Glee Recap – Zombies and Canons and Thriller, Oh My

As one would expect for a post-Superbowl episode—plus the fact that Glee is over-the-top on a normal basis—tonight’s episode “The Sue Sylvester Shuffle” was quite a spectacle. A pyrotechnic Cheerios routine, a human canon machine, and a Zombie/Thriller mash-up halftime routine were the big eye-candy moments, but even the in-between stuff was rather frenzied. I totally get why they went for the zaniness of this football-themed episode given its prime Superbowl spot, and I appreciated the storyline to try to bring some unity to the deeply divided football team. Overall, though, I am hoping for Glee to return to its “normalcy” (whatever that means) in its next new episode—which is actually in just two short days.

Since we have another new Glee this Tuesday and because on the East Coast this episode aired really late, I am going to keep my post pretty short and simple tonight. Here are my top 10 favorite lines/moments from Glee’s post-Superbowl Thriller spectacular:

  • Sue exclaiming, “I’m bored,” upon witnessing her Cheerios practice their “California Girls” number, complete with pyrotechnics and blue Katy Perry wigs. I further appreciated Quinn’s meta-critique on Sue’s claims since it basically echos a struggle this second season of Glee is having: Sue (and the show itself) keeps trying to make numbers bigger and bigger, but at what cost/purpose?
  • On a related note, I really enjoyed Rachel and Puck’s duet of “Need You Now” partly because it was so simple and pure. Puck’s voice is not showcased nearly enough—and he and Rachel make great singing partners. I am not the only one who thinks so…I loved the reaction shots of Beiste and the footballers nodding their heads along.
  • There may be a 70% chance of the human canon stunt ending in death, but that also means there is a 30% chance of catastrophic success. And Brittany is just the girl Sue needs, although the former would rather not risk her life (at least not until One Tree Hill is cancelled).
  • The Warblers singing Destiny Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills” (completely random, but completely awesome).
  • Puck sticking up for Glee Club to the bully football guys: “Maybe you’ll think it’s cooler when I go all tick tock on your face.”
  • Sue’s journal entries make a return! There was something about her being on raccoon hormones and being at the ripe old age of 31.
  • Puck to his former good friend Finn: “We used to be best friends, til I got your girlfriend pregnant and then made out with your other girlfriend…”
  • So there are more sports at McKinley! We got to see the mullet men of McKinley’s hockey team, trying to up their social standing by throwing slushies on the newly minted football-Glee men.
  • “Glee club together with the football team…it’s like a double rainbow” (Brittany).
  • Kate Couric’s “Loser of the Year” interview with Sue. Apparently Sue beat out other ‘loser’ contenders that included the economy, Mel Gibson, Dina Lohan, Spark Lohan (Dina’s dog)…and many, many more notables. Better yet, Sue thought she was getting interviewed for the “10 Most Fascinating People” before a game Katie Couric let her know that is Barbara Walters.

While this episode was mostly about the spectacle itself, the last few minutes very quickly launched some plot developments in our faces (I hate when they really rush things, and this episode really really rushed). I guess we will see which points stick and which don’t—such as Quinn all of a sudden deciding she has feelings for Finn again. I would guess that Sue’s Cheerios not winning regionals (for the first time in seven years, thanks to Quinn, Santana and Brittany choosing Glee) will give her a new sense of vindictive purpose to destroy Glee (yet again). And it certainly would have been too tidy to have Korofsky come around that quickly to ‘the good side,’ so I am sure we can expect more of long-term progress with the bullying/homophobic story development.

I think it is hard for any show to live up to the hype of a post-Superbowl episode. And while it was an enjoyable hour of television, it doesn’t make my favorites list for this show. How do you rank this episode of Glee? Did it live up to all the hype for you?


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10 Responses to Glee Recap – Zombies and Canons and Thriller, Oh My

  1. I’m with you – greatly enjoyed the episode because I’ve missed the show, but it wasn’t one of my favs. My fav line was something like “it was all BOOM BOOM and no POW, and that is so 2,000 and late.” I also love that Sue called Katie Couric “Diane Sawyer.”

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  4. Alla says:

    I love that all the hockey had mullets! Random and brilliant!

    • Jeni says:

      haha I know. I also couldn’t help but think that Robin Scherbatsky (or maybe alter ego Robin Sparkles) would be all over those guys. How great would a Robin Sparkles crossover episode on Glee be???

  5. Mike Katz says:

    This episode blew chunks. Zombies during a football game? Why do the girls care if there’s a football team? It was all over the place. The writers stopped trying to make the script make sense this season.

    Now Spartacus…. there’s some quality television.

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