Glee Recap – Naughty and Nice

A little Grinch, a dash of Miracle on 34st Street, and even some Gift of the Magi…this “very special” holiday episode had a little bit of every Christmas tale cliché built in. While heavy on the cheesy factor (even for Glee), this episode was meant to be a big celebration of the spirit of Christmas, so when viewed that way it was an enjoyable, mostly self-contained episode with a warm, gooey heart about the true meaning of the season.

Since Glee was a slight departure from the everyday norm tonight, I think I am also going to do this recap slightly different. Instead of running through all the storylines in detail, I am going to make a little list (and check it twice) of my three favorite standout characters from this episode, “A Very Glee Christmas.”

First up is Sue Sylvester as The Grinch. Does it get a little old to always have Sue be the “bad guy”—one who is a misunderstood meanie on the outside but who, deep down, has a heart that just needs a little love? Yes, it does sometimes get old and predictable. However, given that this description so perfectly describes both Sue and The Grinch, it made perfect sense she was cast in this role for the episode. Plus, you could tell how much fun Jane Lynch had embracing the spirit of the Grinch—with green make-up and all! I also enjoyed the fact that she got to sing “You’re a Mean One, Sue the Grinch.” And even though we all knew that Sue The Grinch would eventually come around and see the joy of Christmas, it was still a touching (and humorous) moment when she brought the Glee Club over to Will’s apartment (OK, and slightly creepy she has a key) and told him “Aw, I don’t hate Christmas…I just hate you.” That’s the spirit, Sue!

Next up on my list is the hottest couple on Glee…and I don’t mean Quinn and Sam. Nope, Artie and Brittany have quickly become the couple to beat at McKinley High. What started as a quasi-joke hook-up several weeks ago has actually turned into a very sweet and surprising relationship in terms of how well Artie and Brittany complement one another. They each look out for the other and see the best in each other. What seem like flaws to other people are some of the things they each find most endearing in the other. Brittany’s extreme naïveté is endearing to Artie when it also means she views Christmas through the eyes of a child and still believes in Santa. When Brittany’s one Christmas wish if for Artie to be able to walk, the “extra tan” mall Santa nods along, much to the dismay of Artie and the rest of Glee because they know this is not a realistic wish. Rather than crush her faith themselves, they enlist the help of another “Santa” to try to break the news to Brittany. And that brings me to my final and favorite person of the night…

Coach Bieste is definitely on Santa’s “nice” list this year after the Christmas miracle she was able to perform. Coach Bieste had already pulled our heartstrings in previous episodes from her blend of toughness and vulnerability. But in tonight’s episode she not only helped Brittany understand the power of patience by dressing as Santa to visit Brittany’s home, but she then secretly restored everyone’s faith in a Christmas miracle by anonymously leaving a new super-techie and super-expensive walking device for Artie to use for portions at a time. This was a nice moment and I think everyone’s reaction was quite touching.

A few more comments and highlights of ‘how Glee sang Christmas’:

  • Did anyone else think Emma and Rachel belonged in Target holiday commercials due to their abundance of red and white outfits and berets?
  • Sue rigging Secret Santa so that every name in the bowl was hers.
  • Artie (and probably most kids in America) really just wanting their parents to stop friend-requesting them on Facebook.
  • Brittany thinking that Santa’s elves are similar to slaves.
  • The gift wish list of each Glee member (Sam is going to need a lot of chapstick, Santa).
  • Gift ideas for Sue? A robot dog…or a soul.
  • Emma, Bieste and Will storming out of Sue’s office after learning of her Secret Santa trickery, and Will purposely knocking her phone off the wall in a bizarre scare tactic.
  • “On dry runs, Santa uses the Isuzu” (Bieste not willing to go up the chimney while dressed as Santa).

Personally, my favorite song was Blaine and Kurt singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Kurt has the perfect voice for that female part,  and the two just sound so soulful together. What was yours?

Also, did anyone keep a tally of how many times the Glee crew was seen decorating a tree in this episode? It could have made for a great drinking game!



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4 Responses to Glee Recap – Naughty and Nice

  1. Alla says:

    I hate to say it but this was one of my least favorite episodes. It was just so. much. cheese. Admittedly I shed a tear at the end and I loved Kurt’s song but the rest was a big thumbs down for me.

    • Jeni says:

      Yep–totally cheesy (not that cheesiness has stopped Glee before!). Agreed that this was not a classic episode, but if you look at it as just a ‘break from the everyday’ episode–as Christmas/Holiday special almost–it offered some joy and cheer 🙂

  2. Amber says:

    I wish they woudln’t have tried to do EVERY Christmas story line since the beginning of time. It was just too much. Loved Sue as the Grinch… loved Artie’s “new legs” and… think Coach Bieste stole the show! Didn’t quite get her character at the beginning of the year, but she’s been a great addition…

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