Modern Family Recap – Our Children, Our Disjointed Stories

Do not adjust your sets… I am here to inform you that there’s been a change in your regular programming due to a certain blogger’s business trip. Though Jeni is not here today to hold your hand through the fascinating world of primetime television, I, Amanda, do solemnly swear to do my best and carry on as the second-string blogger.

Let’s jump right in to what I will say was not one of my favorite episodes of Modern Family. “Our Children, Ourselves” kept each of the family units in their own little world, which I think hurt the episode overall. There’s something about when the families get together that is so genuine—not to mention hilarious!

The saviors of this episode were Phil and Claire Dunphy. The episode starts out with the return of Alex (Why is she always missing from episodes? Where was Haley this episode? Come on child labor laws…). Alex is showing signs of OCD as she studies for an exam—she can’t take the pressure of scoring less than Sanjay Patel.  To get Alex to relax, they force her to jump on the trampoline. She jumps, arms folded, clearly resenting the implication that she needed to have fun.

What comes next for the Dunphy’s is the greatest “haha” and “aww” moment all wrapped into one. “What would happen if the greatest scientists on earth got together to mate nature’s two most violent predators?” Well it’s Croctopus in 3D! We come to find out that Phil and Claire share a mutual love of cheesy cinema. Storylines like this are classic reminders that while the Dunphy ‘rents are outwardly an odd couple, they share the kind of quirks that makes a great union.

The excitement for the movie is cut short when Alex returns and informs her parents that she did score below Sanjay, but that’s she not upset because Sanjay’s parents are smart and, lets face it, there’s just no way she can compete.  It’s takes them a minute, but Phil and Claire realize Alex is insulting them and what she perceives as their limitations. Cut to the movies theater, where Phil and Claire are beside themselves with excitement for the 3D extravaganza that is Croctopus, when they run into Sanjay’s parents who are seeing the decidedly more mature French film “Duex Jour.” The Dunphy’s want to save face in front of Sanjay’s parents and decide they need to be smarter for their children and head into the subtitled movie. In the end, Phil leaves to go watch the rest of the 3D movie (the classic Phil overreactions to the 3D gags are priceless) and Claire ends up falling asleep in the movie that is far from her cheesy heart. When the films finish we get a tender moment (as they watch Sanjay’s father struggle to validate his parking ticket) when they realize that they aren’t disappointing their children after all—Alex did second best in her class and that ain’t bad!

Ok, so I just wrote way too much about the Dunphy’s, but I not going to apologize to you as the reader, because the Mitch/Cam storyline and the Gloria/Jay/Manny storyline were, well, bad:

  • Mitch runs into an ex-girlfriend from high school at the mall. In the distant he sees her with what appears to be a redheaded eight-year old. This causes Mitch to confess to Cam that eight years ago at his class reunion he slept with her just to see if he could still go back to being straight. After some couples quarrels, they decide to go and confront the ex-girlfriend and embrace this child. They get to the house and we come to learn it is fact not a child, but her husband and he’s a little person—weak.
  • Gloria calls up Jay and lets him know that an annoying couple they met while in Cabo showed up at their door and they are going to go to dinner with them. Dinner is awkward and in an attempt to just be civil, Jay points out that it’s too difficult to force a friendship and they should just end it now. It turns out that the couple is staying the night—even more awkward now Jay! They get home and the couple calls a cab to leave. Gloria feels bad and to stop them from going, tells them that Jay is senile. They feel bad, there’s some funny things that happen with Manny, but overall—meh.

Here are just a few of my favorite lines of the evening:

  • Cam asking Mitch’s ex-girlfriend if he had a beard in high school and her response, “you’re looking at her.”
  • The Dunphy’s elaborate on their favorite categories of cheesy films: “genetically engineered animals gone wrong… old and young people switching bodies… tough guys taking care of babies… any sequel of three and higher… you usually get a new cast around five, that’s where the magic really happens.”
  • Claire asks Phil if he wants any popcorn at the movie and he responds, “No, I am good… and plenty (as he points to his jacket pocket), so hold your water (as he points to his jacket sleeve), cause I got some twix up my sleeve (as he points to his jacket elbow).” Claire engaging in Phil’s super-cheesy humor is one of those things that remind us how well their relationship works.
  • Phil as he takes in Croctpus in 3D, grabs his face in a scene and tells his neighbor “it feels like I have ink on me.”

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post. I hope I served as a decent fill-in as our blogging queen is out of town.

What did you all think of the episode? Do you prefer the episodes where the individual family units interact with one another?



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8 Responses to Modern Family Recap – Our Children, Our Disjointed Stories

  1. Allison says:

    I actually liked this episode, thought it wasn’t a 10/10. While the overall theme was feeling inadequate in the eyes of your children/spouse, something that is quite unfunny, there were still a few laugh-out-loud lines and some entertaining character development. I think we all knew that Mitchell’s high school beard hadn’t birthed his child, but I didn’t see the little-person angle coming; I always enjoy the Phil/Claire moments when you realize exactly how perfect they are for one another; and while I thought the Jay/Gloria story line was weak, I like that it left me wanting more air-time for Manny (absence makes the heart grow fonder).

    My favorite line of the night:
    Cam talking about Lily’s emerging kleptomania: “You naughty little girl.”
    Mitchell: “”Well, you know that’s what happens when you give me Kahlua.”

    • Amanda says:

      I actually thought Manny’s plotline was a little beneath him in this episode. So often we see Manny struggle to act his age and with the way he cracked up at the dribble glass, you’d think he was Luke! I’m all about Manny acting like a 40 year-old man!

  2. Barry says:

    Jeni better watch her back! Great post, Amanda! Ask Jeni for a raise. Perhaps you could be the blog’s red carpet correspondent at the Emmys!

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks Barry! Maybe you should write a post? We can completely take over…I mean it’s Hollywood after all…isn’t that what people like you and I SHOULD do?

      • Barry says:

        As I’ve always said, “Not much difference between a Hollywood awards ceremony and a NYC bar mitzvah!”

        (OK, actually, I’ve never said that until this moment. But hey…)

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