90210 Recap – Starry Night

Remember in Saved by the Bell when Screech tutors Kelly and they actually have legit chemistry and start to “hang out”—causing the gang to imagine a high school in which “geek is the new chic?” Well, it seems West Bev High is jumping on the hot girl-nerd coupling train thanks to Naomi and Max. In tonight’s 90210 episode, “Women on the Verge,” their relationship reached a serious turning point! But plenty of other relationships also ran into some serious issues. The stakes are getting high and the show keeps getting more entertaining.

  • Annie vs. Alzheimer’s: Let’s start with what was perhaps one of the funniest (Intentionally? Unintentionally?) bits of dialogue ever uttered on the small screen…Annie trying to tell Marla that she knows her secret: “I’d like to know if you want some tea…and…are you planning to kill yourself?” Smooth, Annie, real smooth! I make fun of this dialogue (because, well, it deserves it) but actually this has been a rather good storyline for Annie and it at least presents her with a more serious challenge than having your cousin go ‘single white female’ on you. Marla and Annie’s relationship was actually pretty sweet, as Annie tried to convince Marla to get out of the house and live a little. Marla balked at first, but eventually she appreciated Annie’s efforts and had a great time attending a film event/60s party in her honor. At the end of the star-studded evening, Marla even gifted Annie her stunning Academy Awards necklace. At that point I thought to myself, oh great, next episode she will forget that she gave it to Annie and attack her as a thief. I was wrong! In fact, Marla essentially willed the necklace to Annie as a thank you…because the next day when Annie arrived at the house, Marla had already taken her own life.
  • The stars hold the future: Naomi and Max are the hottest couple trend in school, and Naomi truly is a more bearable person with Max. She gets disappointed, though, at the prospect of him attending MIT (which is in MASSACHUSETTS) while she attends Cal U (um, I don’t even understand how she got into a fictional school). Max is being realistic—long distance relationships rarely work, especially when you are 18!—so they should just enjoy what time they do have together. Ultimately, though, Max realizes how invested Naomi feels in their relationship and he adorably appears at the 60s film party dressed as Don Draper, complete with homemade skinny tie. He takes her to the observatory telescope to show her where he will attend school: Cal Tech. The good news is that Naomi can stop wearing her lucky thong (“how long were you wearing that? – Max).
  • A real head-case: Silver may have wound up in the hospital suffering from another bipolar episode, but the real head-case is Adrianna. Holy crap, what…a…psycho. As you recall, Ade started tampering with Silver’s bipolar meds as her revenge, while acting like a reformed friend on the outside. Therefore, no one remotely suspects that Ade or anyone else could actually be causing Silver’s recent manic behavior. Things get even worse for Silver as she sinks into a true low when she learns of her rejection from NYU (thanks to her odd behavior). Navid feels completely helpless and seeks Dixon’s assistance in getting her to a hospital. This was a good move on their part, but unfortunately it feeds right into Ade’s evil plans to get back on Navid’s good side. She is right there to comfort poor Navid and be his shoulder to lean on. If Ade’s actions are not exposed by the season finale, I am going to be soooooo pissed.
  • Star-crossed lovers from opposite sides of the tracks: This storyline totally reminded me of the original series when Brandon fell for the niece of the family housekeeper—who lived on the wrong side of the tracks but used their address to attend West Bev while in the witness protection program. In the current series, Teddy’s new love interest, Marco, raised some red flags and Teddy thought it was because Marco was cheating on him. I liked his conversation with Naomi and Annie when they told him it is poetic justice that “the ultimate player is getting played.” I was also impressed that Naomi even understood the concept of poetic justice—maybe she does belong at Cal U after all! Anyways, it turned out that Marco was actually hiding the fact that his family is from East L.A. and he was using his mother’s employer’s address to attend an elite Malibu school. Teddy doesn’t care because, golly gee, they really like each other.
  • The return of the “adults”: I had pretty much written off ever seeing Debbie Wilson, Ryan Matthews or Jenn Clark ever again. This show drops its few adult characters faster than Annie drops obnoxious lines. And we all know that (assuming this show comes back next season) the adults will not be there for the college years. But, nevertheless, we were forced to watch Matthews and Debbie still engage in couple behavior…and Jenn return seeking involvement in her baby’s life. And the outcome? Three-way parenting! Ha, this should be interesting.

What did you think of our 90210 ladies being “Women on the Verge?” And when was the last time you saw a crowd of screaming fans as fake as the ones awaiting Marla? Oh, I know, it was when Ade was “famous” and had “followers.”

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