How I Met Your Mother Recap – Things Fall Apart

When is something worth saving? That was the question that Ted and the gang asked themselves in tonight’s HIMYM episode, “Landmarks.” But, everyone knew that The Arcadian was really a symbol for Ted’s relationship with Zoey and whether it was time to tear it down. I think I speak for everyone when I say…send in the demolition crew! BOOM! Zoey never warmed to me, or anyone really, and it has been clear to everyone except Ted that this relationship should be torn down to build something better.

The episode began with the hearing by the Historical Landmark Society to determine whether The Arcadian should be classified as a protected landmark. Marshall was pretty adorable offering his speech to save the landmark, using rhymes to make his point: “If the lion head’s stonework is regal…tearing it down should be illegal” and “We must make sure the lion is always there…Destroy the Arcadian? Oh no, don’t you dare!” Johnny Cochran would be proud—Marshall is a one man legal Dream Team! But then Ted, as project architect, was asked the one question he was prepared to answer—sort of.  The committee wanted to know if Ted believed the building to be a landmark. And that’s when we went back a few days to see how he came to his response.

As you may recall from the last episode, Ted decided he was in love with Zoey and took “her side,” which greatly annoyed me. So, originally he was prepared to say it was a landmark. Meanwhile, Barney was still self-exiled from the group because he remained the one GNB supporter. Robin even had to serve as messenger to communicate Barney’s arguments—along with creepily accurate drawings of Lily’s boobs. I have to say, the little comedy duo that is Robin and Barney is pretty unstoppable—and Robin has been MVP this year for hilarious tangential anecdotes and quirks.

Ted held onto his new viewpoint for a little while, especially because he thought Zoey could be the mother of his children (ha!). But a hilarious and telling dream convinced him that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to leave his mark on the New York City skyline. I loved that Ted envisioned Barney as the original architect of the Arcadian…or “Arcajan” as dream Barney called it…but then knew it was a dream because his mother, Virginia Mosby, appeared in lingerie holding a spinner a la Inception: “Mommy’s got magic lady bits, Ted.” Only Ted would have such a truly haunting and inappropriately disturbing dream sequence.

Meanwhile, Barney became even more desperate to have The Arcadian project proceed as planned because he learned from his angry boss, Arthur, that his job was on the line if Ted couldn’t pull through. Again, Robin really stepped up to plate by being quite blunt with her friend (and confessing she still can’t figure out how to download Angry Birds) by explaining the potential outcomes of the situation. She wanted to get Ted to realize that he should follow his architect dreams because Zoey was not worth preserving. And the great thing about Robin and Ted’s relationship is that they genuinely are friends—this did not come from a place a jealousy.

Ultimately, Ted gave his response to the committee: The Arcadian is not a landmark and should be torn down to make room for a new building. Then, Zoey pretty much did the unthinkable. If you didn’t already find her obnoxious, this pretty much moved the needle straight to horrible. She got up on stage to play her stupid tape recording from their ‘night at the museum’ back when they were enemies and when she coaxed Ted into saying he hated GNB. Cold-blooded.

Despite Zoey screwing Ted over in the most major of ways, diabolical Lily had a plan to get the committee to change its mind. Let’s face it—this entire hearing was ridiculous to begin with and there is no way everything would simply hinge on Ted’s response anyway. So, Lily’s plan to remove the historic lion’s head was the absurd icing on the cake, but whatever—it served its purpose to get The Arcadian project to move forward and to help usher Zoey out of the picture.

Here are just a few of the landmark lines that should be preserved for future enjoyment:

  • “What rhymes with beck and call?” (This was nagging the Hearing Committee after they cut Marshall off). It was “wrecking ball!”
  • Barney miming his messages from afar as Robin read the script.
  • No one still actually knows what Barney does at GNB. He has a lot of keys.
  • “Sometimes when I play chess in the park…OK I play online…OK, it’s Angry Birds” (Robin eventually got to her point of explaining various outcomes to Ted…including being hit by a blow dart from a ninja assassin that The Captain hired).
  • The entire exchange of the gang deciding that if they are all jobless they should buy a bar!! And it should be a theme bar called “Court Room” where you show up and “get served.” Ummm…this is a fantastic idea. Why doesn’t this exist?!
  • The lion’s head really goes nice with Barney’s duvet.

As Ted explained to Zoey, “Sometimes things have to fall apart to make room for better things.” I am liking this Ted—one who is willing to let things fall apart with a potential “mother” who clearly was no ‘mother’ material. But my biggest question from this episode…was there a reason that the two project sides couldn’t have settled on a restoration of the building? Wouldn’t that have been a win-win for that decrepit old property?

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