How I Met Your Mother Recap – Architectural Digest

In this episode centered around architecture, the merits of old versus new and the preservation of a historic building, there were plenty of innuendos to other, ahem, structural forms. Right off the bat, I got the answer to my question from last week—did Robin meet a new love interest in the form of Marshall’s friend Max? She did in fact start dating Max…and as she told Lily, they really hit it off, yada yada yada, and he has a small package.

Thus the start of a quite amusing b-plot featuring Marshall, Lily and Robin, including every sexual “size” joke and Marshall’s priceless reactions at not only hearing this news about his friend but learning that Lily also tells Robin very intimate details as well (did he really not know this before?). Even if we are to believe that Marshall didn’t know that girls—especially friends as close as Lily and Robin—share every detail, it was still extremely funny to watch Marshall freak out at this revelation.  First there was the hilariously awkward dinner double date with Robin and Max, in which a conversation about Max’s small law practice size induces a tirade of unwanted thoughts in Marshall’s head. Then there was a great scene in which Marshall and Lily are trying to get busy, but Marshall can only imagine Robin and Lily mocking him with their “salty sailor talk.” Finally, when trying to game the girls’ system, he resorts to writing a script for Lily to read to Robin about how he rocked her world.

Meanwhile, Ted was busy with his own self-demolition project—trying to impress a girl while also debating his new architecture project with GNB. Ted met Zooey—an activist trying to save The Arcadian hotel (i.e. the site of the new GNB building Ted is to construct). By now you have probably read the entertainment news that this girl Zooey is supposed to be a BIG Deal for our protagonist Ted. ‘Mother’ big??? Who knows…although they didn’t meet at that wedding we saw in the season premiere. All we know is, Zooey is supposed to be around for quite some time and be a critical character for Ted. Therefore, I was just as surprised as Ted to learn she was married. Maybe that is for the best—as I am not so sure I like Ted with an over-zealous activist—the kind who seems to get addicted to a different cause every other day (i.e. today’s assignment: rescue lab bunnies).

Ted has his idiosyncrasies too—I am just not sure if I can handle him with someone who outdoes his oddball behavior. Zooey even called herself “crazy for a good cause”…or is she just crazy? I will admit that these two crazy kids definitely had some chemistry. Their meet-cute was pretty great: Ted had just explained that the hotel once housed visiting kings and queens, but today mostly queens of a different variety. Enter Zooey, who Ted called a pretty good-looking drag queen. When Ted learned that Zooey was protesting GNB for destroying The Arcadian, he pretended to be a vet and go along with her efforts. This is when the gang pointed out to Ted that he always changes his personality for girls he likes—and one of those past times came back to haunt him when an old photo of him dressed as a wizard appeared on an ‘architectural wizard’ billboard at the construction site thanks to Barney. Ultimately, Ted decided to continue forth with the GNB project when he learned Zooey was married. Upon wondering if he would ever see her again, he got his answer when she showed up with her fellow protestors outside his window with awesome signs such as “Erect this” and “No-sby.” This is definitely not the last we have seen of Zooey.

There were way too many one-liners to capture, so this list will be “small” and “not as fully formed” as it could be (cue Marshall’s internal freakout):

  • Barney starts off by telling Ted that working together is going to be “legen…wait for it because now that we work together we can use intra-office mail….” And then later in the episode the secretary bursts in with an urgent message for Ted: “dary!”
  • “Papa needs traction” – Marshall explaining his special slipper socks with rubbery bottoms and why he needs them for traction on their satin sheets.
  • “Max is both his name and level of awesomeness” …until they learn that his name is not exactly fitting in one specific area.
  • The “new is always better” argument backfiring on Barney when he has to drink Jumbo Jim’s Grape Scotch rather than aged McCutcheon.
  • “Max’s penis is stuck in my brain like a splinter” – Marshall, who else.
  • Half the protestors were actually protesting to legalize weed.
  • Barney rents his evil chair again and also names one rabbit Cottontail

One last note: I highly recommend this interview with Bays and Thomas about season six and what we can expect. It also mentions that one of my FAVS–Jorge Garcia from LOST–will be on the Thanksgiving episode as an old friend from college named Blitz…I am beyond excited for this (and please let this be true)! OK, that’s it for tonight—much like Robin, I am “Maxed” out!


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