Brothers and Sisters – What’s My Age Again?

Tonight on Brothers and Sisters we saw some reintroductions and some re-aging. It was Sarah’s birthday, and apparently Luc thought it was her “big one” (i.e 40th). Little did Sarah or the audience know that he knew her real age (which is a few years older than that) but didn’t let on because Sarah had been lying about it since they first met. It was totally plausible that Sarah had lied about her age when she first met Luc—it’s not like she thought anything serious would develop with this beautiful French artist. The highlight of Sarah’s birthday dinner gone-wrong was actually the phone call that she, Nora and Kevin had with Kitty while waiting for the cake.  These Walkers do phone calls and phone trees like nobody’s business. At dinner, Kitty called in freaking out about her attempt to cook a soufflé while Nora took charge and remotely coached her through the removal of the soufflé from the oven like a skilled surgeon. We also learned that basically every member of the Walker family would consider getting a little nip/tuck. Then, of course, all hell broke loose for Kitty has her soufflé died and her potential new love interest showed up early.

Kitty found herself in some hot water when lying—not about her age, but her name. When the hot handyman shows up to her new rental in Ojai (and his name is Jack…a handyman named Jack—so, I shall hereafter refer to him as Jack Handy) he claims to dislike “big city folk” who come into Ojai and ruin its character. Kitty pretends to be the house’s owner, not only because Jack Handy expressed those opinions, but because our Kitty has been through a rough year and it is honestly a little easier (and more fun) to pretend to be someone else, even just for a little while. By far the most humorous scene to come out of this identity lie was when Kevin popped by for a visit and did his best “country bumpkin” impersonation to play along.  Naturally, Kitty couldn’t keep up this act for very long, and it seems we may have a new love interest lined up for next week. As a side note, ABC went all out casting hot handymen to serve as love interests for its leading ladies this season (ahem, Brian Austin Green on Desperate Housewives).

Holding down the fort on the serious side tonight was the Justin-Rebecca-Holly storyline once again. I really do feel for Justin. I am not saying that Rebecca doesn’t have a right to be upset, but I guess it is difficult for me to feel for her character when we don’t get her viewpoint and only just learn that while Justin was serving in Afghanistan she divorced him. I guess I am having as much trouble as Justin in wondering the exact steps that caused their marriage to fall apart—other than the writers simply telling us it did and because Emily VanCamp is leaving the show.  I did feel very bad for Rebecca when she thought Holly was connecting with her but then Holly had no clue Rebecca was her daughter.

On a night where characters struggled to reintroduce themselves to loved ones (Sarah to Luc regarding her real age; Rebecca to both Justin and Holly; Kitty to a new life and maybe new man) we also got some good one-liners about aging and what it means to grow older:

  • Nora’s friend brags about her “new boobs” and says they are up where she can see them again. Nora responds, “your boobs are up where everyone can see them.”
  • Can someone explain to me Holly’s amnesia…I guess she remembers David enough to feel comfortable living with him and him always being there?
  • Last week the kids thought Nora was a lesbian, this week Sarah thought (for only a few minutes) that Nora was dying because a secret doctor calls.
  • Nora wonders what a woman her age should do for a job—be a wheel chair model? Well, as Sally Field could tell her, she could always try Boniva ads!
  • Speaking of jobs, Nora quits her flower shop job. I must say, even though her boss was pretty bitchy, Nora wasn’t exactly a model employee (always forgetting things, showing up late etc.). So, I really don’t think Nora’s attitude was fully warranted.
  • Nora to Kitty: “Well when did you put the soufflé in?” Kitty: “I don’t know, about 3 chardonnays ago!”

What do you think of Kitty’s “Eat, Pray, Love” adventure in Ojai? Where do you think Holly disappeared to at the end of the episode?


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One Response to Brothers and Sisters – What’s My Age Again?

  1. Karyn says:

    I liked this ep (obviously) and I, too, and wondering where Holly went. I do feel for Justin and it sucks that Emily VanCamp is leaving because it seemed like he had false hope that they could work through everything and end up back together.

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