Brothers and Sisters Recap – Break-ups and Make-ups

In tonight’s Brothers and Sisters episode, “An Ideal Husband,” Luc uses an analogy with Sarah to help open her eyes (and heart) to his marriage proposal: when you go into a florist shop and see a beautiful orchid, do you never buy it because you know one day it will die? Pretty cheesy—and it becomes even more cheesy later when Sarah proves her commitment by buying an actual orchid—but it does shed some light on the relationship drama many of the Walkers are facing this week.

At center stage in the relationship drama were Kevin and Scotty. Last week Kevin got the bombshell news that months earlier Scotty had slept with another man. To put it mildly, Kevin was not taking the news well…and it didn’t help that Nora had spent the morning gushing of the great marriage her son and his husband have on-air at her new radio show. One by one, members of the Walker family learn of Scotty’s cheating. Initially, Sarah and Nora believe the tension is from Kevin having messed up. In fact, many of the Walkers have difficulty grasping that Scotty could be capable of cheating. This brings up an interesting reaction—everyone I know who watches the show (much like the characters on the show expressed tonight) simply cannot believe Scotty could cheat, and we hold his marriage to Kevin at standards above and beyond everyone else’s. It is like theirs is the one marriage that is not allowed to fail. Even Kevin lashes out at Kitty for the hypocrisy of their reactions, reminding her that she once cheated on Robert. Everyone has their reasons for wanting Kevin and Scotty to beat the odds (and boy oh boy are the odds stacked against them), but it is Saul who expresses the strongest emotion at this news. Closeted for most of his life, Saul sees their marriage as an ideal he never could have imagined and one that gives him faith in relationships—one that he always wanted for himself. Are we right to hold Scotty and his marriage to Kevin to a higher standard—one that doesn’t allow for mistakes even when people are at their ultimate lows? Probably not, because no one is perfect. But, much like the entire Walker clan, I too hope that they work through it and emerge stronger (and because they are a fan-favorite, I have no doubts they will).

Questions of marriage and commitment plague the sisters as well. Sarah accepted Luc’s marriage proposal the previous episode, but is currently having doubts thanks to Cooper’s genuine question: how long will they stay married? You see, Sarah realizes that based on her family’s track record, her kids do not have one single example of a marriage working. As is typical of Sarah-Luc plotlines this season, they begin each episode lovey-dovey in bed, then they disagree on something (this week it was the concept of marriage) and then Luc gives her a convincing speech and Sarah comes back around for them to make-up. I am glad they seem to be officially engaged now (telling the family really seals the deal!) but I am still holding out for some other big story arc to give Sarah some of her bite back!

Meanwhile, Kitty continues to find mysterious babysitters at all hours of the day and in all locations (since apparently she completely moved out of Ojai and moved into a different house in LA). It turns out that ‘Jack Handy’ (her boy toy from Ojai) is willing to try for some investment banking jobs again to remain close with Kitty and have a new adventure with her. In the course of one day, this adventure includes taking a job in LA, moving with Kitty and Evan to Vietnam to start up an international office for a year, and then potentially taking another job with a ‘green’ company. Are the writers aware that California has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country right now? All of these crazy plan changes do help Kitty wake up and face reality—she has a son and life that she needs to get back on track…and her relationship with Jack is not going to work. She is grateful that she met Jack and that they both helped each other face challenging life transitions, but I think (hope) that our girl Kitty is back to fighting form!

This episode was definitely on the more serious side, so it was a little lighter on the witty banter and teasing jokes. Kevin’s drunken rage was well-done, as were his scenes with Scotty trying to understand what happened and explain his hurt. Just a few moments and quotes I did not already mention:

  • Jack mentions to Kitty that he has some news about a position, and her response to her free-wheeling boyfriend: “As in downward dog or a job?”
  • Sarah starts drinking before noon after learning about Scotty cheating: “Who cares, we’re in the twilight zone now.”
  • Justin certainly has a point when he tells Nora and Sarah they are the last people who should ask about his drinking habits! Ha
  • “This guy is a douche” (Justin referring to Scotty’s hook-up Marcus). Also, how awkwardly ironic that Kevin tried flirting with Marcus to make Scotty jealous (not knowing Marcus was the one Scotty had been with).
  • Sarah tells Kitty she messed up Luc’s proposal: “Did you say no?” (Kitty); “No, I said yes…then I said no” (only Sarah)
  • “Bros over hos” (Kevin and Justin after they got into fights trying to defend Kevin’s honor).

What did you think of the brothers and sisters of the Walker clan dealing with the notion of marriage and commitment? Did the flashbacks to Scotty’s cheating work for you?

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2 Responses to Brothers and Sisters Recap – Break-ups and Make-ups

  1. Karyn says:

    It was a serious episode that I thought was done very well. Kudos to Matthew Rhys for his talented performance (still can’t believe he has an accent)…I thought the scene where he finally broke down was great. Sarah and Luc kind of bother me. I don’t know, I’ve just never been 100% on board with their relationship.

  2. Angela says:

    This episode was really good. I was a little bummed that things with Kitty and Jack didn’t work out. I think I liked them. I always wonder who the heck is raising Evan! I mean seriously. He was never in Ojai, he is never anywhere. I am not a mom, but I know a lot of moms – where they go – baby goes. Just saying

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