Brothers and Sisters Recap – Conflict Resolution

It seemed like everyone was having a sparring match in tonight’s Brothers & Sister’s episode, “Resolved.” There were debates between sisters, mother and daughters, husbands, and even a former husband and ex-wife’s family. But the formal debate belonged to young Paige, who desperately wanted her Uncles Kevin and Scotty to help her prepare for her school debate and “debuttal” (“See”—says Sarah—”that’s why she needs your help!”).

It was quite clear to all that Paige was taking a ‘page’ from her grandmother Nora’s book of conflict resolution by butting in, forcing people to come together and talk through their problems—all because she wanted the best for them of course. Turned out that Paige was quite skilled in the craft of resolution because by the end of the episode, Kevin and Scotty had opened up to each other honestly about their feelings and insecurities and seemed back on track toward mending their marriage. Scotty regained his voice and some control in the conversation by explaining how he really felt when Kevin didn’t show up to his restaurant opening, and for his part Kevin admitted to be self-centered some (or, most) of the time. I loved the scene when they practiced the debate with Paige and each used very thinly veiled examples to state their opinions about the other’s behavior. Even though Paige forced them to talk, it did the trick. Now we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief…and, can we get another booze-filled family dinner with the whole gang sometime soon?

Justin, meanwhile, went through a different kind of break-up…with his ex-wife’s family. Basically, we learned that Justin had still been taking Holly to therapy and trying to help that family out, despite Rebecca leaving. I was wondering if we were ever going to see Holly again—although, her telling Justin that he needs to finally cut the cord and move on with his life probably means we won’t see her and David too much anymore. Justin has really gained a lot of self-control and positive behavior—in helping Holly make progress with her memory therapy, he also helped David come to grips with his resurfacing drug habit. Justin certainly seems to be the most level-headed Walker family member this season, so we’ll see how his budding relationship with Nurse Annie pans out (considering the actress happens to be his real-life wife, I am guessing pretty well).

Justin is not the only one with a new love interest! Nora meets a fellow radio show host at her station and it is Christian Shephard from LOST! Well, on Brothers & Sisters his name is Dr. Carl West. I am happy Nora is getting a new man in her life, but I am also waiting for the crazy or the deep dark secret to drop on this guy (since that is how all the others have gone for her lately).  Unfortunately for Nora, she ends up unloading some of her crazy on her new beau fairly quickly, since Kitty and Sarah are behaving like spoiled immature teenagers with their bickering. As I have been writing, I was getting very tired of Sarah’s storylines with Luc this season—on top of the fact that she was not behaving like the business-woman we know and love—so it was quite timely that the show addressed this in tonight’s episode. While I was frustrated that again Sarah seemed to behave very irrationally (for her) by harping on one little thing Nora said 20 years ago, I am glad to see that both Sarah and Kitty seem to be transitioning out of their aimless life stages and moving on to find new purposes for themselves: Kitty as a teacher and Sarah purchasing a media company.

Because the Walkers always have to have incestuous jobs, it just so happens the media company Sarah is interested in owns Nora’s radio station. I also have to wonder how savvy a businesswoman Sarah is by purchasing a media company with holdings in newspapers and radio stations in this economic climate and given that newspapers are a declining business. But alas, this is television, and I still love my Walkers! And here are a few more moments I loved that I missed in my analysis:

  • Online shopper-central at Kitty’s. This scene was starting to feel like old-times with banter and phone trees. Oh, and Evan does still exist!
  • Nora’s explosion to Dr. Carl about needing to help her children and their issues…“Just put down the bandage” (Carl to Nora) and Nora’s response, “But there are bleeding children!”
  • Kitty calling Nora to warn her about Sarah’s anger but Nora having to speak in code because Sarah was already there.
  • Nora’s subsequent explosion to her feuding daughters at the aborted photo shoot.
  • “It’s a grandchild on stage…of course she will be here” (Sarah regarding Nora’s attendance at Paige’s debate).
  • “Raising you girls was like a Ponzi Scheme…but it’s over now” (Nora telling her daughters she is done trying to step in and fix their squabbles…yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts!)


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3 Responses to Brothers and Sisters Recap – Conflict Resolution

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  2. Angela says:

    The fight between Sarah and Kitty made me mad. I thought it was really dumb.

    I do love that Paige worked her magic.

    OH how I love this show

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