Modern Family Recap – Fooling around

A foolish accident, a foolish commercial and a foolish husband…we got three very separate storylines tonight but all worked very well on their own in Modern Family’s episode “Chirp.”

On the Pritchett-Delgado front, Gloria and Manny (or Manuel, as forklift operator Jackson calls him) arrive at Jay’s warehouse for lunch. Just as Gloria is reminding Jay about their special date that night (and what special date that is remains a mystery to Jay) all of a sudden Manny comes crashing though the wall on a forklift. Jay fires Jack for the dangerous situation, much to Manny’s disappointment since he always enjoyed a witty repartee with Jack. Manny goes so far as to attempt to retain Mitchell’s legal services in a wrongful termination suit—good try Manuel, but no cigar. Ultimately, Manny accepts that Jay fired Jack because Jay explains he did it out of love and protection of his child—Manny. It is a nice moment between the two, and it also means that Manny helps Jay figure out what “special date” Gloria is asking Jay to re-create that particular week (since every other day there seems to be a different ‘special commemoration’ of a moment in their relationship).

Meanwhile, Cam is busy selling baby Lily. OK, well not really. Instead, he is booking her for a commercial and projecting his own childhood stardom dreams on his little daughter. I must say, baby Lily totally does belong in ads because she is too cute for words (and then I remember that baby Lily IS on TV…I must continually remind myself these characters are not real–I have a problem). There is some great banter between Cam and Mitchell about what is in the best interest of their daughter. Their argument really heats up on set when Lily and an Asian baby boy are placed in front of tall buildings with a ‘Save-zilla’ on the loose…a commercial so racist with its Godzilla/Japanese stereotypes that it is hilarious (oh, and also offensive). The voice actors dubbing the thoughts of the babies in blatant “Asian” accents convince Cam that this commercial is not in Lily’s best interests (also, she is Vietnamese!). As he storms off the set and yells to the director, “You’re only interested in seeing these children as interchangeable stereotypes,” he grabs the wrong baby by mistake.  To this I say, “Me laugh long time.”

Finally, sickness descends on the Dunphy house, quarantining Claire and Hayley in bed together and putting Phil in charge of ‘manly’ household duties…like fixing a pesky chirping smoke detector (wherever it may be), picking up Claire’s phone and making ladyfingers for a bake sale. I was excited to see a brief appearance by Hayley’s dimwitted boyfriend, Dylan, but was also bummed to get no Alex in this episode (she is always awesome). The bedroom scenes with Claire and oldest daughter Hayley were quite well done. Claire used her sick time with Hayley to try to subtly advise her that Dylan is too much a buffoon to be serious boyfriend potential. Unfortunately, Claire was a little too vague and Hayley assumed she was referring to Claire’s relationship with Phil. The best part was the look on Hayley’s face when her mom suggested the hot pizza delivery boy would make a great alternative, and then the sweet way Hayley tried to “save” her parents’ marriage by getting Claire and Phil to communicate and support each other during their crappy day at home (and also by ensuring that her mom came no where near the pizza delivery boy later…ha!).

Speaking of hot deliveries, so many great lines were delivered tonight. Here is just a tasty sampling:

  • Phil is willing to help around this house with Claire sick in bed: “Of course, honey, with all you do for me including go to the gym four times a week to keep me interested.”
  • Dylan is back! Phil warns him to stay away from (sick) Claire, “Don’t get too close to my wife” and Dylan’s amazingly inappropriate response is, “Hayley told you about that?”
  • After Cam books Lily for a commercial, Mitchell balks, “Let’s just let Lily have a normal childhood.” Cam’s witty response: “I think that gay cruise has sailed.”
  • The several comparisons Phil makes to his wife’s nagging sounding like the chirping smoke detector.
  • Hayley’s entire teenage phone conversation with Dylan while Claire listens in horror next to her.
  • “You care about germs? I’ve seen you kiss a pigeon on the mouth”(Phil to not-the-brightest-crayon-in-the-box Luke, who is wearing an astronaut helmet in the germ-ridden house). Side note: I DO freak out about germs…where do I get one of those to wear on the metro? Other side note: a little later, Luke is in the background trying to eat through the mask.
  • Of course Claire never mentioned she had a husband to the hottie from the gym.

What did you think? Did a little piece of you also miss Alex’s sarcasm, like me? I honestly don’t think I could pick a funniest kid on this show…seriously, they each bring amazing humor and depth to very different personalities.  Even when their parents act foolish, these kids help keep their families rooted in what is important!


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One Response to Modern Family Recap – Fooling around

  1. Jenny says:

    I missed Alex’s sarcasm too! I do have a favorite (Hayley), but Alex is a close second. Also, kinda freaky side note, our smoke detector started chirping (low battery) as I was watching this episode, no joke!

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