90210 Recap – The Prom Before the Storm

Prom Night arrived for the kids of West Beverly and they had a lot to live up to. There will never, EVER, be another teen-soap prom episode in the history of television as memorable as the original Beverly Hills 90210 when good-girl Donna Martin got drunk, puked in the bathroom and collapsed in front of her principal, Mrs. Teasely (not to mention it led to the all-time classic follow-up episode, “Donna Martin Graduates”). It truly was a Night to Remember. But, alas, times change and today’s students have their own crazy drama to deal with. From pills and papers to proposals…everything heated up at prom.

  • Caught cheating: Naomi and Max hit a cheating problem in their relationship and, oddly enough, it was not one of them cheating with another person. Nope—in fact the two were just as in love as ever. Naomi learned she was THISCLOSE to failing a class (Another?! This just happened with math during spring break!) and had to pull an all-nighter to write a stellar 10-page paper. Max was super cute and supportive, keeping her motivated. However, when Naomi handed him the finished product to proofread, he took his love and concern for her one step too far. Not wanting her to risk failure, he substantially changed her paper’s thesis without her knowledge. Therefore, imagine Naomi’s anger when she was accused of cheating by her teacher (who thought it was too well written) and then her hurt when Max admitted that he did doctor her paper. Uh oh—we have trouble in paradise. This may be what brings down the mighty hot girl-nerd empire because whoever takes the fall will have their college dreams dashed.  At least Max got to have a dance with his girlfriend—the prom queen—before this revelation came out.
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees—but it does get miraculously handed to you by suicidal old ladies. I was never able to stand the obnoxious Annie, period. But, now I can’t stand her even more. The girl takes a job helping clean an old woman’s house for all of two weeks, gets her out of the house all of one time, and then when this elderly lady kills herself rather than suffer from Alzheimer’s she leaves her entire estate to a teenage girl. As Annie would say, “like, OMG.” This estate fortune will come in handy just in the nick of time, as Debbie broke the news that the Walsh family (oops, I mean Wilson family) cannot afford to send Dixon and Annie to private universities. Honestly, I don’t even know how Debbie affords to live in her multi-million house, let alone that Dixon and Annie got into Pepperdine and Carnegie Melon respectively. Annie had already pawned the precious necklace she absolutely adored, given to her by Marla. But I have a feeling that Marla’s adult daughter—who we briefly met at the funeral—may cause some trouble for moneybags Annie.
  • The proof is in the pills: Arghhhhhh I was literally screaming at my TV that Silver and Navid each got so close to figuring out Ade’s diabolical and unforgiveable schemes and then fell short. If Adrianna is not exposed for the horrible b**ch that she is in next’s week’s finale, I am going to be pissed. Plus, we have had to put up with her reprehensible behavior the entire season, so we are due to witness some serious karma. Tonight, Silver was released from the hospital when her tests showed that her manic meltdown simply stemmed from her not taking her meds. The problem was that Silver had been taking her meds—or so she thought—but was actually taking placebos thanks to Ade’s evil pill switch. Just before Silver could bring her pills into the doctor’s office, Ade snagged the bottle back. Silver started to catch on, but brushed it off when the doctor and Navid told her that paranoia was due to her lack of medication. Just when Navid also started to suspect Ade was lying about what really happened when they fell asleep together, Ade “confessed” to Silver that Navid had kissed her—yet another lie. And now Silver doesn’t want anything to do with “cheating” Navid. Ugh, Ade needs to be taken down…and soon.
  • Prom Night Proposal: Raj gets devastating news about his cancer, and Ivy gets recognized as a famous surfer (ha!). I tease…because actually this has been Ivy’s best storyline to date and she and Raj have great chemistry. Plus, Ivy actually gets to act a little instead of just strut around and say “dude” and “yo.” Raj begins acting out at prom after seeing the prom theme, “The Future is Ours,” and it hitting him that he does not have a long future ahead. He drinks and pushes Ivy away because he doesn’t want her to have to stay on his sinking ship. But Ivy won’t have it—she is in this for the good and bad. Raj proposes the next morning on the beach, and we are in store for a wedding next week in addition to graduation!
  • The Future is…Weird: The prom decorations—including glo-in-the-dark streamers, blacklights, and creepy women dressed in neon blue wigs offering mysterious electric blue drinks—were courtesy of Silver, who had apparently ordered the decorations while in her manic state. Hahaha! Hey, you gotta have a sense of humor about this stuff! In the words of Ivy, it looked like “a bad acid trip” (and she would know). Dixon was dragged into filling in for Silver on the committee and pity-danced with over-achiever Harper (i.e. the only other student besides Silver and Navid who attended that honors night a while back). Meanwhile, Teddy was there. Yeah—that is really all I can say about Teddy, since he had zero story tonight. Actually, I take that back: Teddy was named Prom King and Naomi was named Prom Queen, and the two got a good chuckle at how they never could have imagined their prom dates…a guy for Teddy and a nerd for Naomi. But the highlight of the prom festivities, by far, was Naomi’s lengthy self-centered speech as queen, claiming that four years ago she chose public school over private school because “I wanted to be at a school where I am truly needed.” Followed immediately by Teddy’s speech: “Thanks.”

So, did the 90210 prom remind you at all of your own prom? What’s that? It was nothing like your prom?! Hmmm, weird, this show is usually so realistic. Are you pumped for the double graduation-wedding celebration in next week’s season finale?

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