How I Met Your Mother Recap – Talk daddy to me

Tonight in “Baby Talk” we continued following Lily and Marshall’s quest to have a baby…and Robin’s continued path to self-discovery. Once again, I loved the plotlines and unifying themes. I have been very impressed with season six and based on recent interviews given by Bays and Thomas it looks like season six will continue to stay strong.

It all started with the gang’s friends Stuart and Claudia having a newborn baby and Lily and Marshall going to visit. It was nice to see this callback to this couple—longtime fans of the show should recognize them from season one when Ted meets Victoria at their wedding (after trying to take Robin as his date) and then during the classic “Intervention” episode. When Lily and Marshall see the trouble their friends are having in naming their baby, they each realize they don’t see eye to eye on boy versus girl, much less names. This leads to a highly amusing series of actions both Marshall and Lily secretly practice to try to control the gender they conceive (with Lily wanting a girl and Marshall a boy). I think my favorite was Marshall drinking pickeled herring and Lily having to heat her lady parts with a hairdryer. I also loved Marshall’s frightening visions of having a daughter—he knows all too well the kind of perverted men out there (ahem, Barney) who would take advantage of Marshall Erickson’s daughter. And, I also appreciated Lily’s refusal of virtually every boy name on the planet thanks to the bratty students she has had over the years (I know at least one teacher out there who could relate to that predicament!). Of course, in the end, Lily and Marshall realize that they will be happy with a boy or a girl. And then they both realize they love the name Jamie…until the next day when a boy named Jamie terrorizes Lily at school.

Meanwhile, Ted, Barney and Robin all grapple with daddy issues in their own way…well, more like “who’s your daddy?” issues. Robin’s new obnoxiously perky and overly childlike co-anchor, Becky, is pushing Robin to her sanity limits with her “baby talk” shtick to seem helpless and needy to men. Of course Ted falls for it…from his ability to crush a spider to save the damsel in distress, to saving her from a revolving vestibule. He draws the line when, while tying her shoes and buying her ice cream in the park, he realizes he looks like a dad taking care of a little girl. Barney, however, proposes and accepts his own challenge (as he tends to do) to try the reverse angle—play the child-like act as a little boy to try to pick up women. It almost becomes a challenge he cannot accomplish (which would probably be a first) but when he is genuinely behaving like a little boy it actually works to score him a girl. A twisted girl, but still.

The “who’s your daddy” theme actually impacts Robin on a deeper level than the guys. And once again I continue to be impressed with the character development they have been giving to Robin’s character this season. When Ted off-handedly remarks to Robin that he likes Becky making him feel needed—and that Robin never makes guys she is with feel needed—Robin really has a revelation about herself. She begins to question if this fierce independent attitude is what is keeping her single. In a sweet moment between her and Barney, though, he once again reveals a glimmer of his deeper love for Robin by explaining that Robin is who she is—and that her take-charge spirit is what makes her special and a great catch.

“Baby Talk” was chock-full of great jokes and callbacks that would make any daddy proud:

  • Stuart and Claudia arguing over names: “See, I like Tiffany.”;  “And I don’t want my baby to have a whore’s name.”  “That’s my mother’s name.”
  • “Our DVR doesn’t recognize it as a program” – Marshall explaining why he still doesn’t watch Robin’s show.
  • Marshall’s flashbacks to making up songs about hot girls in high school –and the return of high-school Marshall’s rattail.
  • Robin learns while on-air that Ted and Becky went out on a date: “Later today, a Manhattan architect gets punched in the throat.” (cue to Ted being punched in the throat).
  • Ted is brave and strong crushing a spider for Becky (if only he was wearing his red cowboy boots!). But the spider crawled into his room…that’s why he slept on the couch last night. Yeah, SLEPT.
  • Your breath smells like a mermaid fart (Lily to Marshall, after he ate disgusting herring).
  • The montage of Robin saying “I got this.”

What did you think of tonight’s daddy issues? And how many pounds will baby Aldrin-Erickson weigh?

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