Brothers and Sisters Recap – A Walker by any other name

In tonight’s Brothers & Sisters episode, “For Better or for Worse,” we began to see Sarah put the ‘I-dentity Crisis’ in ‘I do.’ Yes, learning that Brody is in fact her biological father has really sent Sarah into an existential identity crisis about who she really is now that her whole life was “a sham.” Not that I blame Sarah—that is a major life-changing piece of news to process. And, this is all going down days before her wedding to Luc. Fortunately for her, sister Kitty has returned from the East Coast to help her deal! Unfortunately for me, the episode cut off with about 15 minutes to go so I have no idea how it ended…but at least it was for the special news report that Osama bin Laden has been killed!

Sarah paid a secret visit to Brody in what looked like a low-budget spy movie. She showed up in a trench coat to a dark roadside bar to confront her biological father—and to tell him that he IS her father. She also told him to stay the heck away from her entire family (by which Sarah really means her mother). Of course Brody immediately high-tails it to Pasadena to pay Nora a visit…and Nora is extremely confused in how to handle this both wanted and un-wanted visitor. She even makes him talk to her via cell phone from outside the door. The next day when she runs into him (and accuses him of stalking) she still doesn’t know how to handle her own feelings for the man versus her daughter’s orders to keep him out of their lives.

This will be an interesting storyline to play out, especially because both mother and daughter have valid reasons for their behavior. While Sarah may be a bit irrational in declaring that NO one (i.e. Nora) have any contact with Brody, I can understand why she is behaving irrationally—this is a major bombshell for her and she is coming to grips with the fact that her biological father gave up so easily by leaving Nora and baby Sarah years ago. Meanwhile, poor Nora lost her love once as a young woman and has been through so much over the years, she deserves second (and third and fourth) chances to be happy. Right now, Sarah feels like her mother would be choosing Brody over her if Nora rekindles things with him. Yes, this is quite the Walker-slash-Brody dilemma.

Time will tell if Sarah will come around to allowing Brody into their life (or for all I know it happened in the last 15 minutes of the episode that I could not see). She started to lose it even when trying to answer supposedly simple questions about identity for her marriage license, what Sarah referred to as “the definition of irony.” I missed Kitty the past few weeks but her return tonight was well-timed if only to be the one to get carded at a club with her sister and then give the awesome speech to Sarah that was both confrontational and supportive. Kitty basically told Sarah that whatever her license or paperwork says, they are sisters. There is nothing that can change that. If only Kitty was as good a mom as she is a sister! Poor Evan—left behind on the East Coast with Kitty’s boyfriend of all of a month?! Seriously?

Meanwhile, the men of the family deal with their own drama—basically the fallout from last week’s sudden arrival of baby Daniel. We all knew that, just as Olivia was finally settling into her new family, the arrival of Kevin and Scotty’s previously unknown child would stir up major problems. Boy oh boy—that didn’t take long! It has barely been a few days and Kevin and Scotty are already forgetting about Olivia’s soccer games and treating her like a second-class citizen. Obviously Olivia is feeling hurt and neglected, so she starts to act out at school and at home. By the time she runs away back to her foster care facility, Kevin and Scotty come prepared with a great speech about how the four of them are a family—and she is loved and needed now more than ever to be a big sister. Olivia feels a little better. But methinks it cannot be this easy…I am sure we are headed for more family strain, especially if Kevin and Scotty don’t make good on their word to really give Olivia the attention she deserves.

Justin, once again, served as the glue to the family—basically being everyone’s ‘bitch’ by pitching in to help with all his brothers’ and sisters’ problems. Tonight he was chaperone to Luc’s exceptionally stereotypical French cousins…who hit on every lady with a pulse. But, the good news is that Justin may finally get a decent love interest (and storyline of his own) when he encounters his former fling, Tyler (that’s a girl by the way). Justin had once worked for Tyler at a hotel—but that was in his druggie days—and then they briefly hooked up while Justin was trying to clean up his act. Now that Justin is sober and has his life back on track…is the third time a charm?

Hopefully I will get to watch the rest of the episode sometime soon online!

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1 Response to Brothers and Sisters Recap – A Walker by any other name

  1. Cindy says:

    Isn’t there anyone on the West cost willing to share what happened in the last 15 minutes? Why doesn’t the network explain on their web site. Geeeeeze

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