Modern Family Recap – Oh What a Night!

Tonight’s Modern Family was all about the boys! This episode, “Boys Night,” brought some wonderful moments between family and friends, both old and…gay! It was a classic example of taking a broad theme—in this case, reaching out to new experiences and people—and still letting each character’s lovable flaws shine. In the words (well, song lyrics) of Franki Valli, “oh what a night!”

Cam and Mitch are beyond excited to have a ‘gay night out’ with some of their favorites: Pepper, Longenus and Crispen (and please be aware that I didn’t even try to look up the spelling on those last two names). Did Crispen remind anyone else of Wayne Brady playing Barney’s gay brother James on HIMYM? Anyways, after reluctantly (and hilariously) trusting the ditsy Hayley to babysit their precious Lily, Cam and Mitch are off for a grand evening of margaritas and laughs with their good friends, including Nathan Lane reprising his role as the infamous Pepper. I definitely preferred this Pepper appearance more than the last time—when it was squeezed into the Earthquake episode.

Just as Mitch is loosening up and ready to share who his first gay movie-star crush was as a kid, Jay walks into the restaurant with some time to kill on his hands. You see, he had plans to go with Gloria and Manny to a show—a show he thought was Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons music, but turned out to be Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. Even though Jay and Gloria had just given old man-ish Manny a lecture about embracing new experiences, Jay refused to sit through classical music. When Cam and the boys call Jay over to join them, Mitch is obviously none to pleased to have his not-always-gay-accepting dad there to dampen their good times. Well, the surprise was on Mitch and us when Jay had some drinks and hit it off with everyone, from cracking jokes to making friendly plans. This show is great at finding little moments within the comedic shenanigans to present a touch of deeper emotion. We got to see Mitchell look at his dad hitting it off with his friends and feel a sense of pride in his father—a bond he does not always get.

The resulting fall-out of this evening was just as fun! Jay wakes up with a nasty hangover to an unsympathetic Gloria–the magic spell of friendly Jay hath been broken. Back to being his grumpy self, he has no recollection of making plans with Pepper to go to Palm Springs for the day and is not even willing to let Mitchell savor one more moment of ‘pleasant’ Jay. But, as the old saying goes, Jay made his bed and now he has to lie in it. Neither Mitchell nor Gloria are willing to help Jay fake an emergency to get his out of his plans, and before he knows it, Jay is being whisked off to Palm Springs with Pepper’s dog on his lap. Oh the delightful pleasure Gloria expresses—revenge is sweet!

Wow, I spent a lot of time on that storyline, and there is still another major arc to cover! However, that storyline did encompass most members of the family, and in fact, one of the things I loved most about this episode is that we had all the characters engaged and bringing their funny to the table. Over at the Dunphy house, Hayley was grounded and therefore anxious to be trusted as a babysitter for Lily (and of course invite Dylan over to keep her company…but shhhh…how dare you not trust her!). Alex was awesome, as usual, being the true adult in the household by worrying about the state of the world and the bad omens of dead animals that have been in the news. And Luke’s pure and lovable innocence allowed him to do what no other member of his family was able to do—reach out to a “scary” old neighbor and befriend him. It was Phil and Claire who learned a lesson from their son about extending kindness and not being so judgmental. It really was like Up, Phil, and thankfully not the outcome of Gran Torino, ha!

As always, our favorite modern family provided big laughs during their event-filled “Boys Night”:

  • “Ahh hump day, am I right Jay?” (old-beyond-his-years Manny); “Your day ends at 2:30” (Jay)
  • “I’m still growing into my tongue” (Luke, who apparently drools…even though boys rule and girls drool)
  • Cam and Mitch need a night with their ‘homies,’ or is it ‘homos,’ as Cam explains?
  • The entire phone scene in which Hayley is convincing her uncles she is responsible enough to babysit Lily…while her younger brother runs around with knives in the background. Plus, her speech about how being grounded today is so much harder than the olden days when you didn’t have to read about everyone else’s fun lives on Facebook. I think the girl is actually onto something with that last point!
  • Hayley confusing types of doctors and giving her uncles a scare when she said Claire had to take Alex to the “oncologist”…to get her “eyes checked.”
  • The entire interaction between Luke and his elderly, oxygen tank-using neighbor. Cue Luke holding his breath when entering the house.
  • “That’s your solution? Ignorance?” (Alex’s snarky response when Claire tells her to stop watching the news because it stresses her out too much)
  • “Are you saying I’m some kind of pervert?” (old neighbor); Simultaneous reactions of Caire and Phil: “No” / “Probably nooooot”
  • “Keep your blinds closed when you do your little sexy dance” (the neighbor before kicking out the intruding Claire and Phil).
  • “It’s show time…and with this guy, I mean that literally” (Jay regarding the imminent arrival of Pepper for their man date).

What was your favorite part? How much does this show continually impress you? Also, how great would it be to get Rob Lowe to guest star on it? I know a certain red-headed gay guy who would be very happy!

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