90210 Recap – Fully exposed

Tonight’s 90210 “Blue Naomi” was pretty slow until those final few minutes. And now things are going to be painfully slow because we won’t get a new episode until April 18th! Jeesh! But, we did get some closure to the big “single white female” Annie-Emily story, some romantic movement for Naomi and her nerd, a business shake-up for Navid and Dixon, some vengeful action between Ade and Silver and a major reveal from Raj to Ivy.

  • Surprise Emily! You’ve been exposed! It was about time that Emily got what was coming to her after months of batting her eyes and feigning innocence with that obnoxiously annoying voice. Annie was the only one who saw through ‘poor Emily’s’ sweet-girl-from-the-farm act, mainly because it was mostly Annie’s life that she was sabotaging. However, Liam started to suspect Emily was not what she seemed when she showed up practically naked in his house ready to seduce him. Operation Expose Emily took effect, as Liam and Annie rather adeptly figured out a way to turn the tables on her. Annie pretended to make up with her while Liam let Emily come onto him. Meanwhile, the two strategically held their “break-up” fight within earshot of Emily. This all led to Liam leading an unsuspecting Emily home from a date to a dark house…where Annie was waiting with all their friends to surprise her. Everyone heard Emily trash all the popular girls of West Bev, thus ruining her act. It was a bummer of a birthday gift for Emily, but the gift that keeps on giving for Annie. I was more than happy to finally have the girl get the boot out of Annie’s life, out of West Bev and off the show….but at the same time, after months and months of build-up, I thought that her “in your face moment” should have been so much more deliciously evil than just the girls hearing Emily call them brats and spoiled know-it-alls. Come on 90210—I was expecting a way bigger slap to the face than that!
  • Naomi goes Na’vi: Naomi was still crushing hard on her nerd boy Max…and I have to say that I agree with her—he is kind of adorable. He still rejects her despite her best efforts to call him with science emergencies (i.e. her naked body in the science lab) and dressing as a slutty school girl in the library. After stalking his Facebook profile, she realized that he would be at a special Avatar screening and thought it was the kind where people dress up. Naomi went all out dressing as a Na’vi, and you had to give the girl some major mother earth props. Max gave Naomi some major props too, as he finally saw a more genuine side of her and returned her feelings. The best part was after their kiss, they each agreed to keep their relationship a secret because it would hurt both of their reps among their friends!
  • Dixon jams with Snoop Dogg: It was clear from the moment that Navid officially hired Dixon as his employee of Shirazi Studios 2.0 that their friendship would hit some rough patches. But that happened even quicker than I thought possible…because the very first task given to Dixon led to a quarrel. When Dixon went to get Navid’s Ferrari detailed, he ran into Snoop Dogg (of course he did) and ended up taking a ride with Snoop in his car and hitting it off (again, of course he did). This was all great news for Dixon and Navid’s business, but it also made Dixon very late in getting Navid’s car back for a business deal the latter was working on. Navid unleashed on Dixon before Dixon could even explain. Hmmm…will the boys be back to being best buds and business partners immediately, or will there continue to be awkward boss-employee tension?
  • Ade stalks her prey: The Adrianna storyline has got to be the most annoying story left (now that Emily is a goner). Her anger over Navid “cheating” is absurd after the way she treated him and all her friends; the fact that Silver would even still want to be friends with Ade is even more ridiculous. The entire thing just makes me want to scream and send Ade off to Arkansas with Emily. Anyways, Ade makes Silver think that she believes Navid cheated with Lila (gee, remember her?!) so that Silver would feel so guilty she would confess. Her manipulative plot worked, just as Ade was about to text a naked pic of Lila to the whole school (ummmm which already happened to Annie the other season…can’t they come up with something different?). Silver finally confessed, and then Ade actually ‘sexted’ a naked pic of Silver out to the masses. Silver—please don’t try to salvage this friendship. CUT ADE LOOSE.
  • Ivy and Raj’s tragic love affair: Ivy and Raj are growing closer and connecting more, but at the same time Ivy is also connecting more with her weed. She is spending her time smoking and cutting class (or drawing pictures of ponies on bicycles smoking pot rather than writing assignments). But Raj doesn’t like that Ivy is blowing off her life for him. He has good reason to feel this way: Raj admits to Ivy that he only lives the ‘carefree’ life and smokes weed to help deal with the chemo pain…because he has terminal leukemia. Given the recent scoop that Ivy and Raj are going to get married in an upcoming episode, me thinks we are in for a tearful and tragic ending—a Love Story twist.

Lots of things were exposed tonight—from Naomi’s body to Emily’s act to Raj’s sad secret. Were you happy to see Emily go? But, like me, were you also bummed that she didn’t get an even bigger kick in the a** on her way out? And what do you think of the big Raj reveal? And why must we wait til April 18 for the next episode?!


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4 Responses to 90210 Recap – Fully exposed

  1. Karyn says:

    It was definitely time to see Emily go, but I agree that it happened all too fast and it wasn’t nearly a big enough slap in the face. Will Ade just go away and leave everyone alone already? Are there any rumors of Jessica Lowndes leaving the show? Please?? I like Max and I’m excited to see how his relationship with Naomi is going to play out. The wedding reminds me of A Walk To Remember…

    • Karyn says:

      And also, where the hell was Teddy?

      • Jeni says:

        Yes–the wedding probably will be much like A Walk to Remember, only with more hippies, music industry peeps, and marijuana. Also–yeeeaaaaah who knows where Teddy is. He and Navid like to randomly disappear from episode to episode. I am sure we will learn that he was off dating that new boy-toy athlete he met.

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