Brothers and Sisters Recap – Kids incorporated

We didn’t have to wait long into the New Year for a new episode of Brothers & Sisters, called “Scandalized.” I was happy to have my new television again after a few weeks off (and especially after a hilarious Brothers & Sisters Christmas episode) but I personally could have used another week off from blogging thanks to a sinus infection that is making my head feel like it might explode. So, unfortunately, this will be a a slightly shorter recap tonight. I hope to be back in full writing form in the next few days…

Tonight focused a lot on kids—and I don’t just mean the little ones. Kitty’s “scandalous” relationship with Seth (scandalous in name only, since he is a 27 year old grad student and not even one of her students). While he does happen to be the dean’s son, I had to agree with Nora—the media coverage of it seems absurd. It did allow for a hilarious scene that anyone with a senior parent can appreciate: Nora having to dictate her messages to Kitty through text-savvy Kevin, since it takes Nora “like five minutes to text hello.” While the dean herself did not have a problem with their relationship, per se, she did express her disappointment in her own “under-achieving” son.  Nora, meanwhile, felt it best to have a dinner party with Karl, Kevin, Scotty, Kitty and her boy toy, where Kitty began to question for herself if their age difference does not make them a good fit.  The dinner party antics (we all knew tempers would run high at a Walker gathering with wine) turned out to be too much for Karl, as well. He stormed off—not used to the airing of so many personal grievances—and it made Nora and Karl reflect on their own fit as a couple. Even though Karl sweetly called in to Nora’s radio show to apologize and ask advice, Nora realized that they are just not right for each other—Nora’s chief asset IS her family; and that is his chief hindrance. Farwell Dr. Karl, it just wasn’t meant to be.

Kevin and Scotty were focused on kids and family as well—deciding (once and for all?) to go the foster parent route. I laughed at how many times people on the show asked “adoption fair—what is that?” Ummmm, it seems pretty self-explanatory to me! While Kevin was humorously practical and standoffish at the foster parent training session, both he and Scotty quickly strike up a bond with a spunky girl at the fair. Could this be our newest member of the Walker family? Or will there be drama in the adoption process?

Finally, Justin seemingly completes the fastest paramedic training ever, since he is already a rookie going out in the ambulances. I’m sorry—but his relationship with Annie is going to take a lot to win me over. I always liked Justin with Rebecca, and I am not liking how forced his new relationship is (Convenient nurse ride along? Sure!!). Plus, knowing that the two actors are married in real life almost makes me like them less as a couple on the show—again, the show is trying too hard to push them together, so it looses plausibility. When Justin promised the wife of a gravely injured car accident victim that he would be OK, I was sure that things were going to end very, very badly. I definitely thought that Justin would screw up the procedures or just that the guy would die, and the guilt would ultimately push him back down his druggie path. I was pleasantly surprised when the guy survived (at least for now), but trouble seems to lie ahead still. Also, I get the feeling that something icky is going to happen with Justin’s medic partner—either he will throw Justin under the bus (figuratively) or get jealous of Justin’s skill (and/or girlfriend). I didn’t like those looks he was giving Justin.

Given that I have not been the biggest fan of Sarah this season (which is a shame because usually she is one of my faves), I therefore didn’t really miss her absence in this episode. Did you?

Unfortunately I don’t have the energy to run through some of the funniest lines of the night, as I usually do. So feel free to help me out and add some!

Happy 2011!


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One Response to Brothers and Sisters Recap – Kids incorporated

  1. Karyn says:

    Boo sorry that you were sick! Yeah, this wasn’t one of my favorite episodes. I agree with you on the whole Justin/Annie relationship. It’s completely forced and I don’t think they really have chemistry – at least not like Justin and Rebecca did. And it is quite interesting considering they are married in real life.

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