90210 Recap – UNDERcover operations

Is this show wearing me down, or was that actually a reasonably decent episode of 90210? Oh, don’t get me wrong—it was still ridiculous in more ways than I can state. But, I did find myself genuinely enjoying the cutaways between the Over-Achievers Awards Banquet and the Under-Achievement Awards bash (also known as “The Undies”). In addition to the hilarious Undies (which included handing out giant whitey tighties as awards to the hot kids at West Bev…which is all but the five students who went to the real awards) there were quite a few under-cover operations and the reveal of a few secrets previously under-wraps. So, in the words of emcee Ian, before you “get your panties in a twist,” let’s jump in!

  • Welcome back Navid! For the second week in a row, Navid got screen time, and this was even more considerable because he wasn’t simply playing sad puppy dog to fame whore Adriana (those two will be broken up before I can finish typing this sentence). In fact, Navid got most of his screen time with Silver (who I predicted may be his next girlfriend last week) and I must admit they have good chemistry and similar interests…if by interests we mean they were two of the three students at the Over-Achievers Award ceremony and they both work at The Blaze. Let’s face it, West Bev doesn’t have many over-achievers…and the one they do have is a girl named Harper who is characterized to be an Andrea Zuckerman type—a high strung perfectionist—but who also looks and sounds like a duck. Silver is truly touched that Navid gives up his shot at the big award because it means so much more to Harper. I hope that fame thing works out for you Ade, because you can kiss your boyfriend goodbye.
  • Teddy is also back this week after being inexplicably missing. He must have meditated a bit during his week off, because he seemed to have mellowed out. That is, until rumors start circulating about his “performance” problems in the bedroom (and the award for best line of the night goes to Dixon, who perhaps gave the best analogy for erectile dysfunction that a teen show has ever provided: “playing pool with a rope”).  Then, Teddy finds himself sharing a little moment of longing with Ian—watching him on top of his game as emcee of the Undies Awards—and that makes him act out again. This time, he smokes pot with the “bad boys” in hoodies (anyone else think of Clueless and the line, “the loadies generally hang on the grassy knoll over there”)? We are in for a long internal struggle with Teddy. Which I will take over Ade’s “one day I am a lesbian, the next I am not.”
  • Liam peddles bags…and drugs. When stalker girl Laura (whose house Liam is staying at) mentions that the purses she designs are very valuable, she is not kidding. It’s all about the attention to detail and the materials…which means cocaine in the lining. Liam seems headed for trouble with this girl…things are about to go to hell in a hand-basket (pardon my pun).
  • Dixon and Ivy—together agai….wait…ummm…maybe. Dixon sweetly convinces Ivy to take him back with a surf wax bouquet (as much as I despise this, I will admit it was thoughtful given Ivy’s personality). All seems well again, until Ivy feels so guilty about her under-the-covers business with Oscar when she and Dixon were broken up briefly that she finally comes clean to Dixon. Stay tuned to see how that works out. I was just happy to not have Laurel in this episode. Unfortunately, my wish to have Oscar gone did not come true…BUT, at least he served a purpose in this episode, and that purpose is…
  • Bada BING, bada boom! In what was by far the most amusing plot development tonight (and longest product placement ever) was Oscar helping Naomi dig up Mr. Cannon’s criminal past to corroborate her rape charges. Does Naomi seriously not know how to use a search engine??? Come on, kids today use Google while still in their embryonic state and are born with blackberries. And we are to believe she needs the assistance of Oscar to type search terms like “sexual offender” and “Mr. Cannon” into Bing to discover his tainted past? Also, glad to see the police didn’t bother doing a simple background check on him either. Thank goodness we have Bing to help track down rapists. The good news is that the police now know Naomi is not lying. The bad news is that Mr. Cannon fled town before they could get him. Something tells me this is not quite over yet. And something also tells me that this chemistry between Naomi and Oscar is not over yet (but surprisingly, I don’t find him as obnoxious with her as with Ivy—they are both so perfectly self-absorbed that they actually work together).

In closing, I did not miss Charlie, Laurel, Jenn or Debbie in tonight’s episode (which I guess doesn’t say much for the so-called adults on this show). What did bother me was this slew of random girls they threw in our faces—from “Locker Girl” (who Navid realizes is in his father’s porn movies) to “Blaze goth girl”…adding to the list of Laura “cocaine purse girl,” Harper “new Andrea Zuckerman girl,” and Parker “slutty girl Teddy tried hooking up with.” Who are these people? It seems like they are just throwing a bunch of characters in our faces and seeing if one sticks.

Did you enjoy “The Undies” like I did? Did you also think, when Ian was telling Dixon about his microphone problems before going on-stage, that somehow Teddy would accidentally say something about his sexuality over a microphone for the whole school to hear? I did. Oh well.

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