Brothers and Sisters Recap – Go with the grain

Goodbye Emily VanCamp…aka Rebecca. I am really going to miss her character and especially her chemistry with Justin. Maybe it’s because they dated in real life for a while, but you can’t deny that these two always connected–which is why it was a little creepy when they used to think they were half-brother/sister.

I give the show props for giving us another very emotional character goodbye (this show excels at heartfelt goodbyes and joyous reunions) and Dave Annable, Emily VanCamp, Sally Field and Patricia Wettig have done stellar jobs thus far this season dealing with their intense storyline. It was ultimately poetic justice that separated our favorite star-crossed lovers: a year ago Justin had left Rebecca to find himself after tragedy by leaving to serve in Afghanistan, and now Rebecca decides she must embark on a new journey to move on in light of her mother’s condition. My only complaint with this plot device??? How the heck does this girl keep landing amazing jobs without any experience or contacts?

I am also very curious to see if that was the end of us seeing Holly and David? Holly was always an integral character to this show’s plot…but I feel as though we are entering a whole new chapter for the Walkers. Now that Rebecca is gone, Ojai Foods is no more, and Holly’s memory is still on the mend, her character really does not fit in with the Walkers anymore. This makes me sad as well, since the Holly-Nora dynamic was one of the show’s strongest. But, perhaps their relationship had progressed as far as it could go—once enemies who shared the same man, they ultimately became friends who cared for each other.

Justin is left to pick up the pieces and move on with his life. Meanwhile, several other members of his family also learn how to go with the grain, some literally. Kitty gets instructed on how to properly sand wood from her sexy new handyman Jack (insert sexual innuendo here, as Kevin did via Walker phone chat). She begins to realize her feelings for him and, more importantly, starts to accept that it is OK for her to have them.

Saul also comes to terms with feelings he is having…for his new love interest Charlie (aka Reverend Eric Camden from 7th Heaven).  These two are a perfect duo, and everyone is extremely happy for Saul to finally have met a man for whom he cares so deeply. Unfortunately for Saul, though, when he eventually confides his HIV status, Charlie had already been through the death of a partner from AIDS and was not willing to take that on again. Poor Saul.  I hope this is not the end of his quest to find love.

I saved Sarah’s storyline for last tonight mainly because her and Luc have basically had the exact same storyline each episode this entire season (and it is getting a little old for me). This week Cooper is having issues (apparently only one of Sarah’s kids can exist in any given episode—we either get Paige OR Cooper): Cooper is embarrassed by kissing Juliet in the school play, Sarah overreacts and exhibits poor parenting skills, and then Luc intervenes to save the day. Oh, and snooty women see Sarah with Luc and drool over him. Same ole, same ole.

Kevin and Scotty mostly have been on the back-burner this season, although how much did I love their sewing session that brought all the gay characters together to make costumes for Cooper’s play! And, of course, it is always a good idea to have Uncles Kevin and Scotty in the audience for their priceless reactions (Kevin upon seeing a costume he made–“That one’s mine!”–while the woman next to him thinks he means the kid). But, from what I have read, it looks like much more drama is in store for Kevin and Scotty.

What did you think of Rebecca’s goodbye? Are you liking Kitty being so separate from the group (me, not so much). Are you also getting tired of the same ole shenanigans at Sarah’s house?


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3 Responses to Brothers and Sisters Recap – Go with the grain

  1. angela says:

    I really had trouble getting past the fact that true dad (and pastor) of my favorite show on the WB was gay! I and looking so old. I Loved 7th heaven. Anyway, I wish Rebecca didn’t go. I think I like kitty being so far away. But only for a little bit. I am going to need a walker dinner drama night soon. 🙂

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