90210 Recap – Wipe Out

On tonight’s 90210 episode, “Best Lei’d Plans,” West Bev High held about the 90,210th class party of the school year—and it is not even Christmas yet! This week we were treated to a good old-fashioned luau—complete with tiki torches, pork (that apparently Dixon hates, which we were told about 8 times) and a hula dancer costume that was flown in from Hawaii. Brings back memories of your high school, right? Well, a lot went down leading up to and during this event, including some major wipe outs—both in and out of the ocean.

  • Dixon, Annie and cougar Debbie: Dixon and Annie decide it is high time their mother start dating so she can move on as absurdly quickly as their father. I guess they don’t mind that mom and dad have been divorced for a month or two, yet he is already living with his girlfriend. Well, don’t worry kiddos—your mom is gettin’ down and dirty with your young teacher, Mr. Matthews, all over Beverly Hills. Annie and Dixon don’t know that however, so they set their mom up with an internet dating site (surely full of sex predators, as Debbie says). The 9021-NO award for the night goes to a disturbed Dixon suggesting that they use a photo of Debbie eating a banana for her profile (well, that’s one way to bring out the sex predators). Debbie’s one internet date is a real pain—literally. So, she heads to the bathroom for a quickie with Ryan. Watch out Ryan—this cougar has the hots for you!
  • Ade, Navid and Silver: The love triangle between these three continues, and I am liking it! We learned that Silver and Navid did not hook up when he came over to talk—but there is no denying their spark and mutual attraction. On top of this, Navid can barely stand to be in Adrianna’s presence anymore, which is basically a feeling shared by everyone. It is time for us to guesstimate how many more episodes it will take before Ade’s fame will come crashing down on her and she will have burned all her bridges with her “non-famous friends.” Major props for the dinner party scene when Ade invited everyone to celebrate her, her fame, and her amazing “journey” that they are all fortunate to be a part of. It was enjoyable to actually see (almost) all the cast together and in unison with their annoyance and disgust over Ade’s self-centered behavior. I know my list is very, very long about what this show lacks that the original had, but one of those things on the list is that the original show had a genuine hangout spot—The Peach Pit—and the characters regularly met there as a complete group to hash out their problems (I know they are trying to use the Beach Club in that role now, but rarely are these characters all together). Sigh, I guess kids today just text and Tweet blah blah blah. Anyways, I digress. Navid is just about ready to tell Silver how he feels—and he begins to—when Ade surprises him with a special intimate dinner to make up for her crappy behavior. Navid—please just grow a pair already and end your charade of a relationship.
  • Teddy and Ian: Ooooooh we are getting really close now! I know the writers have said that Teddy will come out in 2011, but this episode majorly pushed things forward for Teddy and his sexuality struggles. Silver helps Ian with some decorations for the luau (line of the night goes to Ian while hanging a poster crooked: “I just can’t get anything straight!”). He mentions that Teddy apologized to him for his homophobic behavior and that they are “good now.” This makes Silver curious as to what Teddy actually told Ian and how exactly he came around. She even mentions something to Teddy and for a hot second he thinks she knows about his actual secret. Silver and Teddy repair their friendship, and they seem to genuinely enjoy hanging out together again. When Silver feels rejected by Navid, she plants a kiss on Teddy, who doesn’t return it. Teddy confesses that “there is someone else.” Silver doesn’t press him on it, but we know who Teddy’s someone else is. And then he waits til he is alone with Ian and kisses him! I am very excited for this development—Teddy and Ian as a couple is something to look forward to in the New Year.
  • Naomi, Ivy and Oscar: Our other sort-of love triangle is really more of a hate quadrangle. Back when Naomi was trying to get the dirt on Cannon to get him arrested, Oscar was her Bing hero (i.e. he knew how to use a search engine, swoon!). Those two actually had great chemistry and I wrote that I did like them together—both have that confident swagger and call out each other’s bullsh-t. But, the past few episodes saw Oscar on the outs with everyone for what he did to Ivy—take advantage of her and steal her virginity—all in the name of payback to Laurel for ruining his own parents’ marriage. Ivy is still like, totally, pissed at her mom, so much so she won’t go eat oysters with her after the surfing competition. Oscar makes a sincere apology to Ivy, which impresses Naomi. When Naomi wipes out literally and figuratively while trying to impress a surfer boy (blame it on the fact she couldn’t get a wet suit with more cleavage), she and Oscar strike up their bond again. It seems that Naomi may be ready to ride the dating waves again with Oscar. What will Ivy think?
  • Liam and Handbag Millionaire: I must admit, I had completely forgotten about the whole “Liam works as an indentured servant for a stuck up brat who has a crush on him and who also deals drugs in the handbags she designs.” The writers certainly put this storyline on the backburner the past few weeks, but here it was tonight, annoying me once again. Hasn’t poor Liam been through enough? He tries to be nice to Laura by pretending to be her boyfriend to make her bad-ass ex, Dax, jealous. Anyone with a tiki torch could have seen from a mile away that this would end badly for Liam. Yup—Dax and his thugs beat Liam to a bloody pulp in the parking lot.

Were you happy to have 90210 back tonight? Did your CW keep cutting out to some weird signals at the beginning? I swear there were a few lines of dialogue from some other random show that popped in there. And lastly, what the heck was up (literally) with Silver’s hair at the luau? There’s something about Silver!


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2 Responses to 90210 Recap – Wipe Out

  1. Karyn says:

    Yes, I was genuinely concerned that my DVR was messed up when Larry David randomly popped up at the begging of the episode. Will Navid just break up with Ade already?! She’s horrible…and I really do enjoy Silver and Navid together. I’m also excited for Teddy and Ian! I feel like Annie hasn’t had much play recently, but that’s ok with me. And seriously Dixon, that’s just disturbing. My favorite part of your blog is you calling Laura Handbag Millionaire…

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