Glee Recap – Rumours and Rhodes

The rumors were running rampant in Glee’s “Rumours” episode tonight (was that enough alliteration for you?). The episode title not only referred to all the muckraking going on thanks to Sue reviving the school’s tabloid—ahem, school newspaper. But, it was a tribute to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album. Hence, tonight’s songs paid homage to Fleetwood Mac and the storyline focused on some of the relationship turmoil plaguing our glee club.

I am not sure if I am just growing weary from all my blogging on various shows toward the end of a long television season (senioritis?) or if it is the uneven quality of Glee this season, but I just have not been feeling these past few episodes. Tonight was an improvement over last week’s episode for me, but mainly because of the Sam storyline and Brittany’s web show. So, let’s start with those…

Sam has been engaging in some suspicious motel behavior, which was discovered by Rachel and Finn on a stake-out. In their old-fashioned spying, they discover Kurt and Quinn each leaving the motel on various nights. Rumors about who is cheating on who and who ‘plays for which team’ start to spread like wildfire thanks to Sue reinstating the school newspaper (because she can somehow continue to do anything she wants at the school without repercussions). Everyone gets super petty, super jealous and super annoying in exponential proportions before finally turning on Sam and accusing him of practically running some kind of brothel in a motel. Sam shuts them all up (THANK YOU) when he begrudgingly exclaims that his father lost his job, his family lost their home, and now they are living in a motel room. This was a heartbreaking yet very real admission. It not only emotionally impacted all of Sam’s friends, but in my opinion this revelation saved the episode by tying it to a larger problem than gossip at McKinley High.

On a lighter note, Brittany and her cat, Lord Tubbington, have a web show complete with ‘cheesy’ intro music called “Fondue for Two.” She developed this show because it combines her two favorite things: cheese and gossip. Sounds like my kind of show! Things get a little too real when Brittany lets it slip that Santana may prefer women. This, of course, leads to more school gossip and a fight between Artie and Brittany when he accuses his girlfriend of sharing more of herself with Santana than him. Brittany is greatly hurt when Artie calls her stupid—he was the one person who had never called her that. Santana is there to comfort Brittany and sing her Fleetwood Mac’s “Songbird” in one of the best performances of the night. It was understated and raw—and Brittany’s reaction was rather powerful as well. Brittany tries to get Santana to come out on her web show, but Santana closes up again and clings to her Korofsky story.

Among all the rumors flying around is mastermind Sue and her remaining League of Doom member—Honey Badger (a.k.a. Terri). Sue used to be the best character on this show. Now she is a cartoon and her antics are like Wylie Coyote trying to catch the Road Runner. And it is getting old really fast. Also, funny how Glee sometimes seems like a high school stuck in the 1990s—using a print school newspaper? Are there no rumors already flying around on Facebook impacting these kids? Or textual harassment (i.e. my term for bullying through texting). I feel like today’s teens encounter gossip and bullying through social media almost more so than in person.

And lastly, just because there wasn’t enough going on in this episode, we had the return of April Rhodes—this time back to encourage Will to join her on Broadway. I get that Emma was trying to be a cheerleader to Will’s dream of being on stage in NYC, but I have to admit that I was with Will on this one: how on earth would April’s lame musical ever make it? I think his dream to see his students perform at Nationals is a quite noble one!

What did you think of this episode? Is it just my Glee-fatigue speaking? Don’t get me wrong—every episode of Glee has enjoyable parts. But overall I am not feeling it as much.

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