Brothers and Sisters Recap – Save the children

Tonight’s Brothers & Sisters episode, “Home is Where the Fort Is,” focused on the next generation of Walkers—the kids! Future stepdad Luc helped Paige with a broken heart; Kevin and Scotty helped their now officially adopted daughter Olivia deal with transitional fears; and Kitty desperately wanted to give Evan a happy birthday party. In true Walker form, Nora was still needed to help her own adult children make sense of life’s complications.

With Nora and Sarah taking a trip to DC to track down an M.I.A. Kitty, Luc is left alone with Paige for the weekend (apparently Cooper is with his dad…ummm, OK, I guess we can’t have all children in one episode). Luc gets full-fledged tween treatment from Paige, who is too busy freaking out about being asked to her school dance by her crush. Luc wants to be supportive, but also won’t give her $50 for a secret shopping item—until he learns it is for a strapless bra. Seriously–$50?! A tween girl doesn’t need an expensive $50 bra from Victoria’s Secret, in my opinion, but whatever. Anyways, when Paige gets stood up, Luc ends up helping her feel better and bonds with his new daughter. I didn’t find Luc and Sarah nearly as obnoxious this week as usual, probably because they hardly had any scenes together!

Kevin and Scotty are also dealing with a new daughter—their adoption of Olivia becomes official! Olivia is flourishing and they become one happy family, along with Olivia’s pet gecko. But, she is facing a lot of life changes, from a new home, a new family and a new school. She over-compensates by building an impressive fort in the living room for her and her pet to live in. When Kevin and Scotty realize that this has become her coping mechanism, they join her in the tent. After a heart-to-heart, Olivia is ready to take down her fort and live together as a family…and she plans to call Kevin by his middle name: Herbert!

The biggest development tonight was definitely getting to see Kitty in DC and finding out what she has been up to. Back when she disappeared a few months ago and we briefly saw her in DC with Robert’s ex wife, I predicted (as did many) that perhaps her battle with cancer had resurfaced. Looks like we were correct—she was having some complications with her bone marrow transplant and was not ready to discuss it with her family—so she retreated to DC and was working with a specialist. Nora and Sarah, however, misinterpreted every clue about Kitty’s life in DC and assumed she was working for the CIA. I do enjoy when Nora goes all detective with her mom sense and jumps to conclusions, because at the end of the day she is always there for her children…even though they are all grown up and have children of their own!

The episode’s end saw Kitty and Evan return to LA to reunite with the family (hoorah!) and a Walker birthday party for the little guy. Evan—if you are reading this—don’t get too excited about all the attention, as I am sure you will once again be missing by the next episode or hanging out with mysterious babysitters at all hours of the day and night. Don’t worry, though, because Uncle Justin feels compelled to find and save every family member and stranger he meets—apparently he is suffering the same nightmares he had as a child. It is time to save Justin from not having a decent storyline this season! I do like that he is becoming more mature and focused on helping others, but I think the time has come for him to focus on himself.

What did you think of this very multi-generational episode of Brothers and Sisters? Are you happy to have Kitty back?



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