Glee Recap – Night of Neglect

Well, if Glee’s writers can be lazy with their storylines then I can be lazy with my blog post tonight! After weeks off, Glee returned with an episode called “Night of Neglect.” I doubt the writers intended this, but the title perfectly summed up more than just the benefit concert the kids attempted to hold to raise money. The episode itself neglected us—the audience—by being so incredibly lazy. It is almost like they took the most common storylines from the past two seasons and put them together in one pointless episode. Mercedes and Rachel in a diva stand-off? Check! Sue hatching a plan to destroy Glee Club? Check! Will and Emma still pining for one another? Check! I honestly felt like I had seen the entire episode before…probably because we have.

The only plot development we got came in the form of some brief updates: Emma confirmed that Carl left and asked for an annulment; and at the end of the episode Holly headed for a new substitute gig to allow Will to pursue newly single Emma. Other than that…nothing of significance happened. Seriously. We did learn that apparently Tina, Mike, Artie and ‘secret weapon’ Brittany were the school’s academic decathlon team and also needed to raise money for their competition travels. But—umm, what? This came out of nowhere, and I have a feeling it will sink back into oblivion.

When the Glee Club decided to hold a benefit concert to raise the money needed to travel to Nationals, Sue unleashed the Vocal Adrenaline Coach “Sergeant Handsome” and Sandy “Pink Dagger” to mess with them (surprise, surprise). Sometimes I feel like Glee is a Pinky and the Brain cartoon that resets itself every episode with threats to destroy the world. Sergeant Handsome tried to break up Holly and Will, but it turned out they didn’t need outside help with that. He did convince Sunshine Corazon to withdraw from the event at the last second—but us viewers were already treated to her singing All by Myself earlier (how does that voice come out of that tiny body!?). Sandy was in charge of heckling the Glee kids to sabotage the event. Again, seriously? First, these kids deal with serious bullies and get slushies thrown in their faces, but a little teasing is supposed to phase them? Second, a Heckling Club? That is too ridiculous even for Glee. Sandy had a change of pink heart, however, when he heard Mercedes sing the closing Aretha Franklin number that she wanted to do to “demand respect.” Of course her and Rachel came to one of their mutual understandings about how they each respect the other’s talents blah blah blah. Ultimately, Sandy offered to donate some money he gets from pushing weed to fund the Glee trip to Nationals; besides, he claimed it was a good way to launder the money.

The only good thing that may develop from this episode is that it set the stage for Kurt to potentially return to McKinley. He and Blaine attended the benefit and Kurt got nostalgic for his old school—right up until Korofsky emerged and threatened them. Santana showed up to defend them and brought her fierce attitude and “blades in her hair” to do some threatening of her own.

What did you think of “Night of Neglect?” Am I being too harsh? Were my expectations too high for the first new episode back after a hiatus? I hope Glee returns to its A-game next week.

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1 Response to Glee Recap – Night of Neglect

  1. Karyn says:

    Agreed that this episode was just all right. But I did appreciate every scene that Sergeant Handsome was in because I thought he was hilarious, especially when describing Will’s tiny hands.

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