Modern Family Recap – Putting the Fun in Dysfunctional

Tonight’s Modern Family, “Someone to Watch Over Lily,” had it all: great physical comedy, snappy one-liners, amusing plot twists, and great character combos. This was our modern family at its finest dysfunctional self!

The main premise was that Mitch and Cam were carefully considering their options for naming legal guardians for precious Lily in case something ever happened to them. In one corner were Jay and Gloria—weighing in respectively with Jay’s tough love and Gloria’s obsessive love.  In the other corner were Claire and Phil, boasting control-freak Claire and easily distracted Phil. Clearly this was a difficult decision for Cam and Mitch, and their various “casual visits” to each household were hysterical. I especially enjoyed the sequence of brilliantly timed physical comedy in the Dunphy house that involved kitchen fires, broken dishes, screaming matches, rat traps, and Luke trying to juggle knives before Cam and Mitch quickly gave him fruit instead.

Cam and Mitch went back and forth on which couple had the traits that would be most beneficial for Lily. Just when they would lean toward one family, Jay would yell at Manny to climb higher on the rock wall or Gloria would show up with Lily’s ears pierced, or Claire and Phil would forget their son in a parking lot and have to go pick up their vandal daughters. Ultimately, Cameron and Mitchell realized that no one or no one family is perfect, but they have family that will love their daughter and be there for her when she needs it. Jay gave Manny a truly touching pep talk on confidence and Gloria…well, Gloria is already planning Lily’s bedroom and dreaming of having such an adorable “leetle” girl if the unthinkable happens.

Jay and Gloria were probably a wise choice because Claire and Phil definitely seem to have their hands full with their three wildly different children. Oldest and shallow daughter Hayley may be self-involved, but she is also good at helping younger Alex break out of her perfect shell every once in a while. Alex takes a page out of Claire’s obsessive-compulsive book, but an act of school vandalism begins to open her eyes to loosening up sometimes. I have said it before and I will say it again—I absolutely love Hayley-Alex storylines that bring these two sisters together. Their reactions to one another, their banter and snide put-downs usually give way to some kind of common ground even though the two would never admit it. Alex ditched her cello lesson and got into a little trouble with Hayley…but she also laughed!

Then there is Luke, who apparently could only bark until the age of two. Oh Luke, how your mother wonders (and worries) about you. Claire’s biggest fear is that something is wrong with him because of the way he gets distracted so easily. There is definitely something to the saying, ‘like father like son’ (how great was the visual of Phil and Luke both shaking their heads in unison with the paint can at the hardware store). Claire thought she secretly arranged a child psychologist appointment for Luke, but resourceful Phil found out about it. The two got into such an argument at the appointment that they accidentally left Luke in the parking lot. But when Luke later finds his way home—in a limo no less—Claire realizes that maybe it is not such a bad thing he is like his dad. Young and distraction-prone Luke is resourceful enough to take care of himself when he needs to.

There were so many funny moments from tonight, so this is my best attempt to be a good guardian of this episode:

  • Gloria loves everything “leetle” about little Lily, but “I don’t love grandmother”
  • “Come back in 7 years and 5 months when they’re all gone!” (Claire, who happens to know the exact countdown til her kids are out of the house)
  • “Are you ready?” (Jay); “Ready!” (Manny); “Did you pee?” (Jay); “Not ready!” (Manny)
  • “Omg si si si I take her” (Gloria is just a tad too excited at the thought of gaining custody of Lily if Cam and Mitch were to die)
  • “One time she gave me a Woody…[long pause]…She remembered he’s my favorite character from Toy Story” (Luke regarding Phil’s good-smelling receptionist)
  • “She’s like the best doctor ever…I didn’t even have to take my pants off…I found that one out a little late” (Luke about going to a psychologist)
  • The entire scene when the psychologist is telling Claire and Phil about Luke’s focus issues and how he can be distracted by many things, all the while Phil was playing with everything around him.
  • “Wait, I think I hear future Lily from her stripper poll…Thanks gay dead dads, this dance is for you” (Cam exaggerating what Lily would be like if she were to be raised by Jay)
  • “It smells like feet” (Alex); “That’s not feet” (Hayley) – when the girls hide in the boys locker room
  • “But did you see both sides?! I didn’t just do the gay ear” (Gloria defending piercing Lily’s ears)
  • Baby Lily dressed as Carmen Miranda for a Cameron photo shoot. Enough said.

What was your favorite part? Would you trust your real or hypothetical kids to this modern family?

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