Glee Recap – What the Furt?

I was wondering what “Furt” meant when I first saw the episode title in my DVR guide. I should have known it would refer to the now-brother duo of Finn plus Kurt along the same lines as “Puckleberry” (I guess my mind was wandering to Fart or F**k). Much like I wasn’t sure what to make of the name Furt at first, I am still not quite sure what to make of tonight’s episode. It was like the writers decided to majorly shake up several storylines and characters, but rather than take the time to gradually and sensibly develop these shifts, they just wanted to get it all out of the way in a single episode to free up some time for future episodes. The strange thing about Glee is that, even though it shortcuts these progressions, it can still tug at your emotions.

This episode was light on songs, but heavy on emotional impact (at least the second half, starting with Burt’s parental protection and the endearing vows—again, can we get an Emmy for Mike O’Malley as Burt Hummel?). Kurt’s dad and Finn’s mom decided to get married, and when Kurt said he would handle all the wedding details, he really meant it! Seriously, that was one of the fastest weddings (other than a drunken Vegas mistake like on Friends) in TV history. Kurt immediately enlisted the help of the Glee Club to sing at the wedding (which was probably not what Burt had in mind when he said he wanted a band). But, considering how quickly this wedding happened, Glee Club really stepped up to the task to perform a gleeful song and dance of “Marry Me” down the aisle, no doubt inspired by the infamous YouTube couple. The heartfelt vows Kurt’s dad and Finn’s mom expressed to each other, their own children, and their new stepchildren were really nicely done. The highlight number of the episode, by far, was the sweet performance Glee put on at Finn’s request for his new brother—Kurt. I really enjoyed their upbeat rendition of Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” for this happy celebration.

Finn had an ulterior motive for dedicating a song to Kurt. Throughout the episode, Kurt was once again feeling threatened and scared by football bully, Dave Korofsky. Acting Principal Sue was not able to suspend or expel Dave since there was no evidence he had physically hurt Kurt, but the other Glee Club members decided to take action into their own hands to defend their friend—well, everyone except a hesitant Finn. OK, here is my complaint—a few weeks back when the first bullying episode of this storyline occurred, I questioned why no one (not even teacher Will) seemed willing to bring this matter to the school administration nor be a supportive friend (when we all know he does have friends in his fellow Glee members). Also, I love how NO ONE noticed Kurt being violently pushed into lockers in crowded hallways numerous times, yet Will noticed the most subtle act of bullying by Dave when he quietly but intensely approached Kurt this one time.

Well, in this episode, they ALL of a SUDDEN decided, ‘hold on a second, we should really protect Kurt.’ And, they went to extra lengths to really defend Kurt when the football-Glee Club guys (except Finn) took a beating from Dave in Kurt’s honor. Not only did this win the guys “cool points” from their Glee girlfriends, but it seemed like Dave might actually get expelled. I don’t know about you, but with this plot twist my mind started to spin potential stories this could give rise too—like Dave having to enroll in Dalton Academy after being expelled from public school and actually coming to terms with his sexuality, and maybe even one day becoming Kurt’s romantic rival for Blaine! Then, my plot fantasies were dashed when the school board allowed Dave to return to McKinley (apparently ignoring evidence that he physically beat up multiple other students?). This was even worse news for Kurt, who now had to live in fear again. However, again Burt really came through on the supportive dad front multiple times this episode, and he and his new bride made a big sacrifice at the end by offering to use their savings to send Kurt to Dalton. We got more emotion when Kurt broke the news to Glee—he would be transferring. Their loss is our gain (potentially) as we get more Kurt and Blaine scenes and hopefully a riveting Regionals competition! By the way, wouldn’t Blaine be at the wedding as Kurt’s date?

Glee tried to make the entire episode wedding themed, and I wish it hadn’t. When Carol Burnett as Doris Sylvester told her daughter Sue that marrying herself was ridiculous, I agreed. I did love that Sue’s online dating profile only gave her one match—herself—but most of this “marrying myself” storyline felt a little flat to me. Carol Burnett and Jane Lynch had great chemistry, great voices, and they eerily look alike. Plus, Carol Burnett is awesome, so I am not sure what I can pinpoint that didn’t work for me, other than the totally random Sue-marries-Sue wedding idea.  Something else that didn’t work for me? Quinn accepting Sam’s promise ring. Seriously?! I mean, they both admit they are not even in an actual relationship, yet a promise ring seemed like a good idea to both of them? I guess we’ll see how long that promise holds up…

I think the emotionally vulnerable moments were the real winners in tonight’s episode…whereas the song performances and comedy took more of a back seat. That doesn’t mean there still aren’t some funny lines to cover:

  • “We’re going to go to the hotel where they put up the guest starts from LOST!” (Second show I watch to reference LOST this week, when Kurt’s dad describes his ideal honeymoon in Hawaii).
  • Sue’s “things she is most passionate about” according to her dating profile: “Extreme taxidermy. Tantric yelling. Poking the Elderly with Hidden Pins.”
  • Sue inviting Obama to her wedding to herself. What—no Hillary invite?
  • “Are you sure we should release 300 doves indoors, won’t that get messy?” (Finn); “That’s why we feed them glitter” (Kurt)
  • Kurt’s power rangers got married and divorced in so many combinations that he is the ultimate wedding planner.
  • Sue calls Kurt “Lady,” which he correctly informs her is also bullying. So he picks from among her other nicknames: Porcelain
  • Brittany line of the night (to Tina about wheelchair-bound Artie): “When you guys would fool around did he ever just, like, lay there?”
  • Doris the Nazi Hunter explains they finally caught the last one in Phoenix, however that is practically “punishment enough.”
  • “What in the G-D Hell?” (Doris regarding Sue’s track suit dress)

What did you think? I think that you know it is going to be a disjointed episode when the mini recap at the beginning narrated by Puck brings up very random plot points from this season and last.


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2 Responses to Glee Recap – What the Furt?

  1. Alla says:

    When I hear about bullying I always think, “thank god we went to private school!”

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