Brothers and Sisters Recap – Hotel hook-ups

As Kitty pointed out in tonight’s Brother & Sisters episode, “Get a Room,” hooking up can mean anything from a kiss to casual sex. And the Walkers pretty much ran the gamut of all sorts of hooking-up shenanigans when multiple couples conveniently (for us) and inconveniently (for them) ended up at the same hotel.

First there was Sarah and Luc, who checked in for a special romantic night before Luc was to head to China for two months to paint a mural (um, sure, OK). As I have said several times throughout this season, I have not really been into the Sarah-Luc storylines this year. Don’t get me wrong, I think they have good chemistry and I liked how their relationship developed last season. But this season I feel like we have lost the real Sarah somehow. Anyways, not too much to say about this storyline, except that nothing went as planned after some klutzy moves by Sarah and then the rest of the family showing up. Which brings me to…the rest of the family!

Kitty also checked into the hotel with her new boy toy, and I do mean boy. Kitty developed a flirtation with a young barista named Seth. It seems as though we may see more of him, since he works at the coffee hangout near the college where Kitty is now a guest lecturer. I was waiting for this kid to be a student in her class, but the writers surprisingly avoided that cliché! Kitty did go through several stages of freaking out and moral dilemmas, first over his young age, and then after learning he is a grad student at the college. But, after speaking with Kevin and Scotty, she decided that she needs to seize the day and live her life! Speaking of her life…someone call child protective services because baby Evan is missing again!

And, while I am on the topic of child services, that brings me to the reason Kevin and Scotty were in the hotel (in perhaps what was the funniest of the multiple amusing storylines tonight). Kevin and Scotty were anxiously awaiting their adoption interview by a social worker and Kevin was eating anything and everything in sight to calm his nerves (side note: I get a little confused on where this couple stands on having a baby—I feel like it changes every week). But back to Kevin’s stress eating—one of Scotty’s employees had a pot brownie (prescription, supposedly) and Kevin ate it not knowing. I love anytime we get to see Kevin drunk and/or high, especially when everyone else is not. He is hilarious and did a great job trying to be ‘rational Kevin’ while succumbing to his high. He had the insight to have Scotty take him to Sarah (at the hotel) because the last time he got high she was the only one who brought him back down. Sarah’s highly amusing scare tactics helped somewhat—she gave him such an adrenaline rush thinking the cops were coming for him that he started to snap out of it.

Finally, mama Walker herself was in the hotel because her new boyfriend, Dr. Carl, suggested that their first time getting intimate should happen not in either of their homes. Nora was nervous, not only because the entire setup felt forced and cheesy, but because she was really starting to develop feelings for him. After several run-ins and misunderstandings involving both Nora and Carl bumping into other members of the couples present at the hotel, Carl freaked out and brushed Nora away. Just when it seemed all was lost, he texted her (wow, they are tech savvy seniors!) to meet him at the bar and talk. The two eventually each admit their growing feelings for each other and their nerves at this forced hotel atmosphere. Carl then took the initiative to invite himself over to Nora’s house for one of her famous roasted chickens, and we learned that Casa Nora is where she “makes the magic and the beds.” Mazel tov Nora and Carl!

There were lots of comedic moments in tonight’s episode, many of which were sight gags and facial expressions (plus stoned Kevin in a hoodie):

  • Life imitates art for Sally Field. In real life she hocks Boniva and as Nora she is doing some kind of Vitameatavegamin ad.
  • Kitty and Seth making out in the storage room: “You are so hot!” (Seth); “I know” (Kitty)
  • Another actor from one of my favorite shows crosses with B&S! First we got Christian Shephard from LOST as Dr. Carl, and now we get Ted’s mom from HIMYM as the dean at Kitty’s school.
  • The pained look on Kitty’s face as Nora calls her for advice on “hooking up” with Carl.
  • Kitty to Seth: “oh god that sounds like something my mother would do” (little did she know it WAS her mom in the elevator).
  • Carl shows hesitation, and Nora freaks out because she is in a “friggen bathrobe!”
  • Nora discovers everyone is at the hotel: “Oh god, I should just jump. What floor are we on?”; “Eight” (Kevin); “That ought to do it” (Nora)
  • “The last thing I wanted to look at tonight is Kevin stoned out of his gourd” (Nora)

Do you enjoy these types of episodes when they conveniently get all the characters in the same place and have many mishaps and miscommunications? Also, where was Justin? I am sure he would have provided excellent facial expressions at seeing his mom ready to hook-up at a hotel!


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