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90210 Recap – The Prom Before the Storm

Prom Night arrived for the kids of West Beverly and they had a lot to live up to. There will never, EVER, be another teen-soap prom episode in the history of television as memorable as the original Beverly Hills 90210 … Continue reading

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How I Met Your Mother Recap – Things Fall Apart

When is something worth saving? That was the question that Ted and the gang asked themselves in tonight’s HIMYM episode, “Landmarks.” But, everyone knew that The Arcadian was really a symbol for Ted’s relationship with Zoey and whether it was … Continue reading

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Brothers and Sisters Recap – Walker Down the Aisle

Nora Walker started the episode on her radio show quoting Dickens, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” This was not just in reference to her own bad hairdo, but her daughter Sarah’s highly anticipated … Continue reading

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The Office Recap – The Inner Circle of Life

As The Lion King taught us, there is a Circle of Life. Which means, even though the beloved Michael Scott has left, life at Sabre (F.K.A. Dunder Miflin) must move on without him. And in the case of replacement Deangelo … Continue reading

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Modern Family Recap – Take a hike

This Mothers’ Day, Modern Family celebrated its moms by having them go take a hike. But they took an actual hike in the canyons—far enough not to see the car in the parking lot—with their whining, arguing kids. This pretty … Continue reading

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Glee Recap – Rumours and Rhodes

The rumors were running rampant in Glee’s “Rumours” episode tonight (was that enough alliteration for you?). The episode title not only referred to all the muckraking going on thanks to Sue reviving the school’s tabloid—ahem, school newspaper. But, it was … Continue reading

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90210 Recap – Starry Night

Remember in Saved by the Bell when Screech tutors Kelly and they actually have legit chemistry and start to “hang out”—causing the gang to imagine a high school in which “geek is the new chic?” Well, it seems West Bev … Continue reading

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How I Met Your Mother Recap – Perfect Cock-a-Mouse-Tail

Tonight’s HIMYM episode was called the “The Perfect Cocktail,” but I was most excited to see the return of the one, the only…cock-a-mouse! That episode from season one remains one of my all-time favorites, perhaps because who among us has … Continue reading

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Brothers and Sisters Recap – A Walker by any other name

In tonight’s Brothers & Sisters episode, “For Better or for Worse,” we began to see Sarah put the ‘I-dentity Crisis’ in ‘I do.’ Yes, learning that Brody is in fact her biological father has really sent Sarah into an existential … Continue reading

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