How I Met Your Mother Recap – Thankful for Blitzgiving

Tonight I give thanks for “The Blitz, “ a smorgasbord of pop culture references and a heaping helping of comedy. It was like someone made a special Thanksgiving sandwich with my favorite ingredients—How I Met Your Mother, LOST (with Hurley!) and even some Ferris Bueller. It also had some of that great “Pineapple Incident” episode mystery where we see the aftermath of crazy drunken stories but don’t get all the details of how everything went down. I could eat seconds and thirds of this show.

It all started with a TurTurKeyKey (copyright pending) courtesy of Ted and an “awwwwww maaaaan” courtesy of Hurley—oops, I mean “The Blitz,” a friend of the gang’s from college. I loved that HIMYM fully embraced Jorge Garcia’s character from LOST and made brazen nods to his lovable yet cursed persona. I highly recommend this article by the entertainment writer of TIME magazine that looks at the resurgence of comedies on TV today and specifically compares HIMYM to LOST for its complex mythology and non-linear storytelling. Deep stuff! I love it!

Ted has decided to host Thanksgiving for his friends this year. I did wonder how he got Lily to give up control of the holiday, but then later we learned that her and Marshall’s apartment had a smelly problem thanks to a leak at the sewage treatment plant. When Ted decides to leave MacLaren’s early to rest up for a big day of cooking, his friends warn him he will incur “The Curse of The Blitz,” which passes on to a person who is the first to leave a fun gathering. What is this curse? Well, for The Blitz it was being trapped on an island for years with unlucky numbers (Ha! Not really, that was on LOST). But, it does mean missing out on truly awesome, fun and improbable events that inexplicably occur as soon as the first person leaves.  In the HIMYM universe, this has included The Blitz missing out on random naked women and free beer on tap, resulting in a hilarious catchphrase by The Blitz, “awwww maaaaaaaan!”

Unfortunately for Ted, he caught The Curse of The Blitz by leaving early (and major props to HIMYM for showing the transfer of the curse from one person to the next to be like the LOST smoke monster with creepy LOST-ian music). What fun did Ted miss out on thanks to this curse? Well, a top hot “gentleman” game, a skateboarding dog, Robin’s face being painted like KISS and her dancing breaking the oven, and countless other crazy tales where ‘you just had to be there.’ We’ve all been there before—feeling like the outsider to an awesome night that resulted in endless insider jokes and references—but the news for Ted was even worse when he learns they all befriended his sworn enemy, Zoey.

The Blitz is beyond blissful to be just “Steve” again after passing on the curse. Ted is extremely concerned, but on top of missing out on a great night he is even more pissed that everyone caved to Zoey’s charms and that he has no choice but to cook his turkey inside a turkey at Zoey’s upscale apartment because all the other options are not usable (Which was better? The fact that Barney has a fake cutout of a stove or that Blitz uses his oven for his cat’s litter box?). In the taxi ride over, Barney bails to take his own taxi (and I for one missed Ranjit as cab driver!). Turned out that Barney leaving the group passed the curse to him…because Ted and the gang’s cab got swept away in the Thanksgiving Day Parade and Ted performed a la Ferris Bueller! Of course we did not get to witness this—which makes it even funnier—but we did get to hear Marshall deliver Ferris’ speech to Barney about how “Life moves pretty fast…

When Ted and Zoey get into a fight, she kicks everyone out—but not before Lily takes something from the apartment. That something—a Turkey stuffed animal—was meant for a girl named Hannah, and that is when the gang realizes that Zoey was supposed to spend Thanksgiving with her husband and stepdaughter but her stepdaughter didn’t want anything to do with her. Ted then has a change of heart because he is a decent guy like that, and they all return to apologize and spend a Blitzful Thanksgiving together, and with random Wang Guy via text.

This episode was a Blitzgiving feast of pop culture and jokes:

  • “My Blitzy lies over the ocean…” musical rendition by Barney and Marshall
  • “Everyone shout out random numbers!” (For Marshall to text his “junk” photo to a random stranger–wang guy). Cue Blitz/Hurley yelling out the cursed numbers from LOST: 4 8 15 16 23 42
  • “You are a Master Baster, Ted” (Zoey’s much-appreciated word play)
  • The fact that Robin has a little crush on “wang guy” and that they text him about enemies becoming friends.
  • TurTurkey was a failure, but the top hat landed on it. The Gentleman!

I don’t know about you, but I thought this episode changed the HIMYM Blitzstory! And it gave me a taste of another beloved show I miss dearly. For that, I am thankful.



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6 Responses to How I Met Your Mother Recap – Thankful for Blitzgiving

  1. Karyn says:

    Loved it! I think you touched on all of my favorite parts. It was all around a great episode.

  2. nikki says:

    I love how Blitz(hurley) yelled out the numbers from LOST…I miss that show

    • Jeni says:

      Always good to hear from a fellow LOST fan – I miss it too! Actually, I am such a fan that last May I was selected to attend the E! Watch with Kristen finale viewing party. Haha, it was…legendary.

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