Brothers and Sisters Recap – Business and Pleasure

Tonight on Brothers & Sisters, we experienced “The Rhapsody of the Flesh” and learned some new names for the, ahem, private parts of the Walker men: Happy Captain (Justin), Little Big Horn (Kevin) and Magnificent Seven (Tommy…wherever he is). In what was mostly a lighter episode about embracing free-spirit romance, some deeper emotion developed by the end between Luc and his visiting mother and Nora and Dr. Carl. Much like the Walkers, I learned that I can handle Luc’s mother, Gabriella, in small doses—but if I had to deal with failed Moroccan feasts, scarf dancing and a collection of smashed dishes week after week, I would go a little crazy in a bad way. I guess what I am saying is that I found this episode rather exhausting with its antics, but I suppose that was the point! On the plus side, Nora made progress with Carl and there were definitely moments of comedic rhapsody.

The main focus of this week’s action stemmed from a surprise visit by our favorite Frenchman’s estranged mother. Luc was adamant that he wanted nothing to do with her because she caused him nothing but pain over the years…for reasons neither we the audience nor fiancé Sarah were made aware at the beginning. But, Sarah and Nora—being the Walkers that they are—could not resist stepping in to resolve a good family crisis. I enjoyed the dynamic of Gabriella staying with Nora, since these two are about as opposite as can be when it comes to two things: mothering and men. Gabriella was looking for advice on reconciling with her son, and who better to talk to than understanding super-mom Nora? Nora, on the other hand, was looking for advice on how to approach a romantic relationship with fellow radio talk show host Carl, yet wasn’t ready for the kind of advice Gabriella served up in the romance department. A planned Moroccan dinner feast to bring Luc and Gabriella together was bound to turn disastrous…but a disastrous dinner party for the Walkers means an excellent dinner party for us viewers!

We were treated to Carl showing up at the dinner and being seduced by Gabriella—a moviestar in the flesh from an old French film “The Rhapsody of Flesh”—and Nora trying to pull some moves together at the encouragement of Sarah to get back in the game and seduce Carl herself. Even Justin got in on the action in an effort to distract Gabriella—not knowing she was Luc’s mom. In the hazy hangover of the morning light, everyone got their act together and attempted to sober up from the many bottles of absinthe tea they drank (which, coincidently, “does not contain any tea”). Carl admitted that he really did want to kiss Nora the night before and take their relationship from business to pleasure. And, Luc made peace with his mom, or so we were told since we only saw the aftermath (crying, hugs and lots of broken dishes). I, for one, was disappointed they did not actually show us the real moment of reconciliation between mother and son…there was just a lot of arguing in French (continuing on the gag from earlier in the episode) and then two seconds later there was silence.

The plot was light for everyone else this week…ummm especially Kitty, who was mysteriously absent this week and her name not even uttered once by any other character. Perhaps she was busy looking for more equally mysterious babysitters for Evan so that the writers can just forget she even has a child. Justin, Kevin and Scotty were in the episode, but they were mainly there to provide amusing hook-up jokes and private nicknames thanks to Justin’s sudden popularity with the ladies. While it was pretty ridiculous that “all of a sudden” every girl within a 5 mile radius of Justin was throwing herself at him, it was also not quite the head-scratcher the guys were making it out to be….hello—Justin is a hot. I am sure by the next episode all these girls will just a magically disappear so that Justin can focus his attentions back toward Nurse Annie (a.k.a. his wife in real life, who we met in the previous episode).

As always, here are a few more pleasurable moments from tonight’s Brothers & Sisters:

  • I always enjoy whenever Nora reaches out to her kids for love advice. It is nice to see the role reversal every now and then.
  • ‘Restaurant talk’ turns Kevin on.
  • “How many guns?” (Kevin worried about putting a stop to Justin’s waitress hookups since apparently one of the girls has a gun collection); “I don’t know, she’s from Texas” (Scotty).
  • Justin saying he feels like he is in a “girls gone wild” video.
  • Kevin started telling the waitresses Justin had the flu and a cold sore to keep things more business and less pleasure at the restaurant.
  • “I smell like lamb fat!” –this was the line of the night for me, as Nora was upset Gabriella invited Carl over early before she had time to finish cooking and clean up.

What were your favorite moments? Did you miss Kitty or Saul at all? Are you enjoying the budding romance between Nora and Carl? I appreciated his reassuring talk with Sarah, but it also makes me wonder if at some point his psycho-therapist background will be the wedge that divides? And, could you have done without the corny ending of everyone cuddling up on their respective couches to watch “Rhapsody of the Flesh” at the end? I liked that for Nora and Carl…but everyone else? Really? Ha, I doubt Netflix even had that many copies of that movie available!


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1 Response to Brothers and Sisters Recap – Business and Pleasure

  1. Angela says:

    Oh man – Justin – I love Justin 😀

    I am excited about Nora and Carl.

    Luc’s mom made me angry! If she goes away I won’t mind.

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