in insanely expensive properties in L.A. If I had a dollar for every time I asked myself “and HOW are these 18-year olds paying for this?” in this one hour episode, I would have enough money to buy one of those properties right now.

As I did last season, I think for 90210 it works best to break down the different storylines by character so that I can fully digest the bad acting, clunky writing, and awesome one-liners that keep me wanting more:

  • Naomi is ready to giddy-up: We learned in the first 5 minutes of the episode that Naomi’s pregnancy was a false alarm. When the doctor delivered the news, Max was just a tad too happy (think: Mardi Gras celebration) and of course this didn’t sit well with Naomi. So, that was the end of the Naomi-Nerd love story, which actually made me sad because they were awesome together. To get over it and up her social standing in college, she does what any normal 18-year old girl with M.I.A. parents would do—buy a huge mansion to throw lavish parties. She first had to deal with the mansion owner’s cocky son and his pig (I mean this literally). The two did not hit it off—in fact they practically waged war on each other—but all I could think about was whether or not this guy was moonlighting with a cover band for the Village People thanks to his laughable shirtless costume, tool-belt and cowboy hat. Unfortunately for me, this obnoxious dude seems to be sticking around for a while as Dixon’s new Malibu roommate and, ugh, a potential love interest for Naomi. I would prefer if he just took his annoying accent and rode off into the sunset.
  • Annie and Liam—Salt(y) for your wounds: Can these two characters just drown in the ocean please? As you may recall, upon high school graduation, Liam left to go deep-sea fishing (seriously), which broke Annie’s heart. I am not going to go into all the reasons this relationship is just stupid—on top of the fact that it was never properly established or developed—but we are somehow supposed to believe that Liam is totally into Annie and her absurd shrieks of laughter that plagued this episode. So, Liam is back in Beverly Hills with cash from his fishing adventures and a diamond engagement ring for Annie. Whaaaaat? For the first time ever, Annie makes sense and rejects his proposals—twice. Well, it is two proposals if you count his initial, “I’m ready. Let’s do this.” Liam is bummed out and goes to drown his sorrows at the new hangout spot: Salty’s Place. I have no clue why there is now a Cancun-like beach bar run by the dad from Boy Meets World, but when Liam wakes up the next morning he apparently is the new owner of this establishment.
  • Navid and Silver Raising Baby: OK, so apparently Navid and Silver think they are 35 and oh so much more mature and boring and adult-like than Navid’s younger sister, Leila, who is…oh wait…just one year younger than them. Turns out that thanks to Navid exposing his dad’s child porn business, his family has fled the country, except for his sister who wants to have her senior year at West Bev. That means Navid must take her in and be surrogate parent, along with his live-in love Silver. So, now we have these parentless teens acting as parents to their siblings. Silver is not happy about this new girl cramping her style. And I am not happy that this girl could possibly replace Annie as the worst actress ever. Silver gets even more upset that Leila allows Adrianna to re-enter their lives because the latter claims, “I’ve Changed!” This is NOT change Silver can believe in. And I fully support Silver in this endeavor. As far as I am concerned, this show ruined Ade’s character so much last season that there is no redeeming her.
  • Everyone else: Dixon decides to bag college so he can pursue his music dreams (come on—even David Silver enrolled at CU!). He also agrees to share an amazing beach property with Naomi’s cowboy—who ends up sleeping with Ade! And Ivy and Raj are crashing in Naomi’s palatial guest house with their pot garden as Raj prepares to live out his final days. Lastly, Teddy is off to…ummm…somewhere….but he is on a plane and he leaves a voice message for his dad finally telling him that he is gay. Sadly, Teddy will not be a regular this season, which sucks because his coming out storyline last season was by far the best aspect of the show.

Three final comments and/or grievances—I did NOT need to hear Annie explain that her mother, Debbie, went off to Paris with her boy toy (i.e. their former high school teacher Mr. Matthews). What I did want explained was why on earth they showed students having to wait in lines to register like it was 1993 when the original 90210 cast enrolled in CU. I’m sorry but even 10 years ago when I started college, that stuff was all done on this crazy new technology called a computer! Finally, was anyone else hoping that when Naomi threw the entire contents of the pot garden into the bonfire that everyone—including the cops—would get high and mellow out?


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3 Responses to 90210 Recap – Up in Smoke

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  2. Beth says:

    I’m hoping that Max will actually be around again in at least a few future episodes. After all, Annie did have Ivy save Max’s letter to Naomi that she didn’t finish reading. That’s bound to come into play again. At least I hope so. And, even though I know that Annie and Liam should NOT get married yet, I did like them together last season, so I want to know exactly what happened to him over the summer to cause him to propose so abruptly.

    It also kind of sucks that Teddy won’t be a regular this season, but I do hope that they’ll play out his storyline with his dad. Getting Ryan O’Neal back on the show to see his reaction to Teddy’s revelation would be extremely intriguing. For more of my take on this episode, visit my blog about this episode by clicking on my name.

    • Jeni says:

      Thanks for commenting! Yes–I am hoping Teddy returns for more on his storyline soon. I checked out your blog and we definitely seem to like a lot of the same shows!

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