Glee Recap – Let’s do the time warp again?

Wow, where to start? I guess with some singing lips, just like the original! Whose lips from Glee were those, by the way? Overall, it was an entertaining episode and fun to see Glee’s interpretation: The Rocky Horror Glee Show. I have to be completely open, though, before I write any more—I have only seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show once, so I am probably not the best person to really analyze this particular episode. Perhaps that is one reason why—despite some good performances and a lot of hype surrounding it—this episode still doesn’t take one of my top spots for favorite all-time episodes. Nevertheless, it was enjoyable and certainly brought some great musical numbers.

Right off the bat, after the opening “Rocky Horror Glee” credits, we got Rachel, Finn and company rehearsing “Over at Frankenstein Place.” Then, dentist Karl interrupts with a bone to pick with Will. We are taken back to how everyone arrived at this point. And that beginning is Emma.

Turns out that Emma is really coming out of her sheltered OCD shell thanks to Karl. He took her to a dilapidated and dirty movie theater for a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show—and she loved the experience so much she is now living really crazy and not cutting the crust off her sandwiches and eating candy touched by other people. That is major progress for Emma, and Will knows it. Of course Will feels threatened and decides he needs to steal Emma’s heart back by having Glee Club put on their own version of the musical (and recruit Emma to help him gather costumes and rehearse). This whole premise (and Will’s obnoxious jealous behavior) was probably the aspect of the episode that I liked the least. I get why Will would be jealous, but for me it just occupied too much of the episode—and his childish behavior got to be a little much for me. I would rather have spent more time seeing the “kids” relating to the material and/or the themes really impacting them. Instead, we mainly just heard the adults make arguments that the material was having a negative impact on the kids (which only seemed to include Sam and Finn questioning their body images).

Naturally, Sue also has an agenda. She is told by cable network “suits” that if she can produce an fear-mongering exposé on tax money funding overly secular and controversial subject matters in public schools (like a production of Rocky Horror) that she could have a big future in reporting. These guys have a Colbert Report perspective on the news: good news is about information; great news is about FEAR. In trying to make this exposé happen, Sue needs to ensure that the production actually happens and even recruits Karl to participate when Asian Mike’s parents won’t let him. This means we finally get to see John Stamos sing! This was a really fun number that got the entire Glee Club (minus Will) up and dancing to “Hot Patootie—Bless My Soul.”

Thanks to Becky (who cleverly dressed as Coach Sue for Halloween), Will is alerted to Sue’s plan to destroy him via his choice in musicals. He does eventually realize that Sue raises a legitimate point: That his motives for putting on this musical in the first place are severely misguided, since he was not thinking about the kids but only wooing Emma. I guess this is where I again wondered which students exactly (other than Sam and Finn) really had any issues with the material…especially given they had already changed some of the lyrics to a few of the songs (i.e. “Sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania” became “sensational Transylvania”). Furthermore, some changes in the costuming department pretty much made the guys happy time warpers, so it didn’t take too much to help them out with their issues. I did like the ultimate resolution, though, as expressed by Will: that ‘Rocky Horror’ is about the outcasts and fringes of society…and that is something these kids can relate to and embrace. Therefore, they perform the musical for themselves. I only wish we saw more of that “embracing the outcast” theme throughout the episode.

Overall, I think the casting choices for the different ‘Rocky Horror’ characters were very fun. I especially loved when Artie said, “I guess I’ll be the guy in the wheelchair.” And, while I was dubious about Mercedes pulling off Frank-N-Furter, I think she did bring a unique perspective to the role and her diva voice was well-cast for such a confident part.

And now for some sweet sensational moments from tonight:

  • Brittany is going as a peanut allergy for Halloween…I SO want to see this costume.
  • When Kurt refuses to play Frank-N-Furter and wear fishnets and heels, Santana asks him if it is because that look is so last season.
  • “I have no idea what’s going on and not in a cool Inception way” (Finn reading the Rocky Horror script with Rachel)
  • “Get your sick perverted sex games out of this school” (Sue to Karl and Emma when she sees them checking out risqué costumes for the play).
  • “I’m afraid I’m gunna show off some nuttage” (Sam freaking out about wearing teeny tiny gold lamé shorts).
  • Santana and Britney watching Will and Emma perform “Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me,” a nod to the original where Columbia and Magenta watch via video monitors.

What did you think of The Rocky Horror Glee Show? Is it a new Glee classic?


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8 Responses to Glee Recap – Let’s do the time warp again?

  1. Barry says:

    I was determined not to watch it through the viewpoint of a fan of the original Rocky Horror — that would only be setting myself up for bitterness. It proved difficult though, particularly in the elimination or changing of risque song lyrics. (Why is Glee on at 8pm, anyway?)
    Despite that, I thought as a typical Glee episode it was not great in terms of plot and flow. Very disjointed and awkwardly put together. Like they decided to do a Rocky Horror-themed show and then just clumsily built a plot around it that had little to do with the established story lines they currently have going on. Much better when they pay attention to the theme/plot first, and then find appropriate songs for that theme second.
    But there were some great individual moments and funnylines. For our household the best scene was Emma and Shue in “Touch Me” and worst part was Mercedes as Frankfurter. Loved the “peanut allergy” and “nuttage” lines — there’s a theme for ya!

  2. Wasn’t my fav ever. Not sure why, but I can’t stand Mr. Shue’s character, so I don’t enjoy the episodes centered around him. I thought it was adorable that Finn was self conscious though. Love when he’s awkward. Think the lips at the beginning sounded like Santana.

  3. Mike says:

    Not as funny as Grilled Cheesus. Nor did it have any lesbian make out scenes. I give a 4.5/10.

    Thoughts on Romo’s injury and what this will mean to the Cowboys offense? Also, any thoughts on Boise State and the BCS situation? Thanks.

    • Jeni says:

      Mike –
      Tony Romo’s broken clavicle has him out for 6-8 weeks which pretty much dooms the Cowboy’s playoff chances. I mean, Kitna is a serviceable backup for maybe a 2-3 game situation but not for an extended amount of games. Kitna subbing in for Romo is like Glee’s Emma singing a lead part instead of Rachel — OK, but nothing Streisand-esque. The Cowboys offense will suffer big-time – and there goes Dez Bryant’s shot at Rookie of the Year.
      As far as Boise State is concerned, hell, they’ve won 21 straight games in a row so their #3 ranking in the BCS poll was hardly a surprise to me. Are they legit? Hard to say….Kind of like Mercedes in Glee: She is a fab singer, but does she really have what it takes to be the top dog in the Glee club? Just because the Broncos don’t play in a BCS conference, they don’t get a lot of respect. Plus the teams they have beaten aren’t that impressive. Like Kurt in Glee winning a sing-off with Jacob – it’s just not a opponent worthy of bragging about beating.

      (and, I MAY or may not have had assistance in crafting ALL or part of this response to your thoughtful questions).

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