Brothers and Sisters Recap – Dialing it up a notch

While this episode started off on the slow side for me, it certainly dialed it up a few notches by the end—leading to some touching moments and big revelations.

I will start with the sisters of Brothers & Sisters, who are each stressing over taking the plunge into the next phases of their relationships. Kitty has been staying up in Ojai (supposedly with her son, but perhaps we should report the kid missing…for a single mom she sure manages to find a lot of alone time). While her purpose of having this retreat is to get back on track and rediscover herself in the wake of Robert’s death, she has mostly discovered a hot handyman named Jack (who I like to call Jack Handy). Everyone is more than encouraging of Kitty allowing herself to enter into this new relationship—it is OK for her to move on—but Kitty is the one struggling the most with this decision. Justin makes a great point…that Jack is totally not Kitty’s type (heck, she doesn’t even know if he is a Republican or a Democrat) and that can be a good thing for Kitty right now. Kitty freaks out when they are about to become intimate, but later Jack tracks her down in Pasadena to tell her they have both been through a “starting over” phase in their lives. I am curious to see how far they take this relationship. I think it is smart that, other than both Robert and Jack being extremely good looking, they have very little in common. However, I also think it is too unrealistic for Kitty’s very first relationship post-Robert to be her next “the one.”

Sarah is also struggling with her relationship with Luc. I have to say, I have not been the biggest fan of Sarah and Luc this season—I definitely liked Sarah’s character better when she was a hardened business-woman making tough corporate decisions and trying to raise her kids (because I think it brought that needed dynamic to the show). Now, she isn’t really working (what ultimately happened with that Ojai water deal?) so all she seems to do is hang around her house and over-react to little things, get jealous very easily, and then rely on Luc to calm her down and bring her back to center—whether it is a parenting issue or relationship drama. This new Sarah seems so much more passive than old Sarah, and I am not really feeling it. This week she basically worries that Luc’s spray-tan (holy shirtlessness in the first minute of the show) was just an excuse to not sleep together that particular morning (oh no!), then fretting over baking him a romantic dessert, then misinterpreting a cell phone call and tracking him down like a jealous middle-school girl. This behavior does ultimately have an impact on her, when she starts to realize that lately Luc has been moving away from his passion of being an artist. He proposes to her as the man he was when they met. Now my only complaint is that Sarah needs to remember what she used to be like when they first met.

This episode was on the lighter side for Justin, but he had very heavy episodes the beginning of this season with Rebecca and Holly. Justin mainly pops up at inopportune times—first surprising Nora while she practices for her radio audition into a strainer in the kitchen, then surprising Kitty as she is about to make-out with Jack. He winds up deciding to practice the plunge he preaches—by going to the favorite roadside café he and Rebecca loved to prove to himself he can face their memories.

Troubled waters are ahead for Kevin and Scotty, as reported last week. Just as Kevin finally gets some sense smacked into him (literally, by the dueling radio mom smackdown) and decides to get over his fears, he goes home to tell Scotty he is ready to adopt a foster child—because they would make great parents and there are so many kids in need. Unfortunately, Scotty can no longer hide a secret he has been carrying for several months—that he cheated once and regrets it. I am sure this will boil over into a several episode-arc, but let’s hope that Kevin and Scotty can work through their issues because they are the best couple on this show (and Scotty looked great in his wife-beater tank as well).

Lastly, and certainly not least, we got the storyline that we have been teased with for weeks. Nora had her audition for radio talk show host—a “call mom” segment. This audition served as a great framework for the other storylines this week, as both Kitty and Kevin called in to the show to try to help their mom and get genuine advice. I particularly loved Kevin calling in as Devon, with him asking her a breezy question about pies, only for him to succumb to Nora’s competition in a few short questions and end up really spilling his guts. As Marshall on How I Met Your Mother would say, Kevin got “lawyered.” What I really liked about this storyline, though, was that this job truly is ideal for Nora and I am looking forward to seeing more. I also loved the obnoxiously self-important competitor for the job—Dr. Alex—who smugly tried to put Nora in her lowly place. The moment this woman walked on screen, I started counting the minutes til Nora let her have it. Well, while Nora did prevail (as she should), the story took a nice twist when Nora actually ended up offering sound advice to Dr. Alex herself.

What did you think of this episode, “Call Mom?” How great was it when Kevin gave Nora that heartfelt pep talk and then the whole crew walked in having heard it? To what extent do you want the show to integrate Nora’s radio show into future plotlines?


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