Brothers and Sisters Recap – The One that Got Away …on Valentine’s Day

“Valentine’s Day—what’s the point?” Nora asked her listeners on her “Dear Mom” radio call-in show. I enjoyed Nora’s cynical rant about this non-legit holiday—the post office isn’t closed after all—but this snark came from a deeper place in Nora’s heart. We are talking about the Walkers…no holiday or family event ever goes as planned because crazy family drama rears its ugly head (but that is why we watch and love this show!).

The big V-Day drama this year centered around the mystery cliffhanger from the last episode, which seems like ages ago (probably since it was). Recall that Tommy and his new fiancé Rose returned to the family homestead and that Tommy and Sarah mended their relationship enough for Tommy to take a job at Sarah’s new self-run media conglomerate company. Also recall that Rose was so into snooping around (ahem, doing family trees) that she found some interesting news about Nora’s past: apparently Nora lied about her wedding date all these years to conceal the fact that she was already pregnant with Sarah when she married William. On top of this reveal, Rose put a few other details together in this episode. When she heard Nora wax philosophical about love’s cruel ways and “the one that got away,” she determined that Nora was still carrying a torch for her high school sweetheart—the mysterious Brody—and that Nora had “dated” (among other things?) both William and Brody around the time she got pregnant with Sarah.

It didn’t take long for Tommy and Sarah to get into a fight about business issues, and of course in the middle of their tiff Tommy let slip some of Rose’s findings. Sarah did not take this news well, not that I blame her, and so she did what any Walker would do: call an emergency sibling meeting. Kevin was fortunately able to arrive in time from his legal convention (thank goodness—because we were already down one Kitty Walker). The brothers told Sarah she was overreacting and that there was no way Nora could have lied to her all this time about her father…that there must be some good explanation as to why the hospital copy of her birth certificate was not signed by William. Just as I was about to complain that none of them even mentioned including Kitty in this conversation (come on—you have Walker phone trees about online shopping and you can’t have one about this?!) Sarah made a comment about wishing Kitty was not still in DC. Yeah, that makes two of us! Sarah finally confronted her mother and Nora actually did fess up to not being sure—at the time—if Sarah was Brody’s or William’s (which is why William didn’t immediately sign her birth certificate). But then she claimed a blood test was done and Sarah is William’s daughter.

Things got pretty intense between mother and daughter. So intense that I am not sure what to think. The way Nora exploded to both Tommy and Rose (for stirring up all this trouble) and to Sarah for not believing her, makes me wonder if Nora really is afraid of what the truth could be, or if she is that hurt that no one trusts her. I guess time (and a DNA test) will tell! Sarah was last seen visiting the office of Nick Brody.

With all that drama occupying most of the female members of the family, the men—Luc, Justin, Saul and Scotty—each had their own Valentine’s Day issues to deal with. Let’s start with Luc and Justin, since they were actually paired together as a couple in this episode. Poor Justin, he was like the Sarah stand-in for Luc and for some reason roped himself into helping Luc plan a Valentine’s surprise for Sarah (Justin can’t even read Luc’s complex French recipe without saying “while smashing my head into the wall”). So much frustrated me about this storyline tonight. I get it was supposed to be the light/fluff story of the night, but Luc and Sarah have bothered me so much this season that I can’t even find it amusing anymore. Luc is obsessed–and obnoxious–with planning the perfect Valentine’s treat for Sarah and I honestly just don’t give a crap. Every episode he waits on her hand and foot and she ignores him, bails on him and acts completely self-absorbed. What exactly is Luc getting out of this relationship? And what exactly is Justin getting out of helping Luc with these plans, other than screen time? Anyways, Luc actually raised a valid point to Sarah that I was wondering myself: they are engaged to be married and Luc isn’t even one of the people Sarah calls to discuss her whole “who is my biological father” crisis.

Meanwhile, at Scotty and Saul’s restaurant, they are busy preparing for a packed night of Valentine’s Day diners, including a very important food critic. It just so happens that Saul’s “friend” Jonathan (i.e. the man Saul contracted HIV from back in the 80s but whom he has rekindled a relationship with) is good friends with this food critic. In fact, the food critic would like to be more than friends with Jonathan and even invited him to dine at the restaurant. Rather than act outwardly jealous, Saul decides it is an excellent idea to have Jonathan dine with the food critic to help with the positive review, but Saul starts to change his tune when he sees Jonathan make him jealous. As Scotty freaks out, Saul and Jonathan behave like immature teens taking their jealousies out on the other through petty means (like serving shrimp to someone who is allergic!) and risk the restaurant’s review in the process. Fortunately for all involved parties, the food critic will return another night and the situation gave both Jonathan and Saul the courage to finally express their feelings for one another. It is about time Saul finally has a boyfriend!

Now for a few of the best zingers of this Valentine’s Day Brothers & Sisters:

  • “Listen to yourself, mom, you’ve gone dark. I need you to get your mom back” (Radio station boss Sarah to mother/employee Nora)
  • “I feel like I am in a woman’s restroom” (Justin regarding the estrogen filled V-Day).
  • “What are you, the FBI?” (Sarah to Rose on having so many files).
  • “It all comes down to this question: red or white? “(Nora inducting Rose into the Walker family by officially asking which wine she prefers).

As Nora told her listeners the day after her crazy and emotional Valentine’s Day, it is important not to dwell on the past but to look forward. What do you think is coming down the road for the Walkers? Are we meant to trust Rose now, or does she still have a hidden agenda? Something still does not feel quite right about her, in my own opinion. Will Nora enter an honest-to-goodness relationship with Brody when they reconnect? Will we finally learn what Kitty was up to while in DC all this time? And will Luc and Sarah stop annoying me so much?


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