Modern Family Recap – Teaching lessons the hard way

Unfortunately my sinus infection-cold-whatever-the-heck-is-plaguing-me is not surrendering despite my best efforts. Therefore, I have barely enough energy to keep my eyes open let alone type a usual (lengthy) recap analysis of one of my favorites—Modern Family. I am especially bummed because it is the first episode of the New Year and because next week I will be out of town on Wednesday. Ah well. So, tonight, I am just going to post my top ten favorite moments from this “Slow Down Your Neighbors” episode. My one complaint? No Alex! I miss that girl and her sarcasm when she is not featured in an episode.

Some of my favorite moments and lines from tonight…please feel free to add yours in the comments!

  • Cam and Mitch gushing about the hotness that is their new ‘neighbor’: “And he’s straight, so there’s no weirdness (Cam); “Aside from you turning into a 16 year old girl” (Mitchell)
  • Claire’s poorly worded sign to shame the neighborhood speeder – ‘Slow Down Your Neighbors’ (you really do need punctuation, Claire).
  • Gloria trying to ride a bike, and screaming at Jay in her Spanglish: “eslowly!”
  • On that note, Jay comparing Gloria’s voluptuous body to the physics of a bicycle: “There’s no reason you should stay upright, but it works.”
  • “Or things are so good at home she is looking for problems” (Phil talking with the speeder, making up excuses for “whoever” might be the vigilante posting signs).
  • The Asian owner of Cam and Mitch’s building after shouting at her husband, “You two so lucky they don’t let you get married.”
  • The reveal that Cam and Mitch’s hot new neighbor was actually a drifter living in Lily’s princess castle: “I’m living in here man [pointing to his heart]. I’m sleeping there [pointing to castle]” (Barry the hottie).
  • Claire ultimately getting into the car of the neighborhood speeder—not knowing it is her enemy—and the two of them discussing the “neighborhood wack-job” unaware they each mean the other. This quick discussion, followed by the look on Claire’s face out the window of the car as the neighbor put the pedal to the metal and zoomed off, was priceless.
  • Basically the entire showdown between Cam and Barry inside Lily’s princess castle—first the serious conversation and then the all out crazy fight with their heads peeping out the window to shout at Mitchell. I love that the castle has become the setting for some amazing physical comedy on this show…it is practically a member of the family.
  • Luke’s stellar teaching method—hey, it works! Just when you think Luke will be a nurturing bike-riding teacher to Gloria, he blasts her with his water gun and unleashes threats to “RIDE. RIDE.” His method even works on Hayley’s studying efforts too! I never thought I would say this, but perhaps Luke has found his calling…as a teacher?!



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One Response to Modern Family Recap – Teaching lessons the hard way

  1. Alla says:

    Eddie has threatened to use the water gun method on me. 😦

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