The Office Recap – A Moving Proposal

Were you as moved as the office staff was by Michael’s proposal to Holly? I was! Tonight’s episode of The Office was called “Garage Sale,” but it was really all about the long-awaited engagement of Michael and Holly—a pair so bizarre they are perfect for one another. This was what we have been wanting to see since Michael met Holly. And, it prepared us for Michael’s departure in a few weeks by finally revealing how he will leave his beloved office.

Let’s start with the backdrop for our events tonight—the office decided to hold a garage sale in its warehouse to help them each get rid of crap and raise some money for their parties (and we all know there is always a party at Dunder Mifflin). This is one of those situations where you have to look past the reality of the situation (i.e. that corporate would be OK with an entire branch not making actual paper sales all day) plus the fact that no one from the outside world even showed up for it (and these people specialize in sales?!). But again, looking past that, it was highly amusing to witness the crap everyone was unloading and their strategies for moving merchandise. Kelly had her “spinster chotchkies,” Angela had a creepy number of porcelain cats, poor Oscar had a large collection of Will & Grace DVDs because everyone assumes he loves that show, and entrepreneurial Ryan put his mom to work making pesto and salsa featuring the photos of Phyllis and Oscar on the labels.

There was also some interesting garage sale action, such as Daryl and Andy screwing with Kevin when playing with his old Dallas board game. For once, it was nice to see Kevin secretly besting the others by being the true mastermind who stole the money…good for you, Kevin! The real highlight of the garage sale portion of the episode was Jim pranking Dwight. I said this after the last episode too, but it is nice to have more old-school Jim back after a strange absence the middle of the season. Jim convinced Dwight he had magic beans (correction, legumes) from his honeymoon in Jamaica but used reverse psychology to get Dwight interested in them and to make him a believer in their power. I loved the final scene of Dwight watering the soil and Jim skipping around the corner with a cart of full-grown plants. Welcome back, Jim, it is good to see you back to your lovable ways. Jim may need his true love Pam, but he also needs his true adversary Dwight to make him the best Jim he can be. And the best part is, Dwight and Jim each respect how important their unique relationship is.

And, speaking of people who complete one another, obviously the show-stealer tonight was the big romantic proposal! Michael is all set to propose and actually calls Holly’s dad to ask for permission, which was really sweet minus the fact he left it as a voice message. But it turned out that Holly’s dad would not have been easier to talk with on the phone—as Holly herself tries to do unsuccessfully (although her mom sounds pretty out of it too!). Holly has a realization: her parents are getting old and she needs to be there for them…in Colorado (did anyone know she was from Colorado? That was a surprise for me). Just as Michael is coming up with poorly (and dangerously) constructed proposal ideas, Holly tries to propose to Michael herself by telling him she wants him with her in Colorado. Michael storms out because this is not what he wants his proposal story to be.

Michael enlists the entire staff—plus the world’s largest supply of white candles—to stage a truly adorable and incredibly moving proposal. This was probably the most maturely romantic Michael has ever been, as he leads Holly around the office on a tour of all their meaningful spots. The last pit stop is a “test” of sorts where various staff members ask Holly if she will marry them. But of course she won’t—not even Ryan, who Michael was worried about! Just as she sees the candles at her desk and Michael gets down on one knee, the sprinkler alarm goes off (thanks goodness—I was kind of worried about the fire hazard…although now there will be flood damage…sorry I digress). But, a little water never hurt a good proposal, and it actually made it even more romantic when Michael busted out his Yoda voice with water pouring down.

As everyone breaks out into celebration over this quite moving proposal, Michael drops the bombshell that he and Holly are actually moving—to Colorado! Kudos to the cast for their excellent reaction shots. Despite all the zaniness of Michael Scott, I don’t think any of them ever thought there would be a day at Dunder Mifflin without their bumbling leader. Michael may be unpredictable in his actions, but at the same time he is the most predictable in his devotion to his company and role as boss. His revelation hits them hard, and of course the office within the show and the show itself will not be the same.

Just a few quick lines from tonight:

  • “It’s cool, it’s kosher, it’s all good” (Ryan defending his Kosher claim on his mom’s pesto sauce)
  • “If you are in costume, you did something wrong” (Oscar’s wise advice for Michael in terms of how not to propose)
  • “Blogs are out but people are texting each other that animals are out” (Ryan also giving ‘how not to propose’ advice at Pam’s request).

Was this proposal everything you ever hoped for and more?! That huge rock of a ring certainly was! Leave it to Michael to get 3-months’ salary confused with 3-years’ salary. But hey, if you are going to screw that one up…better to bump it up!

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2 Responses to The Office Recap – A Moving Proposal

  1. Alla says:

    We could not wrap our minds around a ring costing 3 years salary!!! Insanity!

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