Brothers and Sisters Recap – Bye Bye Baby!

Tonight’s Brothers & Sisters episode, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” was a classic example of what makes this show deliciously good—tantalizing old and new mysteries coupled with the secrets the Walkers keep from one another. While not one of the funnier episodes (that’s OK, they can’t all be), Nora did have some hilarious moments regarding her budding romance. But the real intrigue came from the reemergence of the Brody paternity issue and the new reveal that Kevin and Scotty’s surrogate may have had their baby after all.

Let me start with the one storyline that continues to bother me the most: Sarah (and Luc). How many times can Sarah be oblivious to the fact that she pretty much sucks at being in a relationship with Luc; and how many times can Luc keep looking the other way? Luc may have stormed off after learning that Sarah cleaned out his art studio without consulting him, but he was more pissed (rightfully) that she chose to put their house on the market and move forward with a sale without bothering to fill him in. Just a reminder, Sarah, but you are about to marry this guy—you may want to start including him on your plans. But, of course, in Brothers & Sisters land, the two were making up by the end of the hour and back to their nauseating lovey-dovey ways. Is it wrong that I want Luc to break up with her? Fortunately for all of us, Sarah may have something else to do (besides being a bad fiancé) next week when the paternity issue pops up again. Which brings me too…

It is now possible—again—that Brody is actually Sarah’s biological father. Back when the Brody issue first came up this season, the Walker siblings were suspicious of their mother’s pre-marital background and Sarah sought out Brody to see if he could be her father.  Both he and Nora said it was impossible—that Brody’s blood type was O, not B like Sarah’s and William’s. Everyone believed it and breathed a sigh of relief, since this family has been through enough crazy paternity issues for a lifetime or two. But, thanks to Justin and his EMT partner illegally snooping into Brody’s recent physical medical records (OK, suuuuure), Justin discovered that Brody has been lying about his Blood Type. Turns out it is now still possible that Brody could be Sarah’s father, but a DNA test would be needed. And Nora has no idea that Brody lied about his blood type all these years.

All of this paternity zaniness is rearing its head in the middle of Brody and Nora’s re-emerging romance. Nora and Brody are behaving like a commercial for an active seniors community, truly enjoying their time together but still trying to keep some boundaries. But there is no denying that Brody still loves Nora, and that Nora is falling for him—again. When Brody surprises Nora with a day-trip to see the Fresno Gophers play baseball (which is worse—Fresno as a city or the Gopher a mascot?) he drops the bomb that he has been offered the manager job. This time, he refuses to follow the game if it means leaving Nora behind. Brody wants Nora to live with him in Fresno and go out on the road with him during the season; and after giving it some frazzled consideration, Nora decides to take the plunge! Unfortunately for her, just as she makes this decision AND tells Brody that she loves him, he leaves in the middle of the night because he cannot fathom the paternity situation rearing its ugly head again and destroying Nora’s family. Brody wants Justin to swear that Nora will not know about the blood type issue nor the reason why he left. But, given next week’s preview, it doesn’t seem like it takes too long for Nora to find out.

On the new mystery front, Kevin and Scotty’s surrogate, Michelle, from a while back pops back up in town and Scotty happens to run into her. She acts beyond weird and brushes him off big time. And it was at that exact moment I guessed that she had not in fact miscarried their child but had the baby and ran off to NYC hoping to never run into them again. It took Kevin and Scotty a little more time—and evidence of Michelle at the airport holding a several-month old baby in her arms—to come to the same sinking conclusion. Ooooh this is going to get really interesting! I am sure it will take several more episodes for them to track her down and then who knows what the fallout will be!? Will this baby in fact be Kevin and Scotty’s, or is this just an evil trick by the writers? If it is their baby, will this become a crazy legal mess? And no matter what, it seems like Olivia will be headed for a downward spiral.

Speaking of mysteries, here is a quick M.I.A. report: Kitty (and we have to assume Evan) are still missing, as she is supposedly off gallivanting with her young boy toy, Seth. Tommy and fiancé Rose are still in Arizona for Tommy’s job. Saul is probably busy decorating his new Palm Springs digs with Jonathan—I hope we get a Walker dinner party in the new pad at some point! And Sarah’s kids haven’t been seen or heard from in weeks and weeks. Funny because Luc made such a big deal about how their current house is truly is home because it is where they became a family…too bad that family is no where to be seen.

Not too many laugh-out-loud lines tonight, but they basically all belonged to upper-crust Nora slumming it in Fresno at a baseball game:

  • “Don’t say relish, I ate three hot dogs”
  • “Fresno Gophers…were hamsters taken?”
  • “The foul ball that I caught…with my LEFT hand…I happen to be right-handed, so woohoo”

What did you think of all these dramatic developments this week?

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3 Responses to Brothers and Sisters Recap – Bye Bye Baby!

  1. Karyn says:

    I enjoyed this episode – especially seeing Michelle with the baby ignoring Kevin and Scotty at the airport. I don’t know if it’s because I was super tired, but the thought that she might have had/run away with their baby never even crossed my mind. I’m excited to see how this plays out! Also, I was really angry that Brody just up and left AGAIN but from next week’s preview it looks like he is already back. It will be interesting to see if he really is Sarah’s father. And yes, I second your hatred for Sarah and Luc’s relationship. I never really liked them together…

  2. Jenny says:

    My DVR didn’t record the first half of this episode unfortunately, so boy was the end with Michelle and the baby a shocker for me! I was also pretty disgusted that Brody left again…Nora needs a decent, steady man!

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