90210 Recap – Secrets, secrets are SO fun…secrets, secrets hurt someone

Secrets began to unravel in tonight’s 90210 episode, “They’re Playing Her Song.” Apparently “her song” referred to Adrianna’s totally happening singing career. UGH! And also, HA! But on a serious note, several serious things went down (and locked down) in this episode that slowly but surely pushed forward some of the storylines we have been following—and for once I was happy to see this show deliver its own version of continuity! I mean, heck—we even got an explanation from Teddy as to where he was last week when the writers couldn’t fit his storyline into a packed episode (the reason may not have been interesting—he was visiting his dad on set—but at least we got one!).

  • ‘Debbie Does Matthews’: We all knew it was coming…from the moment we saw the flirting while Debbie and Mr. Matthews interviewed baby nannies for Jacques (and from the moment we saw the preview last week) it was clear that Debbie and Matthews were going to get it on. Mr. Matthews is clearly on a mission to sleep with every older female relative of his high school students as possible (first Silver’s half-sis Kelly Taylor…although, for my own peace of mind, I still like to pretend that the Kelly and Jackie Taylor storylines never happened…and then Naomi’s sister Jenn, and now Dixon and Annie’s mom Debbie). Debbie and Matthews couldn’t resist the adult company each provided the other—apparently all it takes to turn Debbie on is someone who compliments her on her dish-washing skills and Matthews just needs someone who doesn’t say “like” or “totally.” It’s a match made in…Beverly Hills. And, the second shout out to continuity goes to this plot point for tonight: the fact that I was genuinely wondering why on earth Debbie was still working at the beach club and for Ryan when she was hired as Jenn’s personal assistant and Jenn is completely gone. The writers made an actual point to mention that the new beach club manager would be retaining her services. But anyways, back to the steamy and sudsy hookup—how long will that stay a secret?
  • Annie, Charlie and Naomi’s lingerie strategy: After meeting Charlie’s hot girl roommates—one of whom is his ex—Naomi tells Annie she needs to “lock it down” to secure her relationship with her older college dude/Liam’s half bro. What followed was lots of giggling and “totally” OMG moments over pasties, lingerie and edible panties that Naomi encouraged Annie to wear to seal the deal. It was inevitable that Annie would embarrass herself by stepping out of the bathroom in just her lingerie to a room full of Charlie’s friends. But on the plus side, this led the pair to open up about their feelings for each other and it got Charlie to reveal how he got his mysterious scars! His explanation? That those times he would get to visit his dad (who was also Liam’s dad) at the lake house there was a drunk and abusive uncle who would beat him. OK—so now we need to ask ourselves: what more is there to this story, particularly as it involves scar-brother Liam; and, are we to even trust Charlie and believe this is the truth? Hopefully we get to dig deeper into these wounds (pardon my pun) in the coming weeks. And, Naomi, you earn my “9021-NO” award tonight for forcing me to imagine Annie in pasties.
  • Ted visits West Hollywood: Teddy is still working through his inner struggles regarding his sexuality, and once again I actually do appreciate they are taking their time with this development. Major improvement over last season’s two-episode “I am a lesbian, no I am not” plot with Ade. First Teddy left the Beach Club and his friends abruptly when he felt uncomfortable with a hot waitress; then Ted (yes, please note he used the “alias” Ted rather than Teddy) paid his first visit to a gay club in West Hollywood but forgot to bring his wallet. Fortunately, Ian was able to come bring him money and drive him home. That’s when things got even more interesting in terms of learning Teddy’s back story: he was not kicked out of his boarding school for having girls in his room and being a player; he left because he started to develop feelings for his roommate and got so scared he thought he could escape those feelings by leaving. I am liking the bond that is forming between Ian and Teddy, and it is especially good that Ian is (thus far) turning out to be a trustworthy confidant for Teddy to talk to.
  • Navid, Ade, Silver…and the child pornographer: The love triangle plot thickens between Navid, Ade and Silver. Shockingly, this is another development I am actually on-board with the way they are handling it. The writers actually seem to be taking a little time and not rushing the doomed relationship between nice guy Navid and fame whore Ade. The latter is completely consumed with herself, her budding fame and her lipstick, while poor Navid needs someone to talk to about his family problems. Adrianna is oblivious to how far away she has pushed her boyfriend all to spend more quality time with stereotyped publicists and hairstylists. By the way, anyone else notice that the actress who played the bitchy publicist also played the bitchy publicist in The Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan (back before Lindsay Lohan became a fame whore?). Anyways, Navid has found someone else he can trust and talk to—and that person happens to be Silver. Let’s get these two Blaze journalists together! Let’s get together, ya, ya, ya! Good thing Navid has Silver to turn to, because he is going to need support now that he feels guilty for his father leaving the family and fleeing the country (back to Iran) so that he won’t go to jail for child pornography. I am curious to see where this goes—is his father gone for good? Will Navid’s family’s business assets be frozen and will they be forced to downgrade into a much smaller mansion—one with a front door meant for humans and not giants?

What did you think of the secrets that came out tonight? And, more importantly, when will Teddy come out? (I hear not til 2011!)


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2 Responses to 90210 Recap – Secrets, secrets are SO fun…secrets, secrets hurt someone

  1. Karyn says:

    I really appreciated this episode, as well as your recap. There’s got to be more to Charlie’s (and Liam’s story) and hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out. I do like all of the screen time that Navid is getting since he is the least offensive character and they are actually giving him worthy plot lines. It will be interesting to see how the whole Debbie/Matthews thing plays out. And yes, I did recognize the publicist from The Parent Trap, obvi.

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