How I Met Your Mother Recap – Oh Honey, that was predictable

HIMYM was back to its more usual fare tonight in “Oh Honey,” but with a twist ending for Ted that was predictable from the first few moments to the audience. The ending was still sweet, though, and it was fun to see our gang in a more light-hearted mood after some somber (yet impressive) episodes surrounding the death of Marshall’s father. The set-up of the entire episode actually had Marshall be the glue of the gang from afar in Minnesota, where he was staying for a little while to help his family. Marshall brought the story together in more ways than one.

Interestingly, this episode featured two prominent recurrences from HIMYM show culture—one I thought fell flat and the other I enjoyed. Ted remembered that the last time they hung out with Zoey (at a failed dinner party hosted by Robin) she promised to hook Ted up with her hot cousin. Since the gang had not heard from Zoey in a while, Ted called her up and got the ball rolling. Enter Katy Perry as the cute (“cute means fat” – Barney) cousin. Ugh, since I am not personally a fan of Katy Perry, I may be biased on this storyline. Not to mention—did I miss the memo from the TV gods that this, the first full week of February of the year 2011, was deemed Katy Perry week? Glee is covering two of her songs this week, now here she is on HIMYM, plus I keep seeing her on commercials for the upcoming Grammys, and her Fireworks song is played pretty much nonstop in ads for events. Anyways, Katy Perry’s cousin character was so extremely naïve that the gang couldn’t help but exclaim, “Oh honey” after everything that came out of her mouth. And because of this, Future Ted cannot remember what her actual name is. Hence, she is forever known simply as Honey. And here is show culture recall #1: Remember Blah Blah from season 3? She was a girl Ted dated whose name he could not remember, so throughout the episode everyone called her Blah Blah (MUCH funnier the first time around than this time).

After hanging out with Honey, Ted passed her off to Barney because he realized…he is in love with Zoey! OK, I know Ted is a hopeless romantic and can be quick to realize love for a girl (ahem, the pilot when he tells Robin he loves her). But, I wish this episode hadn’t come so far removed from the last time we saw Zoey—which was ages ago. We have been through so much with Ted, Marshall and the gang since the holidays, and Zoey’s name was not even mentioned. Even though we all knew that chemistry was building between Ted and Zoey, tonight felt like jumping into the deep end of a cold swimming pool—no time to re-adjust to the water! Ted knew that his feelings for her would cause him nothing but heartache, since she is married to The Captain, so he decides he must end his friendship with her. He also decides to throw himself an official Intervention (yes! I love the recurrence of the Intervention!). Anyone want to throw me an intervention for watching too much TV and blogging about it? Extra points if you make an awesome banner and write me a letter!

In true HIMYM fashion, all the resulting action went down in a rather complex non-linear puzzle told from various perspectives. Marshall served as our fearless guide, reverting to his teenage Minnesotan phone habits of feeling compelled to answer call-waiting on the house phone and yelling at his mom and brother for listening in and interrupting. Bonus points for Robin yelling at him for being such a polite pansy, and for Marshall telling his mom to pick up some ice cream. After hearing from Robin, Barney and Lily about the fall-out of Ted’s actions—and their cover-up lies to Zoey about hating her so that she wouldn’t hang out with Ted anymore—Marshall pieced together an interesting theory. When Honey finally called with the truth that Zoey was absent for a while because she was going through a divorce from The Captain, Marshall had all the information he needed to tell both Zoey and Ted what they each didn’t know. While it was extremely obvious from the moment Ted called Zoey at the beginning of the episode (you could tell she was standing in an empty apartment) and all the other obvious signs, it was still a sweet moment in the hallway for these two as they both realized they were allowed to have feelings for each other.

Again, I wish we were re-introduced to their romance a little more slowly (they were really onto something in Natural History)…because this payoff didn’t feel as earned. But, let’s get real—there is very little likelihood she is the ‘Mother’ anyway. She doesn’t really align with any of the ‘Mother’ clues we have learned to date, plus I am pretty sure that Future Ted would have finally learned the real name of his wife’s cousin rather than call her “Honey.”

There were enough amusing zingers in tonight’s episode to keep the laughs going:

  • “Can you pass the ketchup?”; “I hope I can pass this hot dog” (Barney regarding Robin’s ‘cooking’).
  • “She’s cute” (Zoey)…”Cute means fat” (Barney)…”She’s not fat” (Zoey)… “Not fat means ugly” (Barney)
  • “I’d say hump her brains out, but someone already did” (Ted to Barney, regarding the not-so-bright Honey).
  • Reasons why the gang thinks Ted called an Intervention for himself: For your coffee breath? The shoulder hair? For wearing a ladies watch?
  • Barney’s version of Ted’s conversation with Honey “blah blah architecture.”
  • “He fell on his sword, so she could fall on mine” (Barney, who else)
  • Honey saying “Who’s YOUR daddy?” and Barney breaking down over his failed attempts to reach his father.
  • Marshall and his brother behaving like little kids again, and then his brother’s deep insights regarding all the relationship drama.
  • Zoey—short for Zoesef?

Did you enjoy our first non-death centric episode of the year? I for one really appreciated the heavier storylines and what it will mean for Marshall’s development in particular, but it was also nice to get back to lighter stuff and romance. Also, anyone else want to wager that the reason Barney has not heard back from his father is because he is now apparently using disposable cell phones to keep women from contacting him again?


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2 Responses to How I Met Your Mother Recap – Oh Honey, that was predictable

  1. Jenny says:

    I had not even thought of the Barney cell phone thing, good call though! I bet that is why his father hasn’t gotten in touch. I also agree with you that Zoey and Ted getting together felt rushed, and it seems unlikely that she is the mother.

  2. Karyn says:

    Good call on the cell phones! Agreed that Zoey can’t be the mother – in addition to Ted not knowing her cousin’s name she also was never roommates with Rachel Bilson. Unless she lived with her prior to marrying The Captain, but very unlikely. I did enjoy this episode even though I share your dislike of Katy Perry.

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