90210 Recap – Nerdy Little Secrets

As much as I hate to admit this, the current season of 90210 has been rather enjoyable in its purest guilty pleasure form. While not as strong as last week’s spring break fiesta, tonight’s “Nerdy Little Secrets” had plenty to offer. I am really liking Naomi and Max together; Silver is going off the deep-end thanks to conniving Ade; and Annie…well, she continues to amaze me in how obnoxious she can be. Tonight was light on the dude storylines, so I shall focus on the ladies of West Bev!

  • Naomi and Max “Rock”: Naomi is still totally hot for her “Geology Rocks” t-shirt wearing boy Max. When she finds out he is spending the upcoming weekend at the state academic invitational, she is a little bummed but also rather proud when seeing her guy shine. Then, she sees Alex shine—the lone girl on the team who happens to be brilliant and cute. Naomi’s jealousy sends her to the competition to spy, and her jealous outbreak sends poor Alex running. Of course Naomi then must fill in as the girl participant on the academic team. I have to give major props to the writers for NOT going with the cliché ending on this one regarding the outcome of the competition. I thought for sure that Naomi would miraculously know the answer to the final question (which she seemed sure of) and that she would be hailed as the hero of the team, thus earning the respect of nerds everywhere. But no, the show actually managed to have the more realistic result: Naomi’s answer was incorrect and the team was pissed at her. But, on the positive side, Max actually showed his support and trust of his girlfriend in choosing to use her answer, and then the two both admitted that they are tired of hiding their relationship. By the end of the episode, Naomi wears Max’s “Geology Rocks” shirt proudly down the halls of West Bev while holding Max’s hand. Rock on Naomi and Max! And Naomi, please eat a hearty meal, as you should not be able to wear petite Max’s shirt as a dress.
  • Silver vs. Jessie Spano: Turns out there is a more manic teenage portrayal of unintentional drug use than Jesse Spano’s addiction to caffeine pills. It took about 20 years, but Silver is now this century’s poster child, and she is only getting worse. The only thing that could have made this storyline better would be if Elizabeth Berkeley could have appeared to sing “I’m so excited” with Silver. But in all seriousness, Adrianna should go to jail for what she is doing. You don’t purposely screw with someone’s prescription meds, ever. She needs to get what’s coming to her, and soon. Unfortunately, Silver has no clue that her bipolar meds are being tampered with and that this can lead to side effects such as bad karaoke in your underwear. Silver starts acting pretty high-strung, and while Naomi and Navid are a little confused by her behavior, they don’t question it too much quite yet. Just when we think that orange-dyed hair Silver is about to blow it at her NYU alumni college interview, she actually connects with the guy over movies. She doesn’t blow it until later, when her manic state compels her to call the interviewer multiple times in a row and leave rambling crazy messages. Well, perhaps this will be the reason Silver stays in L.A. for “college” or whatever these kids are going to be doing next year.
  • Annie works at Grey Gardens: Annoying Annie takes a job for a reclusive former Hollywood star named Marla, who is quite a hoarder. Annie spends most of her time babbling to Liam on the phone about working for Hollywood folk and babbling to Marla about, like, how totally awesome it is that she used to be famous and how, like, Annie herself is a legit thespian studying the craft of acting. Just when Annie starts to bond with Marla, the latter has a brief episode of dementia. Later, Annie finds some unusual reading materials around the house (i.e. pamphlets about euthanasia). Looks like Annie is going to have to do the opposite of what she normally does in a season finale (i.e. kill a stranger) and this time reach out to save a life.
  • Ivy rides again: Not much to say on this story, except that Raj fake drowned in order to get Ivy back in the water again. Ivy ends up competing in the surfing competition (jeesh, how many are there?) and some surfer scout approaches her about her promising career. OK, sure. Raj and Ivy are stronger than ever as a couple, but Raj is finally ready to learn his fate after his recent bout of chemo. Uh oh, this can’t be good. I have a feeling we are headed for a massive wipe-out.

A few final thoughts on tonight’s “Nerdy Little Secrets” before I put on my Geology Rocks t-shirt and hit the hay. First, it was kind of nice to see a somewhat normal girl like Alex—it gives me some hope for the rest of the West Bev student population. Second, I loved the signs people held at the academic meet: “Where Nerds Score Big!” And lastly, how great was it to see a grown-up Neal from Freak and Geeks as the host of the academic invitational?! What did you think of this episode?

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