Modern Family Recap – The jokes are on us

There are plenty of great jokes on tonight’s Modern Family when Jay and his adult children, Claire and Mitchell, find out the joke is on them. Each member of the Pritchett clan gets schooled in hilarious ways, and once again each storyline nicely mirrors each other in theme and tone.

It all starts when Mitch is disturbed that Cam has taken up wearing, ahem, revealing spandex bike shorts and Claire is worried Phil will bomb with this lame, overly-crafted jokes when speaking at a realtor banquet (S.C.A.R.B. – Southern California Annual Realtors Banquet). Neither can face telling their own partners of their distastes, so while doing some troga (yoga on a treadmill) they hatch a plan to each “take care of the problem” for the opposite partner. I loved the reference to “Strangers on a Train” and their sinister plots, and naturally Claire is blunt in telling Cam about the shorts (Claire can be pretty tough), prompting some dramatic crying from Cam.  However, Mitch completely “caves” (literally while Phil offers a bad caveman joke) on telling Phil. Ultimately, Phil kills with his memorized jokes and earns surprised admiration from Claire; and Mitch and Cam have a nice moment in the bathroom where they each express their affection for one another.

Meanwhile, the joke is on Jay when he reluctantly attends what he thinks is his employee’s daughter’s quinceanera. Gloria guilt-tripped him into going, saying his employees think he is too elite for them. Unfortunately, they show up at an engagement party, and to prove Gloria wrong Jay acts like he knows everyone and even gives a toast. The look on Jay’s face and his outburst during what he believes to be the “father-daughter dance” (but is actually the engaged couple) is pretty priceless. Modern Family is great at executing these kinds of mix-ups and instances of character hubris. These characters are at their best when their flaws are in full force.

Hayley and Alex—currently TV’s best sister-sister duo—had their own amusing plotline that kept me laughing. I just love their oil and water/beauty and the geek dynamic that has developed between them. This episode actually saw them bonding, although after Alex’s reluctance at first, when Alex is trying to get in with a popular girl at school named Mackenzie. My favorite line of the night (and this was a tough call) was Hayley saying to her sister “Oh I know Mackenzie…I AM Mackenzie.” A close second was a little later when Alex is actually being “ultra cool” with her popular girl strategy and Hayley cries out “I have a sister!” Poor Alex, though, ends up messing up a pivotal phone call and crashes and burns pretty quickly. It was a meteoric rise and fall—but something tells me this is for the best—Alex is too cool for those popular girls anyways!

There were too many funny moments to capture here, but this show keeps the jokes coming—for us and its characters!

  • Luke will laugh at anything, and anyone.
  • Claire explaining that she only laughs at Phil’s jokes with her mouth and not her eyes. So true, so true.
  • Of course Manny watches Antiques Roadshow.
  • The running gag of times when Mitchell barely even looked at Cam and yet he thought his physique was being attacked.
  • “If it was easy, everyone would be popular” (Hayley encouraging her sister).
  • Phil having a serious discussion with Luke about the Jonas Brothers.
  • Jay walks into the party and shouts, “Carlos!” When one guy turns around, he says “I am lucky only one turned around.”
  • Jay confusing “Que” with the female name “Kay”

Until next week, adios mi familia!


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6 Responses to Modern Family Recap – The jokes are on us

  1. Paul Hatfield says:

    I liked the way they blurred out the bike pants.

  2. Allison says:

    I love last night’s episode! How many times have you wanted to tell a friend, family member, or even co-worker that they’re not quite as funny as think they are? And I agree… *of course* Manny watches Antiques Roadshow. I thought this was a sweet episode–Claire relaxing and enjoying Phil’s surprisingly funny speech, Cam and Mitchell’s sweet shaving-cream smooch, and Alex and Hayley bonding just a little bit.

  3. angela says:

    I loved this episode. Yesss I am still behind! I did love the end, made me want to hug my mom.

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